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3/8 Dr. 8pc Torx Bit Socket Set

Item #30143

Eastwood 8-pc., 3/8"-dr. Torx Bit Socket Set built for everyday use. For driving Torx (or "star") hex screws, you won't find a better set than this 8-piece set of 3/8"-drive Torx bit sockets from Eastwood. Built of fully hardened chrome-vanadium steel for exceptional strength and durability.…


35 Piece Torx Bit Set ATD Tools 125

Item #1067865

35-Pc. Star Bit Socket Set has every size you'll need for automotive work and more— ATD125 6-lobe "star" screws are typically found on automobiles, motorcycles, bike brake systems (disc brakes), computer systems and consumer electronics, and this star bit socket set will make sure you have the size…


12 Pc Torx Socket Set

Item #1068203

12-pc. Standard Torx® Socket Set works with fasteners all over your vehicles — OTC 6100 Use this 12-piece Torx® socket set as you work on your vehicles. For use ONLY with hand tools; mfr's. warranty is voided if used with impact tools. * Superior S2 steel meets or exceeds torque specs* 2-piece…


Trim Scrws Phillips hex & Torx Blck & Chrme 550 pc

Item #14332

…automotive products, not department store fasteners. New fasteners make a project look great and shows that you pay attention to the details, plus they ensure safety, reliability and peace of mind. Kit includes 550 Phillips, Hex and Torx head trim Screws in Black & Chrome in 23 different sizes.


Eastwood 7 Piece Torx Driver Set

Item #70234

Do the Job Right with Eastwood's 7-Piece Star Screwdriver Set!* Ergonomically designed handles are soft and resist slipping* Grips resist chemicals, oils and most solvents* Lifetime Warranty Eastwood's professional quality screwdrivers are forged from a special steel alloy that gives them excellent…


Eastwood 29 Piece Ratchet and Bit Set

Item #70289

…high quality steel for performance durability and reliable strength assurance. * Easily drive and loosen hex, phillips, pozi, slotted, torx and tamper torx fasteners with the speed of reversible ratcheting action and the simple on/off engagement of bits* The mirror polish finish is easy to clean…


Eastwood 13 Piece Long Arm Star Key Set

Eastwood 13 Piece Long Arm Star Key Set
Related Phrases: Torx Drivers

Item #70240

This Eastwood Long Arm Star Key Set offers you a wider assortment of different sizes for the versatility to tackle any project.* Finished with black oxide for protection from rust* Comes in a durable case with labeled sizes* Keep your key organized and easy to find.


52 Pc Master Torx Set

Item #1068201

52-pc. Professional Master Torx® Socket Set works with fasteners all over your vehicles — OTC 5900A You'll use this 52-piece professional Torx® socket set in hundreds of applications from front to rear on cars and trucks: seat belt bolts, interior and exterior trim screws, engine assemblies, tail…


14 Piece Locking Splined Go Through Socket Set with 3/8" Drive Adapter

14 Piece Locking Splined Go Through Socket Set with 3/8" Drive Adapter
Related Phrases: Socket Set Go Through

Item #31282

…including long bolts and studs* Splined sockets will fit even rounded-off nuts and bolts* Fits standard hex, square and Torx fasteners Sockets fit Metric or SAE fasteners. Works with 6 PT. 12PT External Torx Spline & Square Head Fasteners. Pass through design removes the need for a deep well socket.

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