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Eastwood Hydraulic Wheel Dolly 2 Piece Set

Item #30551

…each* For tires up to 12 inches wide* Set of 2 dollies These dollies allow you to lift the wheels off the ground and move cars around, whether they run, or roll or not. Each of these hydraulic wheel dollies can lift up to 1300lbs, and work with tires up to 12 inches wide. Heavy duty ball bearing…


EW Wheel Smoothing and Buffing Kit

Item #13107

Smoothing and Buffing Kit restores your wheels at a fraction of the cost of a professional refinisherIn your own garage, this Smoothing and Buffing Kit helps you make old, road-worn aluminum or mag wheels look like new. Or create a custom look!* 8 buffs* 5 compounds* Accessories and instructions


EW Buff Shop Kit 8 in Wheels

Item #13109

…your buffing jobs with the accessories in our 8"-dia. Buffing Shop Kit8"-dia. buffing wheels for up to 1/3-HP buff motors are only part of all the practical accessories included in this complete kit.* 8 buffing wheels (8" in dia.)* 6 buffing compounds* DVD* Protective gear and buff rake* Use with up…


Benchtop English Wheel

Item #14156

…it on Eastwood's Benchtop English Wheel. * 20" throat and 18" internal height* Includes large 8" wheel and 5"-radius anvil wheel* Micro-adjustable anvil adjustment wheel For metal fabrication of auto panels and general metal-shaping, our Benchtop English Wheel helps you easily and efficiently…


Expander Wheel Band Trizact A100 150 Grit

Item #13115A

Unique textured surface lasts twice as long as conventional belts, resists loading up with metal, provides a more uniform sanding surface than conventional belts.


Sisal Buff Wheel

Item #13036 Sisal Buff

Spiral-sewn natural woven-rope fiber covered with cotton cloth for steel, iron, stainless and other hard metals. Sisal is fast-cutting and aggressive action. Use with Emery or Grease-less compounds


Eastwood Rally Wheel/Argent Silver Paint Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10001Z

…of many OEM wheels.* Matches Factory Appearance* Durable and Long-Lasting* 50-60% gloss* Withstands Temperatures Up To 250 Degrees F* 12-oz. aerosol covers 2 to 3 wheels (6 sq. ft.) Silver Argent Paint (also called Rally Wheel Silver) is appropriate for styled steel wheels, especially Muscle-Era…


Eastwood Fender Roller Tool

Item #31158

…finish* Delrin® ball-bearing fender-former wheel* Fender former eliminates tire rub by increasing tire-to-fender clearance* Adjustable fender-rolling roller gradually rolls the inner lip flat* Perfect for lowered vehicles and vehicles with larger wheels* Adjustable-height arm lets you work on a wide…


Eastwood 2pc 1000lb Wheel Dolly Set

Item #30664

Each package contains 2 wheel dollies. These wheel dollies are capable of holding 1000 lbs each and will accept a maximum width tire of 12 inches. Each dolly has four 3 inch nylon castors for easy mobility and is powder coated so you can be sure it will look good for many years


Replacment Stripping Wheel with Hub for 30216

Item #30549

Replacement stripping wheel with hub to be used with the 30216 Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool.


English Wheel

Item #13528

Our English wheel allows you to custom form shapes in up to 16 gauge steel. 1/4" thick steel frame supports rigid 28" throat with precision ball bearings on both the 8" top wheel and quick change lower anvils. Quick release lower anvil. Ball bearing on anvils. Includes 2 3/8", 3", 5", 8 1/2", 12"…


Eastwood Satin Black Wheel Paint 12 oz Aerosol

Item #10085Z

…OEM wheels.* Matches Factory Appearance* Durable and Long Lasting* Withstands Temperatures Up To 250 degrees F * 9-15% gloss* 12-oz. aerosol covers 2 to 3 wheels (6 sq. ft.) Satin Black Wheel Paint is ideal for any wheel requiring a black finish, for refinishing black backgrounds on chrome wheels,


Eastwood Expander Wheel

Item #20638

The Eastwood soft natural rubber Expander Wheel conforms to slightly contoured pieces and leaves a smooth uniform finish.* Perfect for buffing sanding & developing soft or sharp edges in metal* Use with 6" abrasive bands* 6 Inch diameter Expander Wheel 1.5 Inch width* Adapter arbor sizes 1/2", 5/8",…


Eastwood Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set-Two Bodies Two Jaws

Item #51088

…Eastwood Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set handles most of your automotive metal-shaping jobs.* Ideal for perfect-fit rust-repair metal work around wheel openings, door jambs, windshields and trunk gutters* Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set includes 2 jaws, 2 housings and 2 handles* Works on up to 18-gauge…


Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool

Item #30216

…control for any application. This tool comes with a variety of accessories that will help you perform a wide range of tasks. It comes in a blow molded case, and contains the following accessories: * 1 Eraser Wheel* 1 Cleaning Disc Wheel* 1 Fine Wire Wheel* 1 Medium Wire Wheel* 1 Course Wire Wheel


Aluminum Polishing Kit 13 pc set

Item #19837

…to polish and buff aluminum in 1 handy 14-Pc. KitIf it's aluminum, whether on your project vehicle or in your home, you can polish and buff it up with this kit and your drill!* Works with your corded or cordless electric drill* 3 polishing compounds* 3 buffing wheels* 3 buffs* 5 assorted felt cones


Eastwood 4 Piece Anvil Set for English wheel

Item #20017

3-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch-radius anvils for Eastwood's English Wheel #14156. Use the larger radius anvils for more gentle shaping on large panels such as door skins. Use the smaller radius anvils for more contour and shaping on items such as fenders.


Replacement Eraser Wheel with hub for 30216

Replacement Eraser Wheel with hub for 30216
Related Phrases: Eraser Wire Wheel Rust

Item #30544

This replacement decal eraser wheel comes complete with the hub and is ready to install. Removes vinyl decals and graphics with ease. Make sure to use slower speed setting on tool to not burn paint.


ElastiWrap® Gallon Burn Out Black Sprayable

Item #15049ZP

You can keep ElastiWrap® on indefinitely or if you’re tired of the color, just peel it off and spray on a different color. That’s right, peel it off. It doesn’t harm the painted or bare surface underneath. In fact, it protects surfaces from UV damage, scratches and corrosion. Spray the…

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