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    Welding Accessories

    Welding Accessories
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Eastwood Welding Cart with Drawers

Item #20241 Welding Cart with Drawers

Now you can keep all your welding accessories and consumables organized with this Eastwood Welding Cart with tool cabinet. * Durable steel construction* Black Powder Coated Finish* Accessories and consumables Cabinet* 4 Lockable Drawers* Large Diameter Rear Wheels* Swivel Front Caster Wheels Each…


Eastwood MIG Welder Welding Cart

Item #20232

With this Welder Cart you can roll your MIG welder and all its accessories on this sturdy 4-Wheel Welding Cart.* Welder Cart assembles with basic hand tools* Includes safety chains* 28" tall, 27" long overall, 30 lbs.* Holds up to a 125 Cubic foot tank This steel MIG welder cart is designed to…


Arrow Welding Magnet Fabrication Holder

Item #20677 Welding Magnets

…magnet keeps panels or other parts securely in place during metal fabrication and welding projects. * Powerful magnet encased in durable steel* Excellent for holding pipe and metal in up right positions* Use for welding, soldering, and assembly* Available in 25, 50, 75 and 100lb Capacity The arrow…


Eastwood Welding Jackets

Item #12762 Welding Jacket

Eastwood's Welding Jackets are made from 100% Cotton and treated to be flame resistant, anti-static, and mildew resistant. The treatment used on the jackets will out last more than 50 washes guaranteeing many years of use. They feature snap front wrists closures, a large inside pocket, black…


MIG 135 Replacement Torch Metal plug

Item #20171

This is a replacement Torch (Gun) for the Eastwood MIG135. It comes ready to install with a nozzle, contact tip, and liner. For use on machines WITH A METAL Plug on the machine and torch lead.


Eastwood Sheetmetal Layout Kit 5 Piece Kit

Item #20257

Basic kit to easily measure and mark sheet metal for fabrication* Makes metal as easy to mark as paper* 5 basic sheet metal layout tools* Carbide marking scribe* 6in steel ruler* 5in steel square* 6in compass/dividers* Automatic center punch This 5 piece kit contains the basics you need to get…


Large View Auto Darken Welding Helmet

Item #13212

This Large View Auto darkening welding helmet with infinitely adjustable sensitivity and shade adjustment from #9 - #13. 0.0025 per second darkening feature with robust Li-Mi battery that charges with arc and solar power. * Great for ARC MIG and TIG Welding * High Strength Mask Material * High Clear…


Eastwood 4 and 8 in Magnetic Copper Butt-Weld Backer Set

Item #22993

…Set helps you weld without burning holes.* Prevents warping and weld burn-thru* Welding material won't stick to copper* 4" and 8" copper panels are magnetic; no hands or clamps needed Two magnetic copper backing panels provide hands-free support when doing butt-welding or welding holes in sheet…


Eastwood 20-Gallon Parts Washer

Item #14293 Parts Washer

Eastwood 20 Gallon Parts Washer with Pump and Accessories won't clean-out your wallet, but does a great job on parts!* Rugged welded steel construction* Removable work shelf* 20 gallon tank capacity; 12 gallon cleaning solution capacity* Includes parts bin and flow-through brush A must-have for any…


Eastwood MIG 135 and 175 Welder Cover

Item #20131

The Eastwood MIG Welder Cover is here to make your life easier.* Custom fits Eastwood MIG 135 and MIG 175 Welders * Protects welder from dust and debris * Mold and tear resistant * Washable It is custom made to fit your MIG 135 and MIG 175 like a glove. No more stretching a too-small cover or having…


Eastwood 4.5 Inch Angle Grinder

Item #20286

Grind and cut with this powerful 6 amp electric angle grinder.* 6 amp 720 watt electric motor* 10,000 rpm free speed* Fits a variety of 4 1/2in wheels* Common 5/8-11 spindle with 7/8in adapter* Paddle switch with safety* 3 position removable handle* Spindle wrench and replacement motor brushes…


20 Gallon Parts Washer FlowThru Brush Parts Basket

Item #14293

Eastwood 20-gal. Parts Washer with Pump and Accessories won't clean-out your wallet, but does a great job on parts!* Rugged welded steel construction* Removable work shelf* 20-gal. tank capacity; 12-gal. cleaning solution capacity* Includes parts bin and flow-through brush A must-have for any shop…


Connector plate for #14106 welding table

Item #20156

30 inch long 14 gauge connector plate mounts between 2 #14106 welding tables to form a tiltable 90 inch work surface


Eastwood TIG 200 ACDC cover

Item #20433

Fabric cover for yourTIG200ACDC. This cover protects your welder from dust and debris. Washable fabric is tear and mold resistant


12 in Steel Ruler

Item #20258

Durable steel ruler and straightedge for marking and measuring This 12 inch steel ruler is part of the 8 piece sheet metal layout kit, and also available on its own with a vinyl case. Now mark straight edges and measure more accurately on sheet metal fabrication projects with this professional…


MIG Light

Item #11614

…Steck allows you to light your welding area before you strike an arc. The light is a AAA battery powered LED with an easy on/off switch along with auto shut off which easily mounts utilizing a flexible mounting bracket. This light will make it easier to see before you weld in tight places like under…


Eastwood Heavy Duty Welder Extension Cord 25 Ft

Item #20029

Eastwood heavy duty welding extension cord that meets all industry and customer standards.* Heavy duty 6 gauge copper cable with copper conductors* Industry standard NEMA 6-50 plug and receptacle* Abrasion and chemical resistant insulation* Use with any welder or plasma cutter with a 6-50 NEMA plug*…


Eastwood Sheet Metal Gauge

Item #28038

* Never guess a sheet metal sizes again * Measures sheet metal thickness from 36-0 gauge * Measures wire gauge * Decimal equivalent shown on reverse side * Tempered for long life Handy gauge shows all sizes of sheet metal and wire from thin 36 gauge to thick O gauge. Takes guess work out of…


TIG Accessories Kit

TIG Accessories Kit
Related Phrases: Tungsten Tig Torch Tig

Item #13953

This kit includes a complete kit of consumables for your Eastwood TIG 200AC/DC and 200DC. Included in the kit is multiple size nozzles, collets, collet bodies, and tungsten electrodes. This kit can also be used for any industry standard WP-17 style torches.


3 Axis Welding Clamp

3 Axis Welding Clamp
Related Phrases: Vise Clamps Vice

Item #20064

3 axis welding clamp with machined base and clamping surfaces holds objects up to 3.75 inch square or round at 90 degrees for secure fixturing during welding. Can also be used as traditional 90 degree vise for tubing

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Related Categories: Welding Cart | Plasma | Welding Jacket | Welder Cart | Cart