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Eastwood Cylindrical Wire Brush - 5 pack

Item #13902

5 Cylindrical Wire Brushes work with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and more with just a pull of the trigger.* Clean tubes, pipes, and more* Brush section is 2" in diameter, 4" long* 6" long overall Use these 5 Cylindrical Wire Brushes in your corded or cordless drill to remove rust, paint…


Eastwood Welding Stainless Steel Brush Kit

Item #20034

…10 inch wooden handled brushes include three brushes with assorted rows and bristles for heavy or lighter abrasiveness and one brush with the bristles in a triangle shape for excellent corner prepping. No matter what your welding project, the Eastwood TIG/MIG 4-piece brush kit will come in handy…


Eastwood 4.5 Inch Angle Grinder

Item #20286

…and replacement motor brushes included* CSA certified Most electric angle grinders you see on the market are less than 4.5 amps and are made to be disposable. Our 6 amp 720 watt angle grinder has the power to handle tougher jobs. Plus, we include a set of replacement brushes for the motor, so you’ll…


Eastwood Black Rust Encapsulator - Paint Over Rust

Item #Encapsulator 16060

…even in hard-to-reach areas* Requires minimal prep and cures fast* Available in convenient spray aerosol or brush on quart and gallon sizes* Heat resistant to 400F Simply wire brush any loose rust, wipe with PRE painting prep to clean the surface and apply. Eastwood Rust Encapsulator has proven…


Eastwood Mini Welding Stainless Steel Brush Kit

Item #20038

The Eastwood 3-piece brush kit contains three wooden handled brushes with industrial 304 grade stainless steel bristles. Each brush has a different number of bristles so you get varying results with each brush, according to your prepping needs. The tough stainless steel bristles make quick work of…


Powder Coating How to Guide Book SA296

Item #15845

…set up and ventilate your workshop for powder coating. He then shows you how to properly clean the part (which includes chemical strippers, wire brushes, media blasting, and sanding media), spray with a media gun, and then cure with heat. He compares and contrasts several popular kits and explains…

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