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    Rivet Gun
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Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit

Item #20127

…( round head) rivets in both 1/8 and 3/16 inch diameter. These are the same rivets used on aircraft and high performance race vehicles. Complete instructions included with kit. Kit includes professional pneumatic rivet gun, 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch rivet sets for round head rivets, universal bucking…


Pneumatic Rivet tool

Item #20144

4500 blows per minute rivet gun with 1/4 inch air inlet and 2.8cfm requirement at 90psi. Variable speed trigger accepts standard .401 shank tools


Eastwood No Weld Panel Repair Kit

Item #31102

…surface requires little or no filler* Use your own caulking gun This kit has the tools and materials to install patch panels securely without welding. Panels are flanged, then bonded with structural adhesive, and finally flush riveted. The result is a flat repaired surface requiring minimal filler.…


Shoot Suit Welded Stud Puller

Item #31014

…Puller pulls-out minor dings and dents with exacting controlAfter welding a stud onto that ding or minor dent with our stud weld gun, use the Shoot Suit® Stud Puller to pull the stud (and dent) to just the right level.* Use with 2.0 to 2.6mm draw pins (studs) * Works with any of our stud welder guns


Replacement No Weld Panel Adhesive

Item #31087

Replacement Adhesive for our No-Weld Panel Repair Kit.* 50ml cartridge* Includes 2 mixing nozzles* Each cartridge produces a 6'-long, 1/4"-wide bead Slow-cure epoxy adhesive works with our 31102 No-Weld Panel Repair Kit to securely install metal repair panels without welding.


Super Pro Plus Stud Welder

Item #31243

…Wire, rivet welding, shrinking* 2 sizes of draw pins, for light- and heavy-gauge work* Includes twist-on/off slide hammer and "T" hand puller You'll use this professional system to repair most dents, "pull" creases, weld trim rivets, and shrink metal, and the robust 2,000-amp stud welder gun helps…


Deluxe Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Item #31123

…System. This unit utilizes a wider range of draw pins for greater versatility. Includes heavy-duty Magna Spot 1500 stud welding gun, heavy-duty twist-to-lock slide hammer, 3 electrodes, 500 2mm draw pins, 150 trim rivets, and a convenient molded carrying case. 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


Stud Welder Trim Rivet Tip

Item #31041B

…Trim Tip for the Stud Welder allows you to quickly weld trim retaining clips to your vehicle. Easy to use, just slide in the Trim Tip, insert a Trim Rivet, gently push the Stud Welder against the surface until the outer ring makes contact, then trigger the gun for.5 to 1 second for a perfect weld.

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