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Tack Rags box/12

Tack Rags box/12
Related Phrases: Tack Rag Cloth Rags

Item #34178

Leave No Dust Behind - Resin coated tack rags pick up dust particles that could otherwise mar a beautiful finish. Tack Rags are sold in 12 piece packs. Each tack cloth measures 18" x 36". Compatible with all primers, sealers, lacquers, enamels, urethanes varnishes and more.


DeVilbiss Paint Prep Wipes 300Bx 803657

Item #15584

DeVilbiss Clean Paint Prep Wipes are absorbent wipes designed to easilyremove grease, dirt, wax, sanding dust, and other contaminants toleave a clean final prep ready surface PAINT PREP WIPES ARE SAFE TO USE ONMOST SURFACES INCLUDING: Bare metal, Aluminum, plastics, OEM finishes and Fiberglass. 300…


Eastwood Brush on Seam Sealer Quart

Item #51657ZP

…Sealer leaves a factory-like finish and will not crack, harden or sag. Seals cracks, crevices and body seams as well as waterproofs and insulates. Tack dries in 15 minutes and air dries in 1hour. Remains flexible. Gray in color. Can be painted in 30 minutes. Can be used on: * Firewall * Trunk seams…


Devilbiss Polyester Tack Wipe Box of 12 (TCK 121)

Devilbiss Polyester Tack Wipe Box of 12 (TCK 121)
Related Phrases: Wipes Devilbiss

Item #14908

12 wipes per box, Poly knit,Soft polyester material contours to surface,TCK 121


Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets

Item #20421

…are included in this kit in which are used approximately 2 inches apart along your weld seem. The magnets will keep both panels level and aligned, while eliminating panel gaps, distortion and raised/recessed areas. For use when MIG, TIG or Gas welding to hold panels while tack welding material.


Berkebile PFC Under Car Coating Kit

Item #31588Z

…that you want long lasting lubrication and rust protection that will not dry out, freeze, or wash off. Will not harm paint, synthetic rubber, or plastic. Also great for long lasting, tack free lubrication. Will also work as a penetrating oil to penetrate metal and free rusted nuts, bolts, and parts.


USC Feather-Rite Gallon

USC Feather-Rite Gallon
Related Phrases: Body Filler Filler Putty

Item #50754ZP

USC's best selling lightweight filler with superb spread ability and workability. Smooth and creamy soft sanding formula that virtually eliminates pinholes. Tack free and clog free. One gallon includes 4oz cream hardener. Made in USA


Upholstery Set Eastwood 4 Piece

Item #70263

…Grip constructed from both Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Vulcanizate rubber* Ensures you the best grip while resisting chemicals, oils and most solvents* Includes a 4 Inch Tack Puller, 2-4" Door Upholstery Panel Removers and a Trim Pin Remover to give you versatility to tackle any job anywhere.


Trim & Tack Pry ToolinUin Notch SS Eastwood

Trim & Tack Pry ToolinUin Notch SS Eastwood
Related Phrases: Trim Tool

Item #52298

This Trim Removal Tool with Stainless Steel Blade removes small plastic and metal fasteners with ease. The heavy ergonomically designed rubber handle securely supports the heat-treated stainless steel blade, making this an interior tool that will last a lifetime. * Removes small plastic and metal…


Eastwood Self Etching Weld thru Primer

Item #12899Z

Eastwood's Self-Etching Weld-Thru Primer combines the benefits of a weld-thru and the capabilities of a traditional self-etching primer. * Enhances adhesion and durability of top coats* Prevents corrosion and reduces spatter* Non-conductive organic binders* Gray color This unique self-etching primer…


Eastwood Airbrush Hose

Item #12169

…with this 9' braided hose, complete with couplings. 1/8" Female NPT coupling on airbrush end 1/4" Female NPT coupling on tank end Accessories Airbrush Filter Regulator Unit Eastwood 1/4" Digital Regulator Eastwood Master Gun Cleaning Kit Tack Rags box/12 Eastwood Concours Custom Graphics Airbrush


Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Orange 6.5" Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad BUFX_102HEX6

Item #16230

…amount of paint for desired results than to remove too much at once because paint doesn’t grow back. Why hammer a nail with a sledgehammer if a tack hammer works fine? If a detailer makes a mistake with a heavier compound and takes off too much paint, they may be forced to repaint the damaged…

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Related Categories: Wipes | Rags | Tack Rag | Tack Cloth | Seam Sealer