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    Stick Welder Cable

    Stick Welder Cable
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Eastwood Welder Electrode Holder with Cable

Item #20517

Eastwood 200 AMP electrode holder for Stick/ARC welding with 3 meter long cable. Dinse 25 male connector. Works with ARC80 TIG200DC and TIG200ACDC.


Eastwood MP250i Welder Ground Cable

Item #21192

300 amp Ground cable and clamp holder that is 15 feet (4.5m) long to enable you to weld anywhere around your project.


AC Stick Welder LEW K1170

Item #30667

…sets the welding current. Smooth arc makes it easy to weld225 amp AC output. It's enough for 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) diameter general purpose mild steel electrodes. Easy to install. Comes with attached input power cable. NEMA rated, UL listed and CSA approved. Input Power: 230/1/60; Processes: Stick "


Eastwood TIG 200 Digital AC/DC Welder

Item #20589

The Eastwood 200 Amp Digital TIG welder has all the features of a professional machine but at a fraction of the price.* Manual Arc (Stick) – DC Positive/Negative with Hot Start and Arc Force control to prevent rod stick and superior arc control.* DC TIG – Weld Steel and Stainless Steel* DC TIG/Pulse…


Eastwood MIG Welder 135 And Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 40

Item #13909 MIG 135 Plasma 40

…with either 110v or 220v input to easily slice through steel and non-ferrous metals up to 3/8" thick.* 110v or 220v AC input with inverter technology* 20' torch cable; 10' ground cable with clamp* Rated 40-amp output* Now with a black powder-coat finish Click here for welder warranty information


Eastwood MIG Welder 175 Amp Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 40

Eastwood MIG Welder 175 Amp Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 40
Related Phrases: Plasma Mig Welder

Item #13946 MIG 175 Plasma 40

…money when you get our MIG 175 Welder with spool gun PLUS our Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter! Click on the individual links below for all the specs, but you must click the "Add To Cart" button above to get the special savings over individual prices!Eastwood's 220v MIG 175 Welder uses its 175-amp output to…


Eastwood MIG Welder 175 and Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 60

Eastwood MIG Welder 175 and Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 60
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Item #14289 MIG 175 Plasma 60

…individual prices! Eastwood's MIG 175 Welder has "high-end" features at a DIY price! As a professional or weekend enthusiast, you can now get industrial-quality features in a hard-workin', affordable, MIG welder! Our R&D guys designed the Eastwood MIG 175 Welder (12012) for steel and aluminum to…


Eastwood Professional Welding Cart

Item #20354

…to the side panel on MIG welders if needed. Works great for most TIG and stick welders, as well as plasma cutters too. You can easily adapt this cart to almost any 2 welders. There is room for up to 6 tubes of TIG rod, plus 3 hooks to coil and hang your hoses or cables. A front mounted handle and…

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