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    Tire Pressure

    Tire Pressure
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Eastwood Digital Tire Pressure Gauge/Inflator

Item #30535

Accurately read tire pressures in .1psi increments, even at levels below 10psi.* Measure tire pressures from 0-100psi* Reads in .1psi increments for accuracy* Accurate at pressures below 10psi* LED lit display for easy reading* Built in bleed for lowering pressure The Eastwood tire pressure gauge…


Mityvac Brake Bleeding Kit

Item #49040

Bleed brakes right at the wheel by yourself, using just one handThe Mityvac® Kit lets one person easily bleed brakes at the wheel, without needing someone else to press the brake pedal, and without wasting brake fluid.* Do it yourself — literally!* Everything's included


Chicago Pneumatic 20 Gallon Air Compressor RCP220P

Item #30499 compressor

…weighs about 150lbs. Plus it’s got a built in handle and wheels so you can take it nearly anywhere. * Cast iron cylinder construction* 120 volt, thermally protected, 2 horsepower motor* 7.1 maximum cfm at 90psi, 140 maximum psi* 20 gallon horizontal tank* Start/stop pressure control* Made in U.S.A."


Ranger Nextgen Swing Arm 25 Inch Tire Changer R980XR

Item #31544 Ranger Tire Changer

high productivity tire machine perfectly suited for large-volume tire shops and repair centers. A host of innovations make the new NextGen™ Series, R980XR one of the most durable, and ergonomically engineered tire changers ever. Controlled power delivery tackles stubborn tire beads without damage, a…


Autel Maxi TPMS TS408 Diagnostic and Service Tool

Item #31496

…* Unparalleled sensor coverage – activates ALL magnetic, frequency and tire deflation triggered sensors on all vehicles sold worldwide* Receives both 315MHz and 433MHz signals* Reads data including sensor ID, tire pressure, temperature, battery condition, and relearn information* Checks Remote…


90 Pound Abrasive Blaster ATD Tools 8402

Item #1068036

…attach this 90-lb.-capacity pressure blaster to your air compressor, put on your appropriate hood and respiratory protection, fill with blasting media (glass beads, silica sand, or aluminum oxide, 60- to 100-grit) and you're ready to blast away rust and old paint. Pressurized design offers 30% more…


English Wheel Forming Band

Item #20637

…x 0.063 thick, high-density EPDM rubber.* Fits Eastwood and all other 2” x 8” Upper Wheels. The EPDM material transfers energy across the work surface under light pressure which enables more material forming per pass. The band is an inexpensive add-on to take your English Wheel to the next level.


Air Hose Good Year Rubber 3/8 in x 25 ft

Item #13958

…throws at it25' Rubber Air Hose has the top quality you expect from Goodyear®, with swaged solid brass end fittings, and a bursting pressure of 1070 psi.* 250 psi maximum working pressure* Withstands from –40 degreesF to +190 degreesF* Also available in 50' and 100' lengths (see "Accessories" tab)


Eastwood Fender Forming Pliers

Item #16022

…for tire clearance without fender damage* Straighten bent metal edges* Crimp door skin edges when installing new door skins* Includes replacement pressure pad It was created to provide additional fender-lip-to-tire clearance on lowered cars and trucks or those fitted with oversize wheels and tires


Eastwood 3 Gallon Oil-Less Pancake Air Compressor

Item #31289

…Coating Gun systems as well as most airbrushes.* 1.0 SCFM @ 40 PSI* 0.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI* 3 Gallon air tank* 1/3 Horsepower motor* Easy to read air pressure gauges* Low maintenance oil-less design* Integral Air Regulator* Quick connect air coupler* Thermal overload protection breaker* Air tank…


High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/4inx2 3/4in

High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/4inx2 3/4in
Related Phrases: Mandrel

Item #13122

This high speed abrasive roll mandrel is 2 3/4" long with a 1/4" shank. The 1/8" diameter pilot is 1" long. For best results use this and all Abrasive Roll Mandrels with light side pressure to avoid bending. High speed: 22,000 rpm max.


High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/4inx 6

Item #13141

…mandrel is 6" long with a 1/4" shank. The 1/8" diameter pilot is 1" long. For best results use this and all Abrasive Roll Mandrels with light side pressure to avoid bending. For a smoother cut & longer abrasive life use Grinders Grease (13119). We recommend the use of a dust mask like our Disposable…


Chicago Pneumatic 26 Gal Air Compressor RCP226VP

Item #30501 compressor

…nearly anywhere. * Cast iron cylinder construction* Aluminum head and deep cooling fins for cooler running* 120/230 volt, thermally protected, 2 horsepower motor* 7.1 maximum cfm at 90psi, 125 maximum psi* 26 gallon horizontal tank* 1/4 inch tank outlet* Start/stop pressure control* Made in U.S.A."


Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Superior Surface Cleanser 16 oz CWS_402_16

Item #16227

…behind residues or water spots, even when you wash in direct sunlight. Use this versatile car wash soap in any bucket wash, or add it to your high pressure foam cannon or foam gun to spray a thick blanket of cleansing foam for a touch-less car wash experience. Mr. Pink is the high tech detailing…


Chemical Guys 6.5" White Lake Country Light-Medium Polishing Pad BUFLC_104_6

Item #16231

…compounding haze from large painted panels like roofs, hoods, and trunk lids. This flat pad provides full contact with paint surface to minimize the pressure applied by the user in order to restore pure clarity and deep glossy shine to the painted finish. What Are Lake Country CCS Pads? After years…


Planishing Hammer

Item #30023

…includes everything you need to start smoothing and shaping metal. Features a 19.625 inch throat depth, 4 CFM Air Motor, Quick Adjust height / pressure, and a foot pedal. Included is the planishing hammer, floor stand, 1 inch Anvil, 2 inch Anvil, 3 inch Anvil, air motor, and a foot pedal. Requires…


Autosol Metal Polish

Item #13170 autosol

…the home, we think you, like many will appreciate how easily this paste polish removes tarnish, light oxidation and scratches without excessive pressure. Let the polish do the work. Just a small amount on a soft cloth goes a long way. Leaves a protective film to help prevent future tarnish. Also…

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