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Eastwood Bead Roller Kit- with Mandrels

Item #28187

…metal Bead Roller Kit makes it easy to add strength and rigidity to your project's sheet metal parts. * Handles up to a 34"-wide work piece* 6 mandrels included* Mounts securely in your bench vise* Forms steel up to 18 gauge and aluminum up to 16 gauge The Eastwood Bead Roller is perfect for…


Eastwood 24 in Slip Roll

Item #20254

…* Cylinders In addition, the Upper and Rear Rollers feature grooves in 3 popular sizes for forming curves in Wire and Tubing. The gear-driven, design delivers maximum forming power with minimal handle force. SPECIFICATIONS: * Roller Length 24” * Roller Diameter 1.5"" * Minimum Forming Radius (22…


Eastwood Fender Roller and Fender Finisher

Item #11989

…the Roller to easily and quickly “roll” the entire inner lip on a wheel opening to increase fender/tire clearance. Then use the Fender Finisher™ for the final touch, creating a crisp, smooth edge, with the lip pressed fully up against the body for the ideal fender clearance Eastwood Fender Roller*


Eastwood 12 Inch 3 in 1 Brake Shear and Slip Roll

Item #21302

Sheetmetal Brake, Shear and Slip Roll all in one. * Compact design meant to save space and time when working with sheetmetal* 5 removable fingers enable you to create boxes and pans up to 12" wide* Adjustable stops for both the shear and brake that enable repeatable actions without measuring each…


Monkey On The Stick Friction Jack Body Alignment Tool

Item #31148

This four-piece jack set has been a must have for every body shop since 1929.* Pushes, pulls, aligns, spreads, straightens* No set up necessary – ready to use* A must for long reaches* 55" long solid alloy 3/4" rod eliminates need for extension tubes* Friction jack features 5 hardened friction…


Eastwood Horizontal Vertical Bandsaw

Item #20650

…Saws horizontal or vertical* 3 speeds of either 80 120 or 200 FPM* Make angled cuts from 0 to 55 degrees* Heavy duty stand with tool tray* Rear roller wheels Powerful 1 HP Motor that enables cuts through material up to 4 x 6 inch thick rectangle or 4 and a half inches round. Choose between an auto…


Eastwood Fender Roller Tool

Item #31158

…clearance* Adjustable fender-rolling roller gradually rolls the inner lip flat* Perfect for lowered vehicles and vehicles with larger wheels* Adjustable-height arm lets you work on a wide range of automotive and light truck applications Professional-grade fender roller tool helps you easily increase…


Eastwood's Pro Former Tubing Bender

Item #12485

Our ProFormer Tubing bender lets you bend steel and chrome-molybdenum (chromoly) tubing in diameters from 0.75” to 1.75”. Ridged steel frame construction, 8 ton forming jack offer a sturdy, reliable base that will not move across the bench when in use. Our steel forming dies and cast followers offer…


Eastwood Motorized Bead Roller and Stand

Item #20622 Motorized Bead Roller

…This Eastwood bead roller has a 1/6hp 120v electric motor which makes it much easier to work large or long pieces without the help of friends. With a typical manual roller you need to crank the handle and manipulate the work piece at the same time, but not with our power roller. The reversible,…


Eastwood Fender Forming Pliers

Item #16022

The Eastwood Fender Finisher is a precision engineered tool designed for years of reliable service.* Flatten front fender lip inner flanges for tire clearance without fender damage* Straighten bent metal edges* Crimp door skin edges when installing new door skins* Includes replacement pressure pad…


Eastwood Bead Roller Metal Fabrication Forming Dies

Item #20267

…in steel and aluminum. Fits the Eastwood Bead Roller (28187) and most bead rollers with 7/8 in or 22mm shafts. These are not compatible with the Eastwood 20622 Motorized Bead Roller. Custom pick-up truck bed created by Eastwood customer "Joey M" using the 20267 Eastwood Bead Roller Forming Dies.


X-MAT® Application Roller Tool

Item #15829

The X Mat Application roller is a must for any sound and/or heat abatement with an adhesive backing. Can be used to contour and flatten the mat as well as get into hard to reach areas and apply an even load distributing the adhesive and the mat. The roller is constructed of a durable urethane held…


Eastwood Bead Roller Fence

Item #20552

…up to 12” deep, in your panel. * Easy-on, easy-off 2 bolt attachment - allows quick adjustment during forming* Works with Eastwoods #28187 bead roller – and competitors with ½” plate frame designs* Heavy ¼” thick welded steel construction- adds strength and superior rigidity over competitors…


Louver Dies for Bead Roller

Item #28160

With a little practice, these hardened steel louver dies, and the Eastwood Bead Roller (28187) you'll be able to produce professional looking louvers.* Produces 3/4" wide by 3/16" high louvers* Works on up to 18 gauge steel and 14 gauge aluminum* Multiple passes allow the hardened steel louver dies…


Tube Straightener

Item #14501

Straighten coils of tube quickly and easily with the BQ1028 Tube Straightener. This tube will make your next custom tube job look like it was a factory replacement. It is critical that any tube bending operation begin with a straight tube. This will free you up to match the exact bends of your…


MIG250 Drive Roller 0.9/1.2

Item #20325

Replacement drive roller for the Mig 250. This would be utilized if the original drive roller is damaged or lost. 0.035 and 0.045 wire


MIG135 Knurled Drive Roller (Set Screw Style)

Item #13790

This drive roller fits the Eastwood MIG135 Welder and is a knurled replacement for the original drive roller. This roller has one V groove side for 0.023" (0.6mm) solid wire and one knurled side for 0.030" (0.8mm) to 0.035" (0.9mm) flux cored wire.


Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher

Item #20447

…fabricator in mind to create precision “fishmouth” notches within a wide range of angles from 90° to 150° in tubing up to 3" diameter using a hand drill with a 1/2" or larger chuck. Equipped with roller bearings and a 25 mm steel shaft, this notcher should provide years of reliable service.


Dynamat Applicator Roller

Item #52050

This 1-1/8" hardwood roller is used to help conform Thermo-Coustic or Dynamat to irregular surfaces, and helps assure complete adhesion.


Extreme Tools 56IN Stainless Steel Top EX5600ST

Item #30851

56" Optional Stainless Steel Top for 56 in. 11 Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet (EX5611RC)* Material; 20 Gauge, 34 grade stainless steel* Heavy duty work surface* Welded polished side corners* Easy to clean surface* Fits on EX5611 roller cabinet* 3" H x 55.75" x 19.75" D, 95 lbs/ul

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