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Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer Matte Black Aerosol

Item #15089Z

restore and resurface your plastics, returning the materials to their original luster. Not just another wipe-on coating--this is a permanent repair!* Passed 2500 hours of ASTM D4587 QUV testing* 7+ years of UV resistance* Not just a temporary fix, apply once and you're done* Permanently restores


Griot's Garage Headlight Restoration Kit 11409

Item #30626Z

There are many headlight restoration kits on the market. Some require power tools that make a mess and can damage your vehicle. Almost all of them help with hazy headlight lenses, but the repair doesn't last, because they lack a UV protectant, which we include. In a month or two the problem returns…


Eastwood Rubber and Vinyl Restore 6 oz

Item #13655AZ

…and restores dried out rubber and vinyl. It's deep penetrating formula restores elasticity and conditions rubber & vinyl, keeping it pliable for a long time. * Rejuvenates Dried-Out Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl * Penetrates Deeply * Conditions Material and Restores Elasticity Restoring it saves…


Eastwood Golden CAD Complete Kit

Item #16160Z

…money on performance components and paint, this is an easy way to cover the smallest details and make your project complete. Easily customize and restore parts and hardware on your automotive projects without the big cost. The complete kit includes one 12oz can of golden tin, one 3.5oz can of red…


67to72 Chevy GMC Fleetside Pick up Steel Bed Floor

Item #1069284

OEM-quality Replacement Sheet Metal takes a major hassle out of your muscle car restoration project. Save the time and effort you'd otherwise expend repairing or searching for replacements for damaged or rusted-out sheet metal. This floor pan (791-4067-3) for your 1967 to 1972 Chevrolet or GMC…


Fairmount 3 Piece Metal Shrinking Kit

Item #14737

Fairmount Body Hammers and Dollies are designed for precision metal shaping asperformed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years. * Designed with optimum balance and comfort * Manufactered with high quality raw materials * Heat treated, hand ground and polished surfaces Each Fairmount Hammeris…


Steering Wheel Restoration Book

Item #52017

The Steering Wheel Restoration Book, with dozens of picures, guides you through all phases of steering wheel restoration - with a few tricks thrown in besides!


Composite Headlamp Restoration Downloadable Video

Item #15671

Get an education in Composite Headlamp Restoration with this downloadable video by Kevin Tetz. Television host, Kevin Tetz, guides you through the process of restoring faded and hazed composite headlights in this Paintucation 2:27 downloadable video. Kevin's tips will save you time and money. You'll…


POR-15 Floor and Trunk Pan Restoration Kit

Item #14034ZP

…and your restoration will be better than replacement because you'll never see rust again. Whether it's a daily driver or a show car, you will maintain the integrity of the structure with no ugly welded seams. POR-15's easy step-by-step instructions make it simple to restore floor pans,…


Headlight Refinishing Kit

Item #52267

…light output by up to 30%. Rather than replace the headlights (an expensive proposition), you can quickly repair your hazy headlights by using this Headlight Refinishing and Restoration Kit.* Includes the buff wheel assembly and AutosolĀ® polish * Quick and easy to use* Works with your electric drill


Autotwirler 3 Ton Jack Set Red

Item #31406

This 3 ton jack set can be used as an add on to the Classis rotisserie or they can be used as a replacment on the Elite and Pro models. Red is the only color available.


Autotwirler Classic Body Cart with 8IN Wheels Blue

Item #31430

This is the classis body cart powder coated blue with 8 inch wheels


Autotwirler Body Cart Pro PC Blue

Item #13639

This PRO Model Body Cart gives you 4 cross members, 8 independent height adjustable mounting points, and 8" wheels to get your body mobile, while supporting every inch. NOTE: The center tube is not included and must be supplied by the user. This item come in a bare steel finish with 8" wheels.


Autotwirler Corvette Sub Frame Assembly Bare Steel

Item #13662

Want to put a Corvette up on your rotisserie without flexing the body, now you can! It has 8 body mounts and will adjust to every year of Corvette (and several other cars). It is Extreme Duty. Yet, it breaks down into smaller sections for easy storage, handling and assembly. It all bolts together…


Autotwirler Mustang Mounting Kit (PLUS Model)

Item #13913

Mount your '64-1/2 to '73 Mustangs and Ford uni-bodies on our PLUS model RotisserieThese Mustang Mounting Brackets (PLUS model) bolt onto the rear leaf spring shackle mount and front bumper mounts on 1964-1/2 to 1973 Mustangs and most Ford uni-bodies. The brackets connect to the mounting arms…


Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher Base Plate

Item #20357

This plate makes it easy to mount both the Eastwood Shrinker and Stretcher in a secure location to work. It enables you to switch between the Shrinker and Stretcher without having to mount or unmount while working. This plate saves time and money while forming sheet metal. The Eastwood Shrinker…


Autotwirler Elite Rotiss 16IN Mounting Arm Bare

Item #31408

These are 16 inch mouting arms in bare steel to be used with the Elite Rotisserie


Autotwirler Elite Rotisserie 16IN Mounting Arm Red

Item #31424

These are 16 inch mouting arms powder coated red to be used with the Elite Rotisserie


Hickory Handle Body Fender Hammer-Dolly Set 7pc

Item #50801

Martin 7-Pc. Hammer & Dolly Set will be your favorite body tool set in no timeThese high-quality hammers and dollies from Martin Tools are crafted of genuine hickory handles and USA alloy steel, for years of dependable service.* 3 hammers* 3 dollies* 1 dinging spoon


Fiberglass Handle Body Fender Hammer Dolly 7pc

Item #50800

Martin's Professional 7-Pc. Hammer & Dolly Set will be your favorite body tool set for many years to comeThese professional-quality hammers and dollies from Martin Tools are crafted with strong fiberglass handles and USA alloy steel, to give you years of dependable service.* 3 hammers* 3 dollies* 1…

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