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    Welder For Plastics

    Welder For Plastics
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TPO TEO & PP Plastic Welding Kit 80W Iron

Item #50347

…everything you need to repair problem plastics. Just look at all the benefits: * 200 watt ceremic-core heating element provides you with the necessary heat to apply the FiberFlex and melt in the Stainless Steel Reinforcing Mesh* Special tip allows for easy spreading and shaping of the FiberFlex*…


Airless Plastic Welder Model 7

Item #14013

plastic repairs on virtually any of your vehicle's plastic partsMake quick, durable repairs on plastic bumpers, grills, any plastic car part. Welder heats the thermoset polyurethane welding rod as you feed it through, melting it into the cracked plastic (see "Video" tab).* Includes welding rods for


Eastwood Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System

Item #Hot stapler 13650

…the staple and plastic cool, they create a reinforced bridge between the two sections, restoring the plastic part to its original strength. Three heat settings allow you to work on a variety of plastic materials. 3 types of 1/2"-wide stainless steel staples (flat, wave and corner) for wide, tight or…


Eastwood MIG Welder Consumables Kit

Item #20000

Consumables Kit for your MIG Welder* 2 Gas Nozzles* 20 Contact Tips (ten 0.023"/0.6mm and ten 0.030"/0.8mm)* Plastic Storage Case Kit includes a complete set of consumables for your Eastwood MIG135 or MIG175 Welder or any other MIG welder with a Tweco-style torch.


Coldshield Thermal Paste

Item #13904

…went above about 85 degreesF! That's the kind of protection Cold Shield provides. Imagine how well Cold Shield will work for you the next time you need to weld close to plastic trim, wiring, or when you want to minimize panel warpage and paint damage. Once the job is done just wipe it off with a…


Hd Air Hammer Set W/6Pc Chisel/Case

Item #1052144

…has an alloyed steel barrel and heat-treated piston for longer life. Built-in power regulator and trigger control. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED in this kit: 3/4" flat blade chisel, punch chisel, claw ripper-edging tool, single blade cutter, quick cutter, V chisel-spot welder breaker, plus a plastic case.


12 in Steel Ruler

Item #20258

Durable steel ruler and straightedge for marking and measuring This 12 inch steel ruler is part of the 8 piece sheet metal layout kit, and also available on its own with a vinyl case. Now mark straight edges and measure more accurately on sheet metal fabrication projects with this professional…


Eastwood Anti Heat Compound

Item #31042

…3000 degrees F* Use as a jigging/fixturing compound* Ideal for welding and soldering Spread it on with a putty knife to a 3/8" thickness as close to the weld or solder area as possible. This confines the heat to the open area. Great for applications close to windows and rubber/plastic seals.…

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