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    Steel Saw

    Steel Saw
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Eastwood Benchtop Bandsaw

Eastwood Benchtop Bandsaw
Related Phrases: Bandsaw Band Saw Saw

Item #20237

…cuts of exactly the same length. The thin nature of a band saw blade means a narrower kerf compared to a cut off wheel or circular saw, so positioning the cut in the material for the exact right length is easier. The fact that a band saw moves in just one direction, unlike a hacksaw or Saw-zall,…


Eastwood Tubing Notcher

Item #21749

Pipe & Tubing Notcher secures up to 2"-dia. round tubing to notch angles of up to 60 degrees.* Use a standard hole saw up to 2-1/2" in dia. (not included)* Notches up to a 2"-dia. round tube* Notches up to a 2" x 2-1/2" rectangular tube Use our Tubing Notcher with any handheld drill or drill press…


Rockwood 1500 Lb Metal Saw Horse

Item #30650

…for work at a matching the height of your chop saw, drill press, or bead roller. Use them for supporting hoods, trunk lids, doors, fenders, or recently chopped tops temporarily as well. The entire Sawhorse is made from heavy duty powder coated steel for years of durable service. The 38 inch wide…


Eastwood Electric Body Saw

Item #31660

…weight reciprocating saw built for cutting sheet metal without the kick back that long stroke saws have.* Rigid aluminium gear box* Tool free blade change* Light weight compared to standard reciprocating saws* Easy for one-handed operation The Eastwood Electric Body Saw is great for use on virtually…


Air Reciprocating Saw (329)

Item #1057476

Ingersoll Rand Heavy-Duty Air Reciprocating Saw cuts intricate shapes in all types of automotive materials - IR429Ingersoll Rand's Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw easily cuts intricate shapes and light radius curves in all types of plastics, fiberglass and composite materials, as well as…


Sd Air Recip Saw

Item #1055663

Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand Super-Duty Air Reciprocating Saw easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in automotive materials- 4429Ingersoll Rand Super-Duty Air Reciprocating Saw is designed for all types of cutting jobs in aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass and composites, so it's the…


Woodward Fab 10 in Cold Saw

Item #30026

This 10-inch Blade Cold Saw operates on 220VAC Single Phase at 36 RPM allowing for clean cuts through materials. It features a cast iron reduction gear box, built in coolant system, miter left or right, adjustable hardened vise jaws, guarded blade, trigger style on/off switch, enclosed metal floor…


Eastwood Tubing Notcher and Hole Saw Kit

Item #12739 Tubing Notcher

Pipe notcher will bore a maximum 2" hole in mild steel, stainless and aluminum tubing. Small tubing can be held up to a 60 degree angle. Kit includes bi-metallic hole saws in 1", 1.25", 1.25", 1.37" and 1.5" diameters. Color of hole saws may vary.


Eastwood Electric Metal Cutting Shears

Item #13475

…rotating jaws slices easily through steel up to 18-gauge thick.* Jaws rotate 360 degrees to cut straight or irregular shapes* Variable 0-2500-rpm speed* Replaceable blades give this tool longer life If you've ever tried to saw through heavy-gauge steel, you know how difficult it can be to produce…


Replacement Blade for 20237 Benchtop Bandsaw

Item #20238

…blades on #20237 Eastwood bandsaw for quicker easier cuts.* Perfect fit blade for the #20237 benchtop bandsaw* Cut quickly and easily through steel and aluminum* Blade measures 52" long, 1/2" wide with 12-14 teeth per inch* Make accurate, narrow cuts The benchtop electric bandsaw can make perfectly…


Eastwood 750Lb Work Stand

Item #43120

Stronger-than-it-looks Portable Work Stand holds up to 750 lbs.! * Sturdy powder coated .045 tubular steel frame* 3/8"-thick foam rubber padding* Heavy gauge chain with welded links* Non-skid tips Work standing up can really save your back! But when your workbench is otherwise occupied, you can just…


Adjustable Painting Rack Stand

Item #15856

…use* Adjustable frame that extends from 5ft to 8ft* Six Hooks to hold parts for painting/drying* 4" PU caster wheels, 2 swivel, 2 swivel with brake* Steel Tubing, Powder Coated * 320lb capacity total* 110lb capacity per hook* 70” / 5’10” wide Also works well with smaller parts includes 6 heavy duty…


Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher

Item #20447

Constructed from solid steel, this easy to use tube notcher is built to perform accurate notches, time after time. * Create notches in 3/4" to 3" Tubing* Adjustable up to 50 Degrees* Accepts standard hole saws* Works with any 1/2" drill* Mounts in a vise or on a bench top Designed to notch tubing…


Heavy Duty Air Sabersaw

Item #43377

…Saber Saw is perfect for body work and exhaust systemsSome guys call this a reciprocating saw, but either way, there's plenty of pneumatic power here to get you through tough cutting jobs quickly. (Not quite like a hot knife through butter, but you get the idea.)* Cut through aluminum, steel,


Eastwood Complete Metal Cutting Air Tool Kit

Item #70475

…this Eastwood Auto Body Repair Tool Kit! With this metal cutting tools kit you can cut up to 16 gauge steel as well as bar stock. This quality Eastwood set includes our Reciprocating Air Saw, Air Shears and 3 Inch Air Cut off tool. Also comes with replacement blades and cut off wheels. With this…


Eastwood Punch and Bead Dies

Item #20356 Punch and Bead Dies

…a hole and bead is a 1/2 inch pilot hole and a 3/4 inch wrench . An easy process that can be done on a vehicle, on the work bench or on the job site. * Punches a clean hole and produces a smooth bead* Made of Hardened Steel* Handles up to 16 gauge mild steel, 19 gauge stainless and 14 gauge aluminum


Eastwood Punch and Flaring Dies

Item #20355 Punch and Flare Dies

…hole and flare is a 1/2 inch pilot hole and a 3/4 inch wrench . An easy process that can be done on a vehicle, on the work bench or on the job site. * Punches a clean hole and produces a smooth flare* Made of Hardened Steel* Handles up to 16 gauge mild steel, 19 gauge stainless and 14 gauge aluminum


Ingersoll Rand IR325B Heavy Duty Air Nibbler

Item #1069309

…nibblers on the market today. Get a bigger bite and better angle cuts with IR's Heavy Duty Air Nibbler. Instead of shearing or sawing, the tool "nibbles" cold rolled steel, plastic, tin, aluminum, and other metals, up to 18 gauge thicknesses at a rate of more than 6 feet per minute. It's ideal for…

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