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EW Trim Anvil with Stand

Item #13336

More Trim Straightening Solutions - The Trim Anvil with Stand (13336) is contoured to suit many trim forming needs. Includes conical and pyramid tapered horns and square flat center. Measures 5-1/4" long by 1" wide by 2-7/8" tall, weighs 8 ounces. The Repuse Hammer (28241) features a 11/16" ball…


Eastwood Trim Hammer

Item #13146

Trim Hammer makes fine trim repair simpler, even in tight spots.* 3.3-oz. drop-forged head* Hickory handle for superb balance and durability* 4"-long head Use the face to remove dents in flat stainless trim, and use the cross pein to work in tight edges and corners.


Deluxe Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Item #31123

…System. This unit utilizes a wider range of draw pins for greater versatility. Includes heavy-duty Magna Spot 1500 stud welding gun, heavy-duty twist-to-lock slide hammer, 3 electrodes, 500 2mm draw pins, 150 trim rivets, and a convenient molded carrying case. 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


12 pc Trim Tool Set

Item #14132

…makes trim removal easier, with the shapes and sizes you need. * 33% glass-filled nylon * Won’t scratch surfaces * Impact resistant * Divided storage pouch Complete 12 Piece Trim Tool Set allows you to easily remove door panels, fascia and trim strips, dashboard and interior panels and trim, window…


Stud Welder Trim Rivet Tip

Item #31041B

The Trim Tip for the Stud Welder allows you to quickly weld trim retaining clips to your vehicle. Easy to use, just slide in the Trim Tip, insert a Trim Rivet, gently push the Stud Welder against the surface until the outer ring makes contact, then trigger the gun for.5 to 1 second for a perfect…


Trim Removal Set All Three Tools

Item #52021

There are many slips, retainers and fasteners to be removed during interior work. These tools fit most cars and get the job done right. A. Door panel clip lifter protects door panels while removing the clip. B. Window handles use special wire clips that are difficult to remove without this tool. C.…


Trim & Tack Pry ToolinUin Notch SS Eastwood

Item #52298

This Trim Removal Tool with Stainless Steel Blade removes small plastic and metal fasteners with ease. The heavy ergonomically designed rubber handle securely supports the heat-treated stainless steel blade, making this an interior tool that will last a lifetime. * Removes small plastic and metal…


47to53 Chev PU RH Frnt Fender Lwr Rear Repair Pnl

Item #1068566

…Replacement Sheet Metal takes a major hassle out of your muscle car restoration project. Save the time and effort you'd otherwise expend repairing or searching for replacements for damaged or rusted-out sheet metal. This right side fender (205-4047-R) for your 1947 to 1953 Chevrolet includes…


Master Door Panel Tool Set 5pc Stainless

Item #52354

5-Pc. Trim Tool Set includes all the shapes and sizes you'll needThese 5 trim tools quickly detach panels and remove interior fasteners, and are built to retain their shapes, no matter what you put them through.* Heat-treated, polished stainless steel blades* Flat fulcrums prevent marring of painted…


Molding Removal Tool

Item #52021C

Molding Removal Tool


Door Panel Fastener Removal Tool

Item #52021A

Door Panel Fastener Removal Tool


Eastwood Panel Clip Removal Pliers

Item #52189

Prevent Ruined Door Panels - Here's a tool that's designed to remove door interior panels without the retaining clip pulling through the backing.* Remove items held in place by plastic rivets and clips* Prevents damage to expensive door panels* Saves time and easy to use Tapered "U" shaped jaws…


Welders Helper

Item #19038

Use for repairing small holes, rips or voids between panels. Copper "spoon" supports your welding from behind. Also acts as a heat sink to prevent warpage.


Hog Rings - Pack of 100

Item #52033

One pack of 100 Hog Rings


Super Pro Plus Stud Welder

Item #31243

…most any body repair job.* 4 electrodes, for stud, Magna Wire, rivet welding, shrinking* 2 sizes of draw pins, for light- and heavy-gauge work* Includes twist-on/off slide hammer and "T" hand puller You'll use this professional system to repair most dents, "pull" creases, weld trim rivets, and…


The Art of Buffing DVD

Item #13304

…the most common questions about buffs, tools & techniques for buffing recesses in aluminum manifolds. You'll learn how to determine metal types, repair trim, prep for plating, use blast cabinets, tumblers, engine turning, and more. Whether you're new to buffing or just looking for new tips, this DVD…


The Art of Buffing II DVD

Item #19310

…common questions about buffs, tools and techniques for buffing recessed areas in aluminum manifolds. You'll learn how to determine metal types, repair trim, prep for plating, use blast cabinets, tumblers, engine turning, and much more. Whether you're new to buffing or just looking for new tips, this…


Reversed Door Panel Tool Removal Tool EWHinge Edge

Item #52297

Trim Removal Tool with Stainless Steel Blade - Heavy ergonomic rubber handle with heat-treated stainless steel blade make this an interior tool that will last a lifetime. Use the Reversed Door Panel Tool to release door panel fasteners on the hinged side of the door. Limited lifetime manufacturer's…


Upholstery Set Eastwood 4 Piece

Item #70263

…Grip constructed from both Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Vulcanizate rubber* Ensures you the best grip while resisting chemicals, oils and most solvents* Includes a 4 Inch Tack Puller, 2-4" Door Upholstery Panel Removers and a Trim Pin Remover to give you versatility to tackle any job anywhere.


EW Carpet and GP Adhesive 14 oz net Aerosol

Item #12743Z

Eastwood Carpet Spray Adhesive Is the perfect adhesive for virtually any carpet and trim application. Especially designed for bonding to Thermocoustic Sound Deadener, vinyl tops, heavyweight headliners.Offers high immediate bond strength, excellent heat and water resistance, long bonding range. Its…

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