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Air Tool Essential Starter Tool Kit

Item #70477

…Eastwood Air Tool Essentials Starter Kit!* 1/2 Inch Reversible Drill* Hammer with Chisel Set* 1/2 Inch Twin Hammer Composite Impact Wrench* 3 Inch High Speed Cut Off Tool* Reciprocating Saw* 1/4 Inch Angle Die Grinder This ideal starter kit includes all the core air tools you need to work…


Universal Hydraulic Flaring Kit NOT FOR STAINLESS

Item #11535

Universal Hydraulic Flare Tool Set consistently fabricates accurate flares in aluminum, steel and soft metals...1-handed operationWith just one hand, you can use this tool set to accurately fabricate these line-flaring types in aluminum, steel and soft metals (but NOT stainless steel):*…


44 Piece 1/4 in Drive Socket Set ATD Tools 1200

44 Piece 1/4 in Drive Socket Set ATD Tools 1200
Related Phrases: Socket Set

Item #1067863

For your standard-duty jobs, whether SAE or metric, here's a 1/4"-drive, 44-Pc. Socket Set With Ratchet — ATD1200 1/4"-drive SAE and metric set is made of heavy-duty chrome vanadium steel. All sockets are 6-point. Set contains: 10 SAE Sockets (3/16" thru 9/16"); 8 Deep SAE Sockets (1/4" thru 9/16");…


True Power Air Polisher Kit

Item #31579

This kit has been specially designed for polishing automotive and engine parts.* Polish automotive parts to a chrome like finish * Ideal for Headlight restoration * Perfect for wheel restoration * Accepts 1/4" shanks for buffs The tool will pay for itself in 1 or 2 restorations. Ideal for restoring…


Devilbiss 3-Gun Kit

Item #20491

…from custom graphics and touch-up tasks to full repaintsThese 3 precision spray guns from DeVilbiss® are the tools you'll need to take on any automotive paint job, from graphics and touch-up tasks to full repaints.* 2 large HVLP Guns* 1 small Detail Gun* 3 Tips, 3 Cups, Regulator and Tool Kit


Eastwood Die Grinder Kit with 16pc Accessory Set

Item #30659

…like porting engines with the Eastwood air powered mini die grinder. This kit comes with 10 grinding stones of various shapes and sizes, plus 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch collets to fit a wide variety of commonly available rotary tool attachments from Dremel and others. Comes packed in a plastic case with…


Eastwood No Weld Panel Repair Kit

Item #31102

…welding.* Eliminates the need for a welder or welding skills* Flat repair surface requires little or no filler* Use your own caulking gun This kit has the tools and materials to install patch panels securely without welding. Panels are flanged, then bonded with structural adhesive, and finally flush…


Eastwood Complete Metal Cutting Air Tool Kit

Item #70475

…Auto Body Repair Tool Kit! With this metal cutting tools kit you can cut up to 16 gauge steel as well as bar stock. This quality Eastwood set includes our Reciprocating Air Saw, Air Shears and 3 Inch Air Cut off tool. Also comes with replacement blades and cut off wheels. With this kit you can cut:*…


45 Pc Tire Repair Tool Kit

45 Pc Tire Repair Tool Kit
Related Phrases: Tire Tire Repair

Item #1068040

40 Tire Repair Plugs Tire Repair Lubricant T-Handle Spiral Probe Reamer T-Handle Insert Tool Two 3mm Hex Wrenches Molded Storage Case


Oil Pressure Gauge Kit ATD Tools 555-0

Item #1067959

How to test oil pressure in automatic transmissions and engines — AT5550 Pressure tester kit checks the oil pressure in your vehicle's automatic transmission and gas-powered engine. Works with major-model domestic and foreign cars and light trucks. More accurate than dashboard oil pressure gauges,…


Fairmount Tools 12 Piece Bearing Splitter Puller Kit

Item #31472

The Fairmount 12 Piece Bearing Splitter/Puller Kit includes all the components requiredto pull and separate bearings and gears from transmission shafts, differential assemblies and otherautomotive components. This tool, constructed of robust, high-strength steel alloy forgings, willprovide years of…


Eastwood Sheetmetal Layout Kit 5 Piece Kit

Item #20257

Basic kit to easily measure and mark sheet metal for fabrication* Makes metal as easy to mark as paper* 5 basic sheet metal layout tools* Carbide marking scribe* 6in steel ruler* 5in steel square* 6in compass/dividers* Automatic center punch This 5 piece kit contains the basics you need to get…



Item #1023629

Pickle Fork Kit is like having 6 tools in 1. Use these pickle forks from Lisle® to separate ball joints, steering dampeners, tie rods, pitman arms and in other applications. * 3 forks and 2 handles work like 6 tools in 1* Forks are threaded to interchange with either handle* 1 handle for…


Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit

Item #1068200

Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit helps you quickly diagnose internal engine problems — OTC 5609 Here's how to easily diagnose internal engine problems such as bad rings, valves and leaking head gaskets. OTC's Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit comes complete with adapters for most applications. Dual 2-1/2"-dia.…


Compression Tester Kit

Item #1068199

Compression Tester Kit for complete testing on gasoline engines — OTC 5606 Kit has everything you need for complete compression testing on gasoline engines, including domestic, imports, motorcycles, marine, and small engines. Helps you test even in today’s limited-space engine compartments.…


MIG Spot Weld Kit

Item #13901

Now you can "spot weld" with your MIG welder...just add this Spot Welding Kit to your tool box!* Duplicate full-penetration OE spot welds from one side with your existing MIG welder* No need to buy a resistant spot welder (about $250!) or fool with carbon arc rods* Spot Weld Pliers has forked jaws…


Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit

Item #20127

…door skins, interiors, etc. Kit includes all components required to drive AN470 (round head) rivets in both 1/8" and 3/16" diameter. These are the same rivets used on aircraft and high performance race vehicles. Complete instructions included with kit. Solid rivet kit designed to install AN470…


Mini Polisher Kit

Item #1049744

Ingersoll-Rand Mini Air Polisher Kit helps you polish even in hard-to-reach spots - IR3129K This Mini Polisher is just what you need for buffing and polishing paint, metal and plastic surfaces to a high-gloss finish in tight spots. It's a small, lightweight polisher that allows you to easily…


Die Grinder Kit

Item #1053415

Ingersoll-Rand Air Angle Die Grinder Kit is ideal for grinding in tight places...includes 8 surface conditioning pads (2" dia.) - IR301-2MKIngersoll-Rand Pneumatic Angle Die Grinder is your best choice for grinding, edge-breaking, deburring, porting and polishing applications, especially in tight…


Surface Conditioning Kit

Item #1054772

Ingersoll-Rand Air Angle Die Grinder Kit is ideal for grinding in tight places...includes 2" and 3" surface conditioning pads - IR301-32MKIngersoll-Rand Pneumatic Angle Die Grinder is a smart choice for grinding, edge-breaking, deburring, porting and polishing applications, especially in tight…

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