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    Welding Heat Sink

    Welding Heat Sink
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Welders Helper

Item #19038

Use for repairing small holes, rips or voids between panels. Copper "spoon" supports your welding from behind. Also acts as a heat sink to prevent warpage.


Coldshield Thermal Paste

Item #13904

Stop Welding Heat Damage - This is the kind of product that you have to try to believe how well it works! We held onto a small metal panel while a torch heated the metal almost white hot. The part in my fingers never went above about 85 degreesF! That's the kind of protection Cold Shield provides.…


Eastwood Anti Heat Compound

Item #31042

…absorbs excess surface heat.* Shields against heat up to 3000 degrees F* Use as a jigging/fixturing compound* Ideal for welding and soldering Spread it on with a putty knife to a 3/8" thickness as close to the weld or solder area as possible. This confines the heat to the open area. Great…


Magnetic Hole Plug Welding Tool

Item #29935

…easy to weld-shut a hole in the middle of a panel.* Weld material won't stick to copper head* For holes up to 1" in diameter* Perfect for use with your MIG, TIG or stick welder With this versatile tool, you'll leave your 2 hands free for welding while the copper head backs-up that hole. Strong…


Welders Helper 3X3 Set Flat/Curve/AngleCop Plates

Item #51139

Copper "Welder's Helpers" plug holes as they support your welding in tight spotsUse these three 100%-copper "spoons" to back-up small holes, rips or voids between flat, round and angled panels while you weld.* 90-Degree Angle Plate* Curved Plate* Offset Flat Plate

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