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Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher Base Plate

Item #20357

This plate makes it easy to mount both the Eastwood Shrinker and Stretcher in a secure location to work. It enables you to switch between the Shrinker and Stretcher without having to mount or unmount while working. This plate saves time and money while forming sheet metal. The Eastwood Shrinker…


Eastwood Round Forming Dolly

Eastwood Round Forming Dolly
Related Phrases: Shape Vise Dolly

Item #14518

Bowl-Shaped Forming Dolly helps you form and shape specialized curves in metal Forming dollies are used by auto body shops to form and shape metal body parts and trim, and now you can use them to make your forming work easier too. This round Bowl-Shaped Forming Dolly is a big 6" in diameter, 2-1/2"…


Planishing Hammer

Item #30023

This planishing hammer includes everything you need to start smoothing and shaping metal. Features a 19.625 inch throat depth, 4 CFM Air Motor, Quick Adjust height / pressure, and a foot pedal. Included is the planishing hammer, floor stand, 1 inch Anvil, 2 inch Anvil, 3 inch Anvil, air motor, and a…


Patch Panel Kit 20 ga Aluminized Steel

Item #13603

…panels for use with our 13376 Patch Panel Kit, here's the same type of aluminized steel used by exhaust manufacturers for corrosion protection; also allows easy forming and welding.* One 12" x 24" Aluminized Steel Panel* Two 12" x 12" Aluminized Steel Panels* Four 1" x 24" Aluminized Steel Panels


73 to 80 Chevy GM Pickup Steel Cowl Induction Hood

Item #1068633

OEM-quality Replacement Sheet Metal takes a major hassle out of your muscle car restoration project. Save the time and effort you'd otherwise expend repairing or searching for replacements for damaged or rusted-out sheet metal. This hood (300-4073-2) for your 1973 to 1980 Chevrolet includes all the…


Eastwood Plasma Cutting Table

Item #14142

Metal-fabricating jobs are easier when your work atop Eastwood's Plasma Cutting Table. * Rock-sturdy, carbon steel* Supports up to 250 lbs.* 23 replaceable slats* 32"H x 21"W x 30" L This Slatted-top, steel cutting table is the place to support your work piece while plasma-cutting or welding—it lets…


8pc Dual-Cut Carbide Burr Set - 1/4in Shank

Item #11779

…deburr quickly and accurately with Carbide BurrsThese 8 carbide burrs are the preferred choice for precise metal removal when shaping, leveling, or porting cast iron, steel and other ferrous metals. * 2 cylindrical burrs* 2 cylindrical/radius-end burrs* 2 ball-shaped burrs* 2 cone/radius-end burrs


Eastwood Setup/Fixturing table

Item #20004

Fixturing, set-up table for precision fabrication and welding. 24-inch x 36-inch with 11-gauge steel top. Complete with leg kit; or use on tabletop. Holes are 16 mm with 2-inch spacing. Includes 4 clamps, 8 magnetic rests, 4 position stops, 4 inserts stops, 4 stop bars and 4 threaded adapters for…


Autotwirler Brackets - Uni-Plate Bare Steel

Item #13648

…Brackets connect to the mounting arms provided with the rotisserie. Uni-Plate Mounting Brackets to gain access to firewall and bumper mounts for Uni-body vehicles. 2" square X 6" collar with a 6" X 8" Flat Plate. Requires end user to drill bolt pattern to match. This comes in a bare steel finish.


Waterloo Stainless Steel Work Surface ASX 4024SSWS

Item #30975

Add a stainless steel work surface to a PCA-40524 Waterloo Professional HD Series cabinet for a handsome, practical work area. * Easy to clean* Fits inside the recessed top of a 40" wide x 24" deep Waterloo cabinet* Compatible with PCA-40524 Waterloo Professional HD Series Cabinet Cabinet


Eastwood Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake

Item #14042

…variable length bends as well as accurate 1/2 Inch offset bends up to 90 Degrees in 20 gauge sheet steel and 18 gauge aluminum in widths up to 20 Inch. Also capable of creating bends in 18 gauge steel in widths less than 12 Inches. CREATE: * Floor reinforcement * Channels and ribs * Sections of…


Versa Bend Forming Brake

Item #20411

…with the Eastwood #14042 Versa-Bend 20" Sheet Metal Brake to create multiple bend channel shapes as narrow as 3/8" (9.5mm). * Works with 20 gauge steel and 18 gauge aluminum* Use on panels up to 20" wide* Excellent for creating hard to form parts* Create window channels, floor braces, weatherstrip…


Supercoup NR1 Nibbler Shears

Item #28191

Hand Mini-Nibbler Shear cuts metal with less distortion than snipsCompound leverage helps you cut metal more easily and with more accuracy than with typical snips.* All-steel construction* Hardened steel jaws* Cut-off anvil easily snips-off metal curl


Eastwood Electric Metal Cutting Shears

Item #13475

…rotating jaws slices easily through steel up to 18-gauge thick.* Jaws rotate 360 degrees to cut straight or irregular shapes* Variable 0-2500-rpm speed* Replaceable blades give this tool longer life If you've ever tried to saw through heavy-gauge steel, you know how difficult it can be to produce…


Stainless Steel Brush 10in

Item #12418

Use this 10" Stainless Steel brush to prep materials for welding and clean the weld bead after welding. Remember to purchase a separate one for aluminum and steel.


12 in Steel Ruler

Item #20258

Durable steel ruler and straightedge for marking and measuring This 12 inch steel ruler is part of the 8 piece sheet metal layout kit, and also available on its own with a vinyl case. Now mark straight edges and measure more accurately on sheet metal fabrication projects with this professional…


Hotcoat Powder Stamped Steel

Item #10099 Stamped Steel

Do The Job Right with Eastwood Powders! * Provides extremely durable finish * Contains no environmentally harmful solvents * 100% Virgin powder * Impact resistant and flexibility * Good chemical resistance Eastwood Powders are far superior to liquid coatings. They provide an extremely durable finish…


Hotcoat Powder Blasted Steel

Item #11872 Hotcoat Powder Blasted Steel

Do The Job Right with Eastwood Powders! * Provides extremely durable finish * Contains no environmentally harmful solvents * 100% Virgin powder * Impact resistant and flexibility * Good chemical resistance Eastwood Powders are far superior to liquid coatings. They provide an extremely durable finish…


Working with Steel

Item #20113

Professor Hammer shows every detail of hammer dolly work . Also details on heat shrinking, hole filling, metal shaping, wired edge repair, rust repair and fitting patch panels


1/4 Steel Brakeline Tubing 25ft

Item #30992

This is a 25 foot roll of double wall 1/4 steel tubing. This tubing is made from Q215 grade steel and is coated with zinc to with stand years of exposure to the elements. The outside diameter of the tubing is 0.25 and the wall thickness is 0.028

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