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Eastwood Internal Frame Coating Aerosol Black

Item #15275Z

Internal Frame Coating destroys rust hiding inside the chassis, so it doesn’t rust its way through. * Tough phenolic resin penetrates, converts and encapsulates the rust on the internal surface* Zinc phosphate seals it to prevent future corrosion* 24"-long tube with conical nozzle reaches in to…


Eastwood Original Chassis Black Gloss Finish

Item #10000 The Original Chassis Black Gloss Finish

…multiple coats without lifting* Choose 14-oz. aerosol or 1-qt. can The 85% gloss finish creates a custom look with superior protection on suspension parts and frame. Tough, long-lasting formula resists chips and corrosion, so it's ideal for the value-conscious enthusiast who wants a factory-fresh…


Brake Drum Remover

Item #49007

Safely and easily remove frozen brake drums with a few simple tapsRemove frozen brake drums without damaging the drum. Just tap lightly with your hammer on the 3 jaw ends to release drum. * For drums with 7" to 12" diameters* Not to be used as a puller


Eastwood Chassis Kleen 18 oz Aerosol

Item #12196Z

Clean grimy chassis and suspension parts with Eastwood's aggressive Chassis Kleen™ Aerosol Spray.* Use it to clean under car areas prior to painting* Huge 18-oz. can means you'll have enough for the job* Not for use on sensitive electronic equipment or painted surfaces Eastwood's Chassis Kleen™ is a…


Stainless Brake Tubing 1/4in x 20ft w/14 SS Fittings

Item #12604

Stainless Steel Brake-Line Tubing Kit offers superior corrosion resistance.* 20'-long roll; 1/4" O.D.; 0.028"-thick wall* 14 fittings for SAE double-flare applications Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel tubing is just like the original found on most cars, so all you need is a tubing bender and…


Coilspring Compressor Internal

Item #49031

For safer installation of coil springs, use this Internal Coil-Spring CompressorInternal Coil-Spring Compressor quickly compresses coil springs for easy removal and replacement.* Works from inside the coil spring* Easier, safer way to install coil springs* For most passenger cars and pickup trucks


External Coil Spring Compressor

Item #49016

For safe installation of coil springs, use this External Coil-Spring CompressorExternal Coil Spring Compressor works where an internal-type compressor won't. Unlike conventional internal compressors, the 3 shafts fit on the outside of the spring, so you can remove and install springs on virtually…


Manual Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit

Item #31295

This Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit is a professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many yearsof reliable service.* Provides up to 6000 PSI of grease* Quick interchangeable heads* Can be used with air or manual power* Easy access to difficult to reach areas Capable of providing up to 6000 PSI of…


3-In-1 Ball Joint/U-joint c-frame press 21-5561

Item #31287

3 N 1 Service Kit - Carbon Steel, 1 piece "C" frame press, 3 piece receive tubes, 1 piece installation adapter, 1 piece removing adapter. This kit comes with a storage case.* C-Frame Press with threaded forcing screw* 3 Receiver Tubes (2-3/4" ID x 3" OD, 2-1/4"ID x 2-1/2"OD, 1-3/4"ID x 2"OD*…



Item #1023629

Pickle Fork Kit is like having 6 tools in 1. Use these pickle forks from Lisle® to separate ball joints, steering dampeners, tie rods, pitman arms and in other applications. * 3 forks and 2 handles work like 6 tools in 1* Forks are threaded to interchange with either handle* 1 handle for…



Item #1011555

Pickle Forks have a stepped design to prevent bounce-back. When you're using these pickle forks from Lisle® to separate ball joints, steering dampeners, tie rods, pitman arms and in other applications, their stepped design will help keep the tool from bouncing back. * 3 forks and 2 handles makes…



Item #1015225

Bearing Race and Seal Driver Set makes it easier to insert wheel bearing race and seals without damage. Bearing Race and Seal Driver Master Set helps you insert wheel bearing race and seals without damaging the race and axle housing. This master set includes nine drivers to fit most common wheel…


Fastrax Adapter Kit for Setting Wheel Toe

Item #49088

Optional Toe Adapter: Attaches to 49089. Slotted arms provide an accurate measuring point. Anodized aluminum. Instructions included.


Master Ball Joint Adapter

Item #1068043

Add-On Ball Joint Adapter Set for Model #ATD-8696 Deluxe Ball Joint Service Set — ATD8697 This add-on set expands the serviceability of your Deluxe Ball Joint Service Set (#ATD-8696; not included). Includes all the receiver tubes and removing/installing adapters needed to work on most GM, Ford and…


U Joint Tool

Item #1068207

U-Joint Tool safely removes and installs universal joints with needle bearings — OTC 7248 This helpful tool uses a forcing-screw press to safely remove and replace automotive universal joints with needle bearings, including GM plastic pin CV U-joints. The "U" joints can be serviced either on or off…


Ball Joint Service Set

Item #1068208

Service Kit removes and installs press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joints, and truck brake anchor pins — OTC 7249 The U-Joint Tool uses a forcing-screw press to safely remove and replace automotive universal joints with needle bearings, including GM plastic pin CV U-joints, and can also…


Eastwood Digital Tire Pressure Gauge/Inflator

Item #30535

Accurately read tire pressures in .1psi increments, even at levels below 10psi.* Measure tire pressures from 0-100psi* Reads in .1psi increments for accuracy* Accurate at pressures below 10psi* LED lit display for easy reading* Built in bleed for lowering pressure The Eastwood tire pressure gauge…


Fender Roller Adapter

Item #25271

A longer and larger flange mount to allow the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller to be used on trucks and cars with larger (5" to 6") 5 & 6 lug bolt patterns and up to a 4.25" center hub. Simply remove two bolts from the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller, switch to the Truck Adapter, replace the bolts and go.


Eastwood 10 Piece Bearing and Seal Driver Set

Item #14533

…Machined aluminum drivers* Organized storage case This set is a "no-brainer" for anyone installing bearings and seals in wheel hubs, engines and suspension components. Bearing and seal set has 9 drivers and a driver handle to help you easily replace bearings without damaging the bearing or housing.…


Fastrax Camber/Caster Gauge

Item #49089

Improve handling, plus save suspension and tire wear, when you set your tires' proper camber and caster with Fastrax™Fastrax™ Camber/Caster Gauge works in the shop or track to help you easily set tires' proper camber and caster; optional toe adapter also available (see "Accessories" tab).* Displays…

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