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MIG Spot Weld Kit Eastwood

Item #spot weld

Now you can "spot weld" with your MIG welder...just add this Spot Welding Kit to your tool box!Use your MIG welder together with our Spot Welding Kit to produce professional spot welds without the need for a large resistance welder.* Duplicate full-penetration OE spot welds from one side with your…


TIG Spot Weld Nozzle

Item #14150A

Spot Welding in the past had primarily been done by large resistance welders but can now be achieved with your TIG welder and the Eastwood Spot Welding Kit. Spot welding is accomplished by clamping two panels together and fusing them with a number of welds sequentially-placed rather than a…


Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets

Item #20421

…patch panels* Hold flush patches in perfect alignment* Position panels with no gaps* Perfect for blind repairs If you have ever tried to weld a patch panel into a spot where you can’t access the back side, these rare earth magnets are a life saver. These nickel plated super strong magnets come 8 to…


Spot Weld Nozzle

Item #13900

This Spot Weld Nozzle is designed to fit your Eastwood MIG welder and any other welder with a Tweco style torch. It keeps the correct electrode distance off the work piece for making spot welds. This nozzle is included in the Spot Weld Kit 13901.


MIG250 Spot Weld Nozzles 2pc

Item #20427

This Spot Weld Nozzle is designed to fit your Eastwood MIG250 (20279) welder and A2/24 Binzel style torch. It keeps the correct electrode distance off the work piece for making spot welds.


Panel Separating Knife

Item #31138

Panel Separating Knife Even after you've drilled out spot welds, separating panels can be tough. With Eastwood's new "Smacker-Whacker" simply insert the heavy-duty Sheffield steel blade between the panels and lightly hammer the blade back to gently wedge the panels apart (or smack it there, and give…


Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Item #31041

Stud Welder Dent-Pulling System makes a hole-free dent repair, so it won’t weaken the panel, and needs less filler.* Stud welder spot-welds pins onto the dented metal surface* Pull the pins to pull-out the dent* Snip the pins, then grind the rest down 3-step repair works without drilling holes, so…


Plugweld Pliers

Item #19134

…small holes in metalPlugweld Pliers clamps and supports the weld area, compressing the panels for tight plug welding.* Copper pad eliminates problem of burn-thru* Weld won't stick to copper pad* "U"-shaped jaw put pressure all around the spot to be welded* Locks in place like a locking pliers


Welders Helper 3X3 Set Flat/Curve/AngleCop Plates

Item #51139

Copper "Welder's Helpers" plug holes as they support your welding in tight spotsUse these three 100%-copper "spoons" to back-up small holes, rips or voids between flat, round and angled panels while you weld.* 90-Degree Angle Plate* Curved Plate* Offset Flat Plate


Flanger And Hole Punch Combination Tool

Item #31018

…produces a neat flanged edge in sheet metal, just the right depth for welding two pieces together. Turn the head 180 degrees and the tool becomes a hole punch, producing 3/16"-diameter holes perfect for easy riveting or plug welding. * Flanger* Hole Punch* For metal up to 18-gauge* 8"-long handle…


Eastwood TIG 200 Digital AC/DC Welder

Item #20589

…without leg fatigue * Square Wave IGBT Inverter – Power source enables welding of materials from Aluminum to Steel This machine features AC and DC TIG welding, Pulse, 2T/4T, AC Frequency Control, Spot Timer, and ARC (Stick) welding. The welder comes with a Flex Head 17 torch, Gas Flow Meter, Rocker…


Spot Weld Pliers

Item #13899

These pliers allow for easy clamping of sheet metal to create spot welds using your MIG welder. These pliers are included in the 13901 Spot Weld Kit.


Eastwood Air Flange Punch Tool

Item #30121

It's a Flanger, and a 3/16 Punch, all in one handy pneumatic tool...and it's Eastwood priced for the DIYer! This 2 in 1 pneumatic tool easily punches holes and flanges edges in sheet metal for creating and installing patch panels, replacement panels, or custom sheet metal work. The double action…


Eastwood 5/16in Pneumatic Spotweld Drill

Item #31264

The Eastwood 5/16” [8mm] Spot Weld Drill makes drilling out spot welds for panel removal a less tedious and much safer job! * Makes spot-weld drilling safer, faster and much easier* Automatic bit advance feature with sturdy backing hook* Precise cutting depth adjustment allows drilling through outer…


TIG Spot Weld Kit

Item #14150

Now you can "spot weld" with your TIG welder...just add our exclusive TIG Spot Weld Nozzle to your tool box! Use your TIG welder together with this TIG Spot Weld Nozzle to produce professional spot welds without a large resistance welder. * Duplicate full-penetration OE spot welds from one side with…


Extra Large View Welding Helmet

Item #20189

…area* Grind feature Grind mode allows you to quickly reshape tungstens, grind spot welds and more, without having to the remove the helmet. Extra large 3.9 inch x 3.6 inch view area assures accurate mig or tig welding without neck strain and adjustable head gear eliminate fatigue. Replaceable Li…


Eastwood Skip Proof Spotweld Cutter

Item #11276

Skip-Proof Spot Weld Cutter effortlessly drills-out spot welds1-piece cutter makes clean cuts through spot welds, without damaging the bottom panel, with little or no grinding required to finish the job. Pilot bit included to prevent skipping.* One 3/8"-dia. cutter (0.090" wall)* One 3/16"…


Eastwood 4.5 Inch Angle Grinder

Item #20286

…for the motor, so you’ll get years of use out of it. The second handle can be adjusted into 3 different positions for left or right handed use, or to get into tight spots. Features an easy to use a paddle switch, with a safety. Of course we include a wrench for the standard 5/8 inch spindle nut.


Extreme Tools 55IN Pro Roller Cab Blk EX5511RCBK

Extreme Tools 55IN Pro Roller Cab Blk EX5511RCBK
Related Phrases: Frame

Item #30849

…to prevent twisting or sagging* Polished, anodized aluminum, full-width drawer pulls resist oxidation* 11 gauge steel frame for in.Extreme in. strength* Double channel, spot welded support brackets under each drawer prevents sagging or warping* Locking security drawer and tubular coded lock and keys


Deluxe Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Item #31123

Heavy-Duty Quality Dent-Pulling System. This unit utilizes a wider range of draw pins for greater versatility. Includes heavy-duty Magna Spot 1500 stud welding gun, heavy-duty twist-to-lock slide hammer, 3 electrodes, 500 2mm draw pins, 150 trim rivets, and a convenient molded carrying case. 5-year…

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