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    Steel Brush

    Steel Brush
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Eastwood Welding Stainless Steel Brush Kit

Item #20034

…304 grade stainless steel bristles make quick work of clean up and removal of aluminum oxide from your surface area before welding. They’re also great for general clean up and prepping steel before MIG welding. The set of four 10 inch wooden handled brushes include three brushes with assorted rows…


Eastwood Cylindrical Wire Brush - 5 pack

Item #13902

5 Cylindrical Wire Brushes work with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and more with just a pull of the trigger.* Clean tubes, pipes, and more* Brush section is 2" in diameter, 4" long* 6" long overall Use these 5 Cylindrical Wire Brushes in your corded or cordless drill to remove rust, paint…


Eastwood Mini Welding Stainless Steel Brush Kit

Item #20038

The Eastwood 3-piece brush kit contains three wooden handled brushes with industrial 304 grade stainless steel bristles. Each brush has a different number of bristles so you get varying results with each brush, according to your prepping needs. The tough stainless steel bristles make quick work of…


DeKote Paint and Powder Stripper

Item #15245 DeKote Stripper

…harm steel, aluminum, pot metal, die cast, fiberglass or SMC panels. The longer dwell time of 30 minutes to 3 hours, means it does not work as fast as Methylene Chloride based strippers, it provides time for DeKote to penetrate multiple coats and deeper. Easy to apply by immersing or brushing on the…


Eastwood 20 Gallon Parts Washer

Item #14293

…won't clean-out your wallet, but does a great job on parts!* Rugged welded steel construction* Removable work shelf* 20-gal. tank capacity; 12-gal. cleaning solution capacity* Includes parts bin and flow-through brush A must-have for any shop and DIY-priced, so you'll have one handy location for…


Stainless Steel Brush 10in

Item #12418

Use this 10" Stainless Steel brush to prep materials for welding and clean the weld bead after welding. Remember to purchase a separate one for aluminum and steel.


Steel Speed Shape with E Coating 8" x 4"

Item #15814

…looks best on your project? Or you want to try different flake or pearls over different bases? Now you can try our custom paints and powders before you apply them to you project. * All Steel Construction* E-coated for corrosion resistance* Use for paint or powder coating* 8" Long x 4" wide x 2"


Expander Wheel Band Medium Finishing

Item #13152

Conditioning Belts for Gentle Cleaning - Great for thorough cleaning/surface conditioning. Great for preparing parts for buffing or leveling of slightly contoured surfaces. Use the Medium band for a brushed satin finish on steel and aluminum. Can also be used for general cleaning purposes.


Economy HVLP Spray Paint Gun w/1.4mm Nozzle

Item #13907

…Includes:* 1.4mm needle & nozzle* 600 ML plastic cup* Wrench* Cup filter* Cleaning brush Its balanced design and easy to use controls allow for easy applications. Additionally, the gun's stainless steel needle, nozzle and internal passages let you apply both solvent and waterborne coatings.…


Economy HVLP Primer Paint Gun 1.8mm

Item #14125

steel needle, nozzle and internal passages let you apply both solvent and waterborne coatings. Machined brass air cap ensures excellent transfer efficiency and atomization. Requires 17 CFM @ 30 to 50 PSI. Includes:* 1.8mm needle & nozzle* 600 ML plastic cup* Wrench* Cup filter* Cleaning brush


USC Defender Kevlar Bed Liner Kit Black 16002

Item #14746ZP

…primer necessary. The only one with Kevlar (20x stronger than steel) Defender offers maximum protection and durability. The Defender is User friendly and makes it easy to achieve consistent results job after job. Spray it. Roll it. Brush it. Touch it up. Moisture and UV resistant too. 1 Gallon kit…


Eastwood Flux-N-Solder

Item #11461

…Body Solder - Designed specifically to promote adhesion of our Lead-Free Body Solder. Can also be use with lead based solders. Etches and bonds to steel surfaces while providing an ideal layer of tin. Easy brush-on, heat, and wipe application. Can be used with your oxy/acetylene or propane torch. 1…


Eastwood Electric Throatless Shear

Item #20644

…blade* Cuts 18 gauge steel, 22 gauge Stainless and 16 gauge aluminum It features a high-performance, high-torque, ball bearingmotor design with a replaceable blades and brushes for efficient operation and long life. Easily cutsup to 22 gauge stainless steel, 18 gauge steel, and 16 gauge aluminum.…


Powder Coating How to Guide Book SA296

Item #15845

Most metals, including steel, cast iron, and aluminum can be powder coated. With powder coating, these parts look brilliant and don't rust, corrode, or deteriorate. Powder coating is an attractive, tough, and resilient finish that is used to protect and preserve metals. Powder-coating specialist and…

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Related Categories: Wire Brush | Wire Wheel | Brush | Rust Brush | Rust Remover