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    Tubing Cutter

    Tubing Cutter
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Professional Tubing Cutter

Item #14502

The professional tubing cutter will easily cut tubing from 3/16-inch to 5/8-inch. The heavy-duty cutting wheel is designed for use on all types of metal tubing including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and copper.


Eastwood Tubing Notcher

Item #21749

Pipe & Tubing Notcher secures up to 2"-dia. round tubing to notch angles of up to 60 degrees.* Use a standard hole saw up to 2-1/2" in dia. (not included)* Notches up to a 2"-dia. round tube* Notches up to a 2" x 2-1/2" rectangular tube Use our Tubing Notcher with any handheld drill or drill press…


Eastwood Tubing Notcher and Hole Saw Kit

Item #12739 Tubing Notcher

Pipe notcher will bore a maximum 2" hole in mild steel, stainless and aluminum tubing. Small tubing can be held up to a 60 degree angle. Kit includes bi-metallic hole saws in 1", 1.25", 1.25", 1.37" and 1.5" diameters. Color of hole saws may vary.


Professional Ratcheting Tubing Cutter

Professional Ratcheting Tubing Cutter
Related Phrases: Brake Line

Item #13732

"Tighten-once" Ratch-Cut Automatic Tube Cutter makes quick, clean cuts in hard-to-reach spots Tighten this Ratch-Cut Tube Cutter onto the tubing just one time, then start rotating the handle back and forth—ratcheting action turns it easily in tight spots. Spring-loaded mechanism keeps pressure on…



Item #1011246

tubing cutter for 1/8"- to 1-1/8"-O.D. tubing. Add to that a standard 45-degree flaring tool that flares 7 sizes (3/16"-, 1/4"-, 5/16"-, 3/8"-, 7/16"-, 1"- and 5/8"-O.D. tubing). Set also includes 5 double-flaring adapters for 3/16"-, 1/4"-, 5/16"-, 3/8"- and 1/2"-O.D. tubing. * Heavy-Duty Tube


RapidAir Complete Garage Air Line Kits

Item #51537 Complete Garage Air Line Kit

…ID tubing; aluminum distribution manifold; compressed air outlet manifold; (6) straight fittings, ea w/Teflon coated threads and quick release collar; (4) 90 degree elbows w/quick release collars (1) tee, 12 wall mount tubing clamps, tubing cutter. Maximum 150 PSI. Now available with 3/4" tubing

Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder and Versa Cut 20 Plasma Cutter

Item #20489-20062

Buy this combination Welder and Plasma Cutter and Save! Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder This is a true “one machine does it all” welder! MIG, Stick or TIG weld all from a single compact, space-saving unit.* One machine does it all! No need to buy and store separate MIG, TIG or Stick welders*…


Eastwood Professional Welding Cart

Item #20354

…2 welders, 2 large gas bottles and consumables* Rolls around shop easily on heavy duty wheels* For MIG, TIG or stick welders and plasma cutters* Stores up to 6 tubes of TIG rod* 3 hooks for hanging welding leads* Additional room for torches and consumables* Specially designed top shelf allows access…


ATD Air Cut Off Tool ATD-2139

Item #1067876

Air Cut-Off Tool works quickly and efficiently to cut-off mufflers, tail pipes, nuts and bolts — ATD2139 Utility Cut-Off Tool makes exhaust work less exhausting! Air-powered cut-off tool works at 20,000 RPM to aggressively cut through metals, plastics and fiberglass with your grinding disc (not…


Eastwood MIG TIG Plasma Welding Cart

Item #11616

…welder* The bottom shelf will hold the Versa Cut Plasma Cutter * The middle shelf of the welding cart allows storage of necessary welding accessories* The Gas Bottle Mount incorporates a TIG Rod Holder to store up to 6 different tubes of filler rods* The design of the top shelf allows for the…


Air Hammer W/Chisel 5Pc Kit - Stand

Air Hammer W/Chisel 5Pc Kit - Stand
Related Phrases: Air Chisel

Item #1052091

…work on exhaust systems, panel cutting, and general repair work. Alloyed steel barrel and heat-treated piston for longer life. Built-in power regulator and trigger control. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED in this kit: punch chisel, edging tool, tail pipe cutter, 3/4"-wide-blade straight chisel, cutting chisel.


Kit-Air Hammer W/5Pc Chisel Set

Kit-Air Hammer W/5Pc Chisel Set
Related Phrases: Air Hammer

Item #1052388

…This air hammer produces up to 2000 blows per minute, and has an alloyed steel barrel and heat-treated piston for longer life. Built-in power regulator and trigger control. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED in this kit: punch chisel, edging tool, tail pipe cutter, 3/4"-wide blade straight chisel, cutting chisel.

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