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    Welding Gloves

    Welding Gloves
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Tillman 48 Goatskin MIG Welding Gloves

Item #21292 Tillman 48

…to protect seams MIG welding is the most popular weld for a broad range of applications. The heat levels are less than in Stick welding, and the user operates a welding gun with a trigger requiring more dexterity. MIG gloves tend to be lighter weight than Stick gloves and, most importantly,…

Tillman TIG Welding Gloves Large & Medium

Item #12589 Welding Gloves

Professional grade Mig, Tig welding gloves with extended cuff to shield wrist when mig welding. Supple leather allows precise "feel" for both the mig trigger and the filler rod when Tig welding. Leather will actually soften with use and fit like a glove!

Tillman 24C Kidskin TIG Welding Gloves

Item #21290 Tillman 24C

…best gun grip* Includes Lock stitching with Kevlar® thread for added strength Tig welding produces the lowest heat and the flame is concentrated to a certain area. The result is minimal sparks and spatter. The gloves needed for this application can be thinner top grain leathers to maximize feel and…

Tillman 1250B ARC Welding Gloves

Item #21294 Tillman 1250

…Lock stitching with Kevlar® thread for added strength Stick welding produces the most heat, sparks and spatter resulting in the need for gloves with more heat insulation. Since this process requires less dexterity it allows the user to wear gloves that are thicker and offer more heat protection.

Tillman 1470 Truefit Work Gloves

Item #21296 Tillman 1470

…side bolsters add additional protection for side surface work* All finger tips covered in leather for heavy wear area protection* Not designed for welding The ultimate in handling and performance gloves. TrueFit gloves are great for any application where fit, comfort and protection are paramount.

Eastwood 90A Flux Core Welder w/o Gloves Helmet

Item #20280

For easy, economical welding, without shielding gas, use Eastwood's 90-Amp AC Flux Core Welder.* Welds mild steel as thick as 1/8", as thin as 20-gauge* No need for shielding gas or regulators* Use it for in-garage or in-home projects Get MIG-welding functionality, without the need for shielding…


Fiberglass Welding Blanket 4ft X 5ft

Item #12562

…fiberglass welding blanket with stitched hem. Heavy weave fiberglass will stop most hot spatter during mig or stick welding from burning adjacent materials. A must have if welding floor pans with the dash still installed or under hood repairs with a detailed engine in place. Gloves and pliers sold…


Weld Monger TIG Finger

Weld Monger TIG Finger
Related Phrases: Tig Finger Welding Tig

Item #20458

…a pretty weld! * Protects your finger from heat* Allows you to make long weld passes* Protects your welding gloves from becoming burned* Durable and fits on your existing welding glove* Perfect for the hobbyists or experienced welder When welding being comfortable results in the best welds possible.…


Eastwood MIG 135 and 175 Welder Cover

Item #20131

…175 Welders * Protects welder from dust and debris * Mold and tear resistant * Washable It is custom made to fit your MIG 135 and MIG 175 like a glove. No more stretching a too-small cover or having to fold excess material to keep the dust out. The Eastwood MIG Welder Cover protects your welder from…


Eastwood 50 lb Soda Blaster

Item #12256

…50-lb. Abrasive media capacity * 25-lb. Soda media capacity * 8' blast hose with dead-man valve * 4 different nozzles included * Heavy-duty all-steel welded construction * Pressure gauge * Moisture Separator 50-lb.-capacity blaster comes complete "ready to use" except for your air fitting coupler to…

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