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Sanding Blocks Flexible set/3

Item #34055

Highly flexible, these sanding blocks are ideal for curved or irregular surfaces. The dense side sands primer or feathers small imperfections, while a soft side handles nib and color sanding.


16 in Soft Sanders 6 Pc Kit 0704

Item #15839

…details.* Soft Rounded Edges Eliminate Gouging* Lightweight Design for comfort No Matter How They Are Held* Extremely Durable and Resistant to Most Solvents* Tapered Edges for Sanding Hard To Access Areas* Blocks Maintain Curvature Until Sandpaper is Removed These closed cell foam blocks are molded…


Soft Sanders 6-Pack

Item #19311

…each block has been designed for a purpose* Soft, rounded edges virtually eliminate gouging. Blocks glide over varying surface levels like a car wash mitt without flipping over* Zero-fatigue blocks are super lightweight and designed to be comfortable no matter how you hold them* Blocks are soft &…


Super - Flex Cloth Sandpaper Abrasive Roll 2.75 In x 354 In

Item #15966 Super Flex Sandpaper

Super-Flex® Cloth Sandpaper is an adhesive backed premium quality sandpaper. * Super flexible J-weight sandpaper* Extremely pliable* Will not tear or crack while being applied* Flexible and will not load up* last 5 times longer than ordinary sandpaper


Super - Flex Sandpaper Wet/Dry Abrasive Roll 2.75In x 354In

Item #Super-Flex Sandpaper 15971

…quality sandpaper * Sandpaper adheres while submerged in water* Soft & Flexible Doesn't load up* Outlasts other sandpaper by 4 times This sandpaper is specifically designed for flexible sanding blocks such as; Soft Sanders Dura Block Adjustable Flexible Sanders and many more. Available in 2.75 In…


Soft Sanders 11 in 6 pack

Item #12555

…style lines in bodywork with a folded up piece of sand paper you know how easy it is to loose the sharpness of the details. These closed cell foam blocks are molded in 6 different hardnesses, in a wide range of profiles, to fit most detail sanding needs. 11 inches in length and works with 2.75" wide…


Chemical Guys JET Seal Sealant and Paint Protectant 16 oz WAC_118_16

Item #16225

…polished metals, carbon fiber, and more* Easy to use by hand or machine application* Spread with any premium foam or microfiber applicator pad, or soft finishing pad and dual action polisher* Lasts up to 12 months with just one application* Easy to use formula: spread on, then buff off Chemical Guys…

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