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    Shrinker Stretcher
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Eastwood Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set-Two Bodies Two Jaws

Item #51088

…includes 2 jaws, 2 housings and 2 handles* Works on up to 18-gauge mild steel, 20-gauge stainless, and 16-gauge aluminum The Eastwood metal Shrinker Stretcher lets you easily fabricate gentle radius bends and contours in steel, aluminum, stainless or copper. Compound 45:1 leverage allows effortless…


Eastwood Extra Large Capacity Shrinker Stretcher and Foot Operated Stand

Item #51433 Shrinker Stretcher and Stand

…up to 16-gauge mild steel* Hardened-steel jaws* Foot-operated stand for hands-free work Shrinking jaws contract metal to create inside curves; stretcher jaws expand metal to create outside curves. Use both to create distinctive shapes and designs, or recreate original shapes on your project vehicle.


Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher 2-3/4 Inch Throat

Item #20629

…inch long handle for extra power and leverage This shrinker stretcher can reproduce wheel wells dog legs trunk corners and almost any metal fabrication requiring a combination curve and angle. Use the shrinker to contract metal for inside curves use the stretcher to expand metal for outside curves.


Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher Base Plate

Item #20357

…mount both the Eastwood Shrinker and Stretcher in a secure location to work. It enables you to switch between the Shrinker and Stretcher without having to mount or unmount while working. This plate saves time and money while forming sheet metal. The Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher Base Plate comes with…


Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher Jaw Set for 51088 50143

Item #51437

Steel-hardened jaws Shrinker-Stretcher Jaw Set for Eastwood's Shrinker Stretcher 51088 & 50143. Imported.


Eastwood Heavy Duty Jaw Set for # 51430

Item #51432

Steel-hardened jaws Shrinker-Stretcher Jaw Set for deep 8" throat heavy duty metal Shrinker Stretcher EW#51430. Imported. (Jaws will only work with 51430). Individual Jaws not available. Imported


Full Bore Sheet Metal Book

Item #13923

Full Bore Sheet Metal: Metal-shaping tips and techniques from the pros* 152 pages* Paperback Written by shop guys—Mark Prosser and Bryan Fuller—for shop guys. Full Bore Sheet Metal is a very readable "information" book that focuses on the custom sheet metal shaping/fabrication industry. Packed with…

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