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    Spray Bottle

    Spray Bottle
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True Power Rechargeable Sprayer

Item #16078

Reusable refillable aluminum spray bottle, 90 psi max pressure. Includes 3 spray tips and 4 tube extensions, 2 replacement air valve cores and O-ring replacement seals. NOT for use as a pressurized air duster or with paints/primers.


Eastwood After Weld Panel Prep

Item #13176ZP

…bare metal prior to welding to remove contaminants and also used after welding and any grinding to assure a clean panel and to properly "etch" the metal with phosphoric acid for excellent primer and paint adhesion. Package in a 1 quart spray bottle. Do not use on chrome plating or polished aluminum.


Rust Remover - Eastwood Fast Etch

Item #19416 Fast Etch

…Prevents Rust It reaches even inaccessible areas, quickly dissolving iron oxide completely and leaving a zinc phosphate coating. Fast Etch can be sprayed, brushed, or used as a parts dip. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and reusable. This is not a primer. Treated surfaces should be wiped with PRE…


Spra-Tool Aerosol Spray Gun

Item #29948Z

…applying our high temp coatings! Easy clean-up too. Sprays most paints and liquids up to the viscosity of light oil. Just fill the bottle, screw it into place, and you're ready to go! Includes 8 oz. bottle, spray head with 3 interchangeable spray tip inserts, 184 g of propellant, and complete…


250cc Clear PET W/M Packer 45/400

250cc Clear PET W/M Packer 45/400
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Item #15636

250cc plastic bottle for use with the 15186 undercoating gun


Economy Undercoating Gun and 625cc Bottle

Item #15676

The economy undercoating gun was designed to fit most standard quart cans and can apply any undercoating, anti rust or bedliner coating, no matter what the viscosity. Made from aluminum for long lasting durability and easy cleanup.


Undercoating Gun with 2 hoses and bottle

Item #20441

…Straight or 90 degree spray tips * One year manufacturer's warranty Flexible wands are perfect to rust proof the inside rocker panels, inner fenders & other closed box sections. Undercoating is easily sprayed from the attached gun nozzle (extension wands not recommended for spraying undercoating)…


Norton Clean Up Detailer Spray 32 oz

Item #29981Z

…perfection, but compound residues spoil the show car sheen? No problem, just spray the surface with the Norton Clean Up Detailer Spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Protects the paint too. 32 Fluid ounce trigger bottle. MADE IN USA. Learn more about professional detailing with the popular…


Contour Polyester Filler Hardener 3.5 ounces

Item #13523AZ

For use with Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer one 3.5 oz bottle with Quart 13522zp and two 3.5 oz bottles with Gallon 13523ZP


Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder

Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder
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Item #21180 MP250i Multiprocess Welder

…inch steel plate* Hold either 8 or 12 inch wire spools* Square Wave Inverter* 10 feet long power cord so you can weld anywhere* Fits up to 330cuft bottle (9” diameter)* All 3 torches included are 15 feet long Powerful IGBT inverter based power supply is capable of over 250 amp output on 240VAC with…

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