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    Welding Sticks

    Welding Sticks
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Welding Rod 1/16 in Diameter 3 lb

Item #19001

The right rod can make a big difference in welding ease and performance. This 3 lb pack (approx. 120 rods) of type 6013 1/16" rods is ideal for welding light sheet metal to 3/16" steel. Our Stitch Welder (19045) makes it possible to weld sheet metal down to 20 gauge (.032").


Eastwood Welder Electrode Holder with Cable

Item #20517

Eastwood 200 AMP electrode holder for Stick/ARC welding with 3 meter long cable. Dinse 25 male connector. Works with ARC80 TIG200DC and TIG200ACDC.


Eastwood ARC200i Stick Welder and TIG Welding Torch

Eastwood ARC200i Stick Welder and TIG Welding Torch
Related Phrases: Welder Tig Stick

Item #20484 and 20358

…Eastwood ARC 80 or ARC 200I stick welders. Scratch start design with gas switch on the body of the torch. Twist lock connection for easy setup. Weld either steel or stainless steel. The Eastwood ARC200I Welder provides a convenient method of performing “stick” welding carbon steel or stainless…


Eastwood ARC 80 Inverter Stick Welder

Item #20295

…while welding The Hot Start helps even the beginner welder strike an ARC every time. The anti-stick feature enables easy welding without frustrating rod stick. Infinite amperage settings from 20 to 80 amps (90 amp peak) for welding up to 1/8 steel on a single pass. Thicker material can be welded


Eastwood ARC200i Stick Welder

Item #20484

…the electrode from sticking to the work piece* Anti-Stick – Like Hot Start, the machine will fluctuate amperage when needed to keep your electrode from sticking to the work piece while welding The Eastwood ARC200i Welder provides a convenient method of performing “stick” welding carbon steel or…


Plugweld Pliers

Item #19134

…small holes in metalPlugweld Pliers clamps and supports the weld area, compressing the panels for tight plug welding.* Copper pad eliminates problem of burn-thru* Weld won't stick to copper pad* "U"-shaped jaw put pressure all around the spot to be welded* Locks in place like a locking pliers


Hard Copper Rectangle

Item #19108B

…in Sheet Metal Without Burn-Through - The rectangular copper paddle measures 1-5/16" wide by 6 1/8" long. This flat copper plate is clamped onto the metal and then welded from the other side. Weld deposited metal will not stick to the copper while the copper absorbs heat and prevents burn through.


PC-7 Epoxy Can 1 lb

Item #52047

Great Glue - Epoxy PC-7 has been used for many years for sticking similar and dissimilar materials together. Great for filling cracks in steering wheels, external gas tank repairs and numerous other repairs around the home and auto. Made in the USA. Shelf Life up to 2 years when properly sealed and…


Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder

Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder
Related Phrases: Welder Mp250i Tig

Item #21180 MP250i Multiprocess Welder

…stop there. You can also TIG weld, Stick weld or use a spool gun for aluminum. The Eastwood MP250i Welder provides the ability to MIG, TIG or ARC (Stick) weld all from a single, high-powered, self-contained unit. Inverter Technologyprovides the capability of welding thin or heavy gauge steel with…


Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder w/spool gun

Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder w/spool gun
Related Phrases: Welder Mig 175 Mig

Item #12012

…features at a DIY price!* Welds mild and stainless steel, 24-ga. to 5/16"* Welds aluminum, 14-ga. to 1/4" with included FREE spool gun ($199.99 value!)* 30-175-amp welding range* Ships with regulator and hose for optimum MIG welding. Can also be used for Flux-Core welding.* Powered by 220v current*…


Magnetic Hole Plug Welding Tool

Magnetic Hole Plug Welding Tool
Related Phrases: Rust Welding Magnet

Item #29935

…easy to weld-shut a hole in the middle of a panel.* Weld material won't stick to copper head* For holes up to 1" in diameter* Perfect for use with your MIG, TIG or stick welder With this versatile tool, you'll leave your 2 hands free for welding while the copper head backs-up that hole. Strong…


Eastwood Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand Tops

Item #21273 cut-n-weld

Welding Top* Steel Framed Cutting Top* Replaceable Cutting Slats* Attaches to your Eastwood 750lb. Work Stand* Portable and Easy to Store The Welding Top (#21273) is constructed of heavy 14 gauge steel for superior warp-resistance and has generous 1.00” wide clamping slots for maximum welding


AC Stick Welder LEW K1170

Item #30667

…sets the welding current. Smooth arc makes it easy to weld225 amp AC output. It's enough for 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) diameter general purpose mild steel electrodes. Easy to install. Comes with attached input power cable. NEMA rated, UL listed and CSA approved. Input Power: 230/1/60; Processes: Stick "


Large View Auto Darken Welding Helmet

Item #13212

This Large View Auto darkening welding helmet with infinitely adjustable sensitivity and shade adjustment from #9 - #13. 0.0025 per second darkening feature with robust Li-Mi battery that charges with arc and solar power. * Great for ARC MIG and TIG Welding * High Strength Mask Material * High Clear…


Tillman 48 Goatskin MIG Welding Gloves

Item #21292 Tillman 48

…to protect seams MIG welding is the most popular weld for a broad range of applications. The heat levels are less than in Stick welding, and the user operates a welding gun with a trigger requiring more dexterity. MIG gloves tend to be lighter weight than Stick gloves and, most importantly,…


Welding Aid Tri-Pak

Item #19108

The Neatest Way to Fill Holes .....Is with this universal set of copper plates. Temporarily clamp over the hole or void, and weld. The weld-deposited metal will not stick to the copper, while the copper absorbs the heat. Soft annealed triangle can be bent to fit body contours. Use flat rectangles on…


Tillman 1250B ARC Welding Gloves

Item #21294 Tillman 1250

…absorption* Double reinforced thumb* Durable Welted fingers protect stitching* Includes Lock stitching with Kevlar® thread for added strength Stick welding produces the most heat, sparks and spatter resulting in the need for gloves with more heat insulation. Since this process requires less…


Eastwood Professional Welding Cart

Item #20354

…2 large gas bottles and consumables* Rolls around shop easily on heavy duty wheels* For MIG, TIG or stick welders and plasma cutters* Stores up to 6 tubes of TIG rod* 3 hooks for hanging welding leads* Additional room for torches and consumables* Specially designed top shelf allows access to MIG…


Fiberglass Welding Blanket 4ft X 5ft

Item #12562

4' x 5' fiberglass welding blanket with stitched hem. Heavy weave fiberglass will stop most hot spatter during mig or stick welding from burning adjacent materials. A must have if welding floor pans with the dash still installed or under hood repairs with a detailed engine in place. Gloves and…


8 in Magnetic Copper Welding Backer

Item #22995

…Backer helps you weld without burning holes.* Prevents warping and weld burn-thru * Welding material won't stick to copper * 2" x 8" copper panel is magnetic; no hands or clamps needed Magnetic copper backing panel provides hands-free support when doing butt-welding or welding holes in sheet metal.

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Related Categories: Welding Rod | Welder | Stick Welder | Electrode Holder | Tig