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    Satin Frame Paint

    Satin Frame Paint
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Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Satin Finish

Item #11175 Extreme Chassis Black

…14-oz. aerosol (about 8 sq. ft. of coverage) or quart can (up to 40 sq. ft. of coverage)* Choose satin (60-70% gloss) or high-gloss (85% gloss) finish You've spent many hours prepping your frame and suspension parts; now top-coat it with a tough, OEM-matching formula that provides extreme…


Eastwood Original Chassis Black Satin Finish

Item #10025 The Original Chassis Black Satin Finish

…parts and frame. Tough, long-lasting auto chassis paint resists chips, corrosion and temperatures up to 300°F, so it's perfect for the value-conscious enthusiast who wants a factory-fresh look from one of the best chassis paints, while staying within a budget. Note: This paint can not be…


Eastwood 2K Ceramic Chassis Black Satin and Activator

Item #50545ZP 2K Satin Chassis Black

2K Satin Ceramic Chassis Black — our most durable, chemical-resistant, and easiest-to-spray Chassis Black yet!* Highly chip-resistant* Incredibly UV-resistant* Chemical-resistant* Dries fast Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Chassis Black is a super-durable satin coating that's not only beautiful, but also…


Eastwood Urethane Activator 8 oz

Item #21854Z

Urethane Paint Activator works with Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Chassis BlackUse this Urethane Paint Activator with 50429ZP 2K Ceramic Chassis Black Gloss (Qt.) or 50430ZP 2K Ceramic Chassis Black Satin (Qt.) . Works to harden and cure the following coatings:* 3:1 Single-Stage Urethane Paints* 4:1 Ceramic…


Eastwood Rat Rod Matte Clear Quart Kit

Item #12458 ZP Rat Rod Matte Clear

…Rat Rod Satin Clear Automotive Paint * 8-fl.-oz. Activator required* Catalyzed urethane for unsurpassed durability* Highly resistant to UV rays, chemicals, chips Some project rods just won't look finished until you've put on that distinctive, matte car paint finish. Our Rat Rod paint is the only…


POR-15 Top Coat Chassis Black

Item #13715ZP Chassis Coat

POR-15 Top Coats have attributes similar to POR-15 Rust Prevention Coating, but with no sensitivity to UV light. All are flexible, non-porous, extremely scratch resistant and chip resistant and will strengthen when exposed to moisture. Use over POR-15 Rust prevention and other finishes. They will…


POR-15 Semi Gloss Black

Item #13587 POR-15 Semi Gloss Black

…to be painted over rust. POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating is an effective anti-corrosive and rust preventive coating that offers superior chemical resistance due to its dense, cross-linked molecular composition and non-porous attributes. Use it to coat all rusty metal surfaces: * Rusty frames * Floor…


Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Primer

Item #11193 Extreme Chassis Black Primer

For a more durable Extreme Chassis Black® finish on bare metal, start with this Extreme Chassis Black® Primer. * Maximizes adhesion* Improves chip resistance* 14-oz. aerosol covers 8 sq. ft.; 1-qt. can covers 30 sq. ft. Epoxy-fortified primer is the perfect foundation formulated specifically for…


Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray™ Ceramic Chassis Black

Item #14145Z 2K AeroSpray Chassis Paint

Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Chassis Black Aerosol allows you to paint with the durability and precision of a two-component coating without the paint gun! Formulated with Eastwood's proprietary nano ceramic technology to provide a long-lasting and durable finish, while keeping its beautiful finish for…


Eastwood Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust in Black

Item #16032 Black Anti Rust

…rust* Ideal for rocker panels, frame, rails, tailgates* Self-heals if scratched* 1-qt. can covers 20 sq. ft. Works with your undercoat spray gun to apply a black, waxy film that sticks to bare metal or painted surfaces, and won't crack, flake or peel. Use inside frames, doors, rocker panels or on…


Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Finish

Item #11172 Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Finish

paint* Apply multiple coats without lifting You spend hours prepping your frame and suspension parts; now top-coat them with a tough, OEM-matching, glossy black chassis paint that provides extreme durability! 3X more resins make it 3X more durable than our original Chassis Black. Note: This paint

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