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Eastwood Flexible Strip Caulk Bk 2-lbs

Item #13524

…from irregular areas* 2 pounds of 3/16" x 12"-long strips* Stays flexible* Good up to 150 degrees F* Paintable* Black Non-hardening, paintable caulk strips match the original equipment look, so they're perfect for firewalls, taillight housings, trim, HVAC systems and anywhere gaps need to be sealed.


Eastwood Brush on Seam Sealer Quart

Item #51657ZP

…* Flexible - Will not shrink, harden or crack * Seals cracks, crevices and body seams * Paintable in 30 minutes * Waterproofs and insulates Eastwood's Brush-On Seam Sealer leaves a factory-like finish and will not crack, harden or sag. Seals cracks, crevices and body seams as well as waterproofs…


Eastwood Rubber and Vinyl Restore 6 oz

Item #13655AZ

Eastwood's Rubber & Vinyl Restore is a unique formula that actually rejuvenates and restores dried out rubber and vinyl. It's deep penetrating formula restores elasticity and conditions rubber & vinyl, keeping it pliable for a long time. * Rejuvenates Dried-Out Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl * Penetrates…


Eastwood 10 Piece Bearing and Seal Driver Set

Item #14533

…Set installs bearings and seals without damage* 9 collars fit most bearing sizes* Machined aluminum drivers* Organized storage case This set is a "no-brainer" for anyone installing bearings and seals in wheel hubs, engines and suspension components. Bearing and seal set has 9 drivers and a driver…



Item #1015225

Bearing Race and Seal Driver Set makes it easier to insert wheel bearing race and seals without damage. Bearing Race and Seal Driver Master Set helps you insert wheel bearing race and seals without damaging the race and axle housing. This master set includes nine drivers to fit most common wheel…


Pressure Blaster Deadman Valve Seal Blocks 3pk

Item #22007A

3-pack of seal blocks that fit the deadman valves 22011 and 50096. These are replacement blocks for the 22007 deadman valve.


Eastwood Seam Sealer Cartridge

Item #51655Z Cartridge Seam Sealer

Paintable Seam Sealer leaves a factory-like finish that won't harden or sag* Stays flexible; won't crack* Waterproofs and insulates* For firewalls, floor pans, trunk seams, fender extensions, taillight openings* Applies easily with your standard caulking gun After stripping a car or repairing a…


5 inch Wet Jitterbug Sander

Item #31294

…quality tool designed for many years of reliable service.* High efficiency sealed ball bearing* Low vibration operation* Precision die-cast housing* Variable speed control hand paddle Features a high efficiency sealed ball bearing drive assembly for smooth low vibration operation and long life.…


Eastwood Flexible Sealer & Sound Deadener Aerosol

Item #12742Z

…properties and UV resistance make it ideal for both inside and outdoor protection and sealing. Its high-solids content makes it a great sound deadener and it will easily fill small cracks and holes. Will seal out moisture, prevent corrosion and can even be used as a concrete & asphalt sealer.…


Deadman Valve Sealing Pad for Pressure Blaster

Item #12123

This seal fits our current blaster models # 11737, 51117, 51118, 51119, 12256, 50095. This seal also fits deadman valve # 11780


Pressure Blaster Pull Up Gasket

Item #22005

This durable rubber gasket provides an air-tight seal for the pull-up plunger on our Model 100 (22008) and 110 (22011) pressure blasters.



Related Phrases: Seal Remover Puller

Item #1014096

Seal Puller easily removes oil and grease seals in virtually all applications. Simply insert the tip of the tool behind the oil or grease seal, press and pull to let the leverage work for you. Two different-size tips reach in and fit nearly all seal applications.



Related Phrases: Puller Seal Remover

Item #1013844

Adjustable Seal Puller has a head that adjusts to 5 different positions. Versatile and adjustable seal puller has 2 hook sizes to easily remove most oil and grease seals. Where clearance is a problem, remove the pin to easily reposition the head. Adjustable head works on front-wheel-drive…


Rockwood Valve Seal Removal and Installation Kit

Rockwood Valve Seal Removal and Installation Kit
Related Phrases: Socket Set

Item #31487

The Rockwood Valve Seal Removal and Installation Kit eases the removal of difficult toreach valve seals and aids in the installation of new seals without damaging them.* Valve pliers reach down around the valve stem into confined areas of the seal to grip it for removal or installation* Knurled ends…


Chemical Guys JET Seal Sealant and Paint Protectant 16 oz WAC_118_16

Chemical Guys JET Seal Sealant and Paint Protectant  16 oz WAC_118_16
Related Phrases: Clay Bar Wax

Item #16225

JetSeal is a durable paint sealant that protects against the harshest elements.* Durable protection against the harshest elements* Synthetic wax formula lasts longer for better protection and shine* Helps repel harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug and bird residues, and road grime*…


DeVilbiss Fluid Inlet Kit 703631

Item #15579

Tekna Pro lite Fluid Inlet Kit, replace worn or dried fluid inlet seals on all Tekna Prolite guns.


Insulation Tape 2in X 30 ft

Item #52144

This pressure-sensitive industrial aluminum foil tape is easily trimmed with household scissors. Insul-Tape readily conforms to irregular surfaces, sealing seams, edges, and joints, while providing a superior vapor barrier. 2"x30' roll.


POR 15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Item #13431ZP

…cleans, prepares and seals your vehicle's gas tankChances are good that the old gas tank you're restoring has gum, varnish or sludge inside that must be removed first. This POR-15® Fuel Tank Repair Kit has everything you need to properly clean it out, prepare it, and seal it. * Marine Clean™…


POR 15 Cycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Item #13432ZP

…outboards, generators, etc. * Marine Clean™ removes gum, sludge, varnish * Prep & Ready™ removes rust and prepares tank for sealer * US Standard Tank Sealer™ permanently seals the tank * Cloth Patch seals large holes or reinforces weak areas* Brush applies patching system to exterior of tank


Gas Tank Sealer Kits - Eastwood Gas Tank Sealer

Item #Gas tank sealer kits 10165Z

Seal that older gas tank to keep rust out of your vehicle's fuel system, and to seal minor leaks. Wondering how to seal a gas tank? Our Gas Tank Sealer Kit rids the gas tank of damaging rust, and then seals it, so your fuel stays cleaner. Plus, the gas tank sealant seals minor leaks, so there's no…

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