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Stop rust in its tracks!

Starting at: $16.99

Destroys rust hiding inside chassis, so it won't rust thru

Starting at: $17.99

Dissolves rust, leaves a protective zinc-phosphate coating, all in 1…

Starting at: $16.99

Transforms surface rust into a paintable surface!

Starting at: $17.99

Brings back the original brilliant luster to properly prepared metal…

Only $69.99

Leaves de-rusted metal ready to paint or powder-coat; liquid or gel

Starting at: $19.99

Our single-stage urethane coatings, plus exterior, in gloss, metallic,…

Only $4.99

Keep rust out of your vehicle's fuel system, and seal minor leaks

Starting at: $29.99

3X more resins make it 3X more durable than original Chassis Black

Starting at: $17.99

Protects your car's underside against rust; reduces road noise

Starting at: $9.99

Stops rust, and protects the underside of your car!

Starting at: $18.99

The Eastwood Golden CAD Kit allows you to easily replicate the look of…

Only $44.99

Apply a textured finish that stops—and hides—surface rust

Only $16.99

Combines benefits of a weld-thru and traditional self-etch primer

Only $13.99

Spray-on an easy finish that closely matches genuine chrome

Starting at: $14.99

Internal Frame Coating destroys rust hiding inside the chassis

Only $17.99

"Paint Over Rust" paint in black

Starting at: $31.45

Replicate the look of cast iron on manifolds, headers; protects to…

Starting at: $2.49

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