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Rotating jaws slices easily thru steel up to 18-gauge thick

Only $49.99

Low-profile cutting-head design lets you work the tool into tight…

Only $129.99

Includes a 3/8"-dia. cutter and a 3/16" skip-proof pilot drill bit

Only $39.31

Compound leverage cuts metal more easily than typical snips

Only $49.99

2 solid M2-steel cutters drill-out spot welds effortlessly

Only $57.66

Spot Weld Drill for faster, safer and easier panel removal.

Only $159.99

Drill twice as many holes as you could with a single-ended cutter

Only $23.75

Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, arbor, extra pilot, and case

Only $65.50

Super-alloy cobalt steel cuts faster and lasts longer than HSS

Only $131.03

3 edges separate spot-welded and bonded panels in tight areas

Only $32.39

Insert between panels and lightly hammer to gently wedge panels apart

Only $24.99

5/16" Replacement Spot Weld Drill Bit

Only $14.99

Includes three 3/8"-dia. cutters, 2 "skip-proof" pilot bits, and case

Only $76.42

5 cut-off wheels for your 3" cut-off tool; maximum 25,000 rpm

Only $9.99

3 replacement cutters for Eastwood's 3/8" Premium Spot-Weld Cutter

Only $44.50

Hands-free panel-holding; ideal for edge work

Only $22.99

"U"-notched tool releases door panel clips; broad face prevents damage

Only $14.99

Three 3/8" replacement cutters for spot-weld cutter 11279

Only $21.99

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