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Dry Use Adhesive Back Sandpaper 2.75" x 82.75' Roll Set

Item #31373 Dry Use Adhesive Back

Indasa Plain Back 2-3/4" Wide Abrasive Paper on 82-1/2" Rolls - Just tear and attach to any length sanding board. Strong backing suitable for hand or air powered sanders in popular grits.


Eastwood 6 Inch Film Backed Sandpaper Hook and Loop Disc 5 Packs

Item #15738 6 in. hook Loop Disc

Eastwood's 6in Round Hook and Loop Film Backed Sand Paper lasts twice as long as paper backed abrasives and is super durable and tear resistant. Film is constructed of a plastic substrate which is flat so the grains are even across the surface; this creates a more uniform sanding surface. Another…

1/3 Radius Blk 1-1/2in H x2-5/8 W x5-1/2 L

Item #50354

Extremely handy for small curved area, this block is designed to follow slightly curved or complex bodylines. Size:1-1/2"H x 2-5/8"W x 5-1/2"L (Radius Bottom).The lower profile with radius makes for better accuracy for blocking. Perfect for wet & dry sanding, final finishing before painting.…


Full Size Block Radius 1-3/8Hx2-5/8in W x 16 L

Item #50356

A favorite among professionals when blocking large surfaces and complex body lines for wet or dry sanding. The low profile allows user to accurately block larger surfaces (Radius Block). Size: 1-3/8" H x 2-5/8" W x 16" L. Imported.


Eastwood 6 in H&L Backing Pad

Eastwood 6 in H&L Backing Pad
Related Phrases: Pad Sander Hook And Loop

Item #16141

This is a 6 inch Round Hook and Loop backing pad that is 1/2 inch thick. It has a 5/16 24 male thread and is constructed from closed cell foam . It has a max operating speed of 10 000 RPM.


2" Hook & Loop Sanding Disc 25 Pack

Item #31644 Sanding Disc

Astro Pneumatic 2" Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Pack of 25 Disc.

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