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    Welding Fixture

    Welding Fixture
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Eastwood Anti Heat Compound

Item #31042

…heat.* Shields against heat up to 3000 degrees F* Use as a jigging/fixturing compound* Ideal for welding and soldering Spread it on with a putty knife to a 3/8" thickness as close to the weld or solder area as possible. This confines the heat to the open area. Great for applications close…


Eastwood Setup/Fixturing table

Item #20004

Fixturing, set-up table for precision fabrication and welding. 24-inch x 36-inch with 11-gauge steel top. Complete with leg kit; or use on tabletop. Holes are 16 mm with 2-inch spacing. Includes 4 clamps, 8 magnetic rests, 4 position stops, 4 inserts stops, 4 stop bars and 4 threaded adapters for…


3 Axis Welding Clamp

Item #20064

3 axis welding clamp with machined base and clamping surfaces holds objects up to 3.75 inch square or round at 90 degrees for secure fixturing during welding. Can also be used as traditional 90 degree vise for tubing


Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Item #21134

…easy clamp configuring * Can be fixed in 3 angled positions This table can be fixtured in 3 angled positions and can be folded for easy storage. Adjustable table top angles makes it easy to get comfortable when welding while using any of the four slots with C clamps to hold down your project…


6pc clamp kit for #14106 welding table

Item #20162

6pc welding clamp set for #14106 welding table. Designed to retain, clamp or postion round, square, flat or round objects. Kit includes 2 mag spring clamps, 1 multi angle magnet, 1 mini multi angle magnet, 2 pcs adjustable magnetic V pads for round object


Eastwood Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand Tops

Item #21273 cut-n-weld

Welding Top* Steel Framed Cutting Top* Replaceable Cutting Slats* Attaches to your Eastwood 750lb. Work Stand* Portable and Easy to Store The Welding Top (#21273) is constructed of heavy 14 gauge steel for superior warp-resistance and has generous 1.00” wide clamping slots for maximum welding

100pc Self Drilling Screws (1/2 IN Hex)

100pc Self Drilling Screws (1/2 IN Hex)
Related Phrases: Screws

Item #13602

100 Self Drilling Sheet Metal Screws. These screws are approx. 1/2" long and are a #8 size with a Hex drive. The screws are great for fixturing in patch panels prior to welding.


Corner Magnet kit

Item #20041

securely holds sheet metal and thin plate projects from the outside at precise 90 degree angles. Also fixtures plate at 60 degree angles or secures round tube to flat plate. 2 inches long legs on each magnet assure plenty of clamping power.

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