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Item #10024 underhood black

Eastwood UNDERHOOD BLACK® is the perfect lacquer paint for the correct OEM-matching finish under the hood...choose semi-gloss or matte.* Restores OEM Low Gloss Finish* Protects From Rust and Corrosion* Fast Drying Formula* Perfect for Firewalls and Inner Fenders UNDERHOOD BLACK® Semi-Gloss is just…


2K Underhood Black Urethane Quart

Item #50253ZP

…new 4:1 2-component (2K) Urethane Ceramic Underhood Black is the only underhood coating fortified with nano-ceramic technology. Nano-ceramic particles ensure the ultimate in durability, chemical resistance and long lasting looks. Eastwood's Underhood Black is the right 10-20% gloss to match that…


Eastwood 2K Ceramic Aerosol Underhood Black

Item #14147Z

Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Underhood Black Aerosol allows you to paint with the durability and precision of a two component coating without the paint gun! * 2-Component Nano-Ceramic Technology * Two Chamber Design Aerosol * Most Durable Aerosol Paint Available * Sprays Like a Paint Gun Formulated with…


X-MAT® Underhood and Headliner 51x39x1/4

Item #15825

Eliminate road noise, body panel vibration and excess heat from your vehicle! * X-MAT® Lightweight Sound and Audio Barrier provides the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your muscle car, street rod, boat or RV* Lightweight X-Mat with 2 layers offering great temperature and sound…


Eastwood UNDERHOOD BLACK® Matte Aerosol 11 oz

Item #12032Z

UNDERHOOD BLACK® Matte is the correct shade of black, having just the right matte finish many older car manufacturers used on radiator supports, inner fenders, firewalls, underhood brackets, and other parts. Hardware store black paints are either too thick, too glossy, or the wrong color. Just…


Eastwood Radiator Black 12oz Satin Finish

Item #10340Z

Normal engine paints are too thick for radiator use which will interfere with heat transfer and block air flow over the cooling fins. Also, standard paint tends to flake off metal radiator tanks. Radiator Black is specially formulated to solve these problems and is heat resistant to 300°F.* Factory…


Eastwood Radiator Black Paint Gloss Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10040Z

Radiator Black Gloss Paint is just the right viscosity to spray-paint your radiator without damaging it* Won't block air flow between cooling fins* Won't interfere with heat transfer* Acrylic enamel (85% gloss) * Withstands 300 degreesF Standard engine paints are too thick for use on a radiator…


Eastwood Silver Cad Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10022Z

Spray-on the realistic look of silver cadmium plating* Restore underhood and under-car components* Acrylic lacquer* Withstands up to 250 degreesF* Can covers about 6 sq. ft. It's not plain old silver paint...Silver Cad Aerosol faithfully replicates the special bluish-silver tint of the original…


Eastwood Clear Zinc Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10280Z

Spray-on a Clear Zinc coating that matches OEM plating* Duplicates the bluish gray appearance of zinc phosphate plating* Low luster 11-15% finish* 300°F temperature resistance. Great for under hood use Eastwood Clear Zinc duplicates the appearance of the bluish gray OEM plating used on many…


DEI Underhood Thermal Acoustic 050130 12 Sq Ft

Item #30520

Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining is specially designed to block engine compartment noise and heat Boom Mat Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining was designed especially for the harsh under hood environment. Specially constructed of ¾” thick marine grade foam, with a fiberglass reinforced aluminum top…


Eastwood Spray Gray Detail Paint Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10032Z

Spray Gray matches original equipment with the look of fresh cast iron.* Renew cast iron water pumps, intake manifolds, master cylinders and more* Acrylic lacquer* Natural low 4% to 15% gloss Spray Gray Detail Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of cast iron on your car…


Eastwood Carb Renew 2 Silver Aerosol 5 oz

Item #12868Z

Newly reformulated Carb Renew has better fuel resistance and durability thanthe original formula, but still maintains that factory silver look - Restorethe OEM look found on just about any carburetor. * Fuel-Resistant Formula * Replicates Original Silver Matte Finish * Produces a natural 3-8% gloss…


Eastwood Diamond Clear Gloss for Bare Metal - Quart

Item #10357ZP

…formulation, resists chips, cracks, fading and yellowing. May slightly dull reflectivity. Resists fuels and temps up to 300 degrees. Ideal in underhood applications except exhaust manifolds. Great for polished wheels, aluminum valve covers as well as items around the shop and home. One quart of…


Hotcoat Powder Satin Black

Item #10103 Hotcoat Powder Satin Black

Do The Job Right with Eastwood Powders! * Provides extremely durable finish * Contains no environmentally harmful solvents * 100% Virgin powder * Impact resistant and flexibility * Good chemical resistance Eastwood Powders are far superior to liquid coatings. They provide an extremely durable finish…


Eastwood Diamond Clear DTM and Painted Surfaces Aerosol

Item #16105Z-16106Z

Aerosol formulation for the use on bare metal and painted surfaces.* Seals and protects surfaces* Compatible with all metals and coatings* Heat resistant up to 300 degrees F Use over finished or polished surfaces to protect from corrosion and ultra-violet light.

Eastwood Professional Folding Underhood LED Light

Item #30989

The Eastwood Professional Underhood Folding LED Light features 40 super high-intensity LED’s formaximum light output. Features 0° to 180° angle of adjustment, 180° individual tube rotation,spring-loaded hooks & a three function switch for maximum versatility.* Three function switch: Low, High & Off…


Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD II CAN Scan Tool

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD II CAN Scan Tool
Related Phrases: Autel Diagnostic Scanner

Item #31494

The Autel AutoLink OBD II Scan Tool is very easy to use – just plug it in to read and clear codes with ease. * Works on most 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD II & CAN)-domestic and import* Features the unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key for quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle…


Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD II CAN Scan Tool

Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD II CAN Scan Tool
Related Phrases: Autel Code Reader Obd Ii

Item #31495

The Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD II CAN Scan Tool is programmed with thousands of code tips for help with troubleshooting the diagnosis of your vehicle, saving you time.* Works on most 1996 and newer vehicles (OBDII & CAN) – domestic and import* Features the unique patented One-Click Readiness…


Autel MaxiVideo MV400 Digital Inspection Videoscope

Item #31498

This premier Autel MaxiVideo MV400 digital videoscope is an ideal tool for examining difficult- to- reach areas normally hidden from sight.* Records and plays back still images and video clips* 3.5 " high resolution full color LCD display (320x240)* Easy-to-use, multi-language interface* Wide camera…


POR 15 Hi Temp Aerosol Flat Black 44118

Item #15271Z

POR 15 High Temp Paint is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures up to 1200 degrees F and will resist cracking, chipping, and peeling. It is also extremely weather, salt and moisture resistant. Sandblasting is the optimum surface preparation. Can be used on all cars, domestic or foreign. Meets…

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