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9 Way Slide Hammer Set

Item #1068197

9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set pulls flange-type rear axles and most front-wheel drive hubs — OTC 4579 Internal and external jaws provide a variety of combinations to pull bearings, gears and seals. Two- and three-way cross blocks and cone provide the perfect jaw configuration for most jobs. Set also…


Unispotter Deluxe 9000 Stud Welder

Item #12374

Uni-Spotter 9000 Deluxe Stud Welder Kit is built to be the best stud welder for the bodywork professionalThe 9000 Deluxe has the most powerful transformer on the market and will keep operating efficiently in all kinds of high-demand situations, such as multiple users or a low-voltage source at the…


Monkey On The Stick Friction Jack Body Alignment Tool

Item #31148

…plates for minute adjustments* Up to 3,000 lbs. push/pull power* Multiple position handle for hard to reach areas This versatile mechanical body puller is used to push, pull, align, spread, lift and straighten body panels. As easy to use as a mechanical jack, this tool can deliver up to 3000 lbs.…


Stud Welder Draw Pins 2.0mm bag/500

Item #31041C

The pack of 500 Draw Pins replace the pins included with the Stud Welder. For pulling dents in light sheet metal we recommend the "T" Handle Stud Puller (31041 H).


Eastwood Mig Stud Welding Kit

Item #20636

The Eastwood MIG Stud Welding Kit transforms your MIG welder into a Stud Welder.* Remove dents using your MIG welder* Works with Eastwood MIG welders or other welders with a Tweco style torch* 3 pound hammer for perfect amount of power to pull dents* Hammer is machined for a comfortable and strong…


3 Jaw Puller

Item #1068189

3-jaw Mechanical Grip-O-Matic Puller removes gears, bearings and more — OTC 1023 3-jaw puller makes it easier to remove gears, bearings, sprockets, pulleys and more. The 3 jaws are reversible, so you can work from the inside or outside. Puller is forged from high-quality steel, heat-treated, and…


Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Item #31041

Stud Welder Dent-Pulling System makes a hole-free dent repair, so it won’t weaken the panel, and needs less filler.* Stud welder spot-welds pins onto the dented metal surface* Pull the pins to pull-out the dent* Snip the pins, then grind the rest down 3-step repair works without drilling holes, so…


Puller / Bearing Seperator

Item #1068196

…a bar-type puller head with a 9/16" forcing screw. Separator tools are used with bar puller and legs for a wide variety of pulling jobs. The 5" puller cross-bar with a 6-1/4" forcing screw on each of the bearing separators may also be used separately or in combination with other pullers or tools. A…


Brake Drum Remover

Item #49007

Safely and easily remove frozen brake drums with a few simple tapsRemove frozen brake drums without damaging the drum. Just tap lightly with your hammer on the 3 jaw ends to release drum. * For drums with 7" to 12" diameters* Not to be used as a puller



Item #1014096

Seal Puller easily removes oil and grease seals in virtually all applications. Simply insert the tip of the tool behind the oil or grease seal, press and pull to let the leverage work for you. Two different-size tips reach in and fit nearly all seal applications.


5 Ton Bar Type Puller / Bearing Set ATD Tools

Item #1067880

…when you use this set. Includes 2" and 3" bearing splitters, and a pulling kit so you can safely remove bearings. Set also includes a puller cross bar with 6-1/4" forcing screw.* Handles a wide variety of pulling jobs* Use separately or with other pullers or tools* Drop-forged and heat-treated


Door Hinge Pin Puller

Item #31139

Hinge Pin Remover. Replace worn hinge pins to help restore proper door alignment. This heavy duty hinge pin remover/installer fits a wide range of antique and modern hinges up to 2-7/8" wide.Cast iron frame. Features a strong acme threaded bolt with 3 case hardened 18-8 stainless extension pins…


Eastwood 4 Piece Puller / Scraper Utility Set

Item #70265

…4-Piece Puller and Scraper Utility Tool Set is forged from a special satin chrome finished steel alloy that gives them the same durability and hardness of S2 steel while also retaining the elastic and flexible quality of Cr V to resist breakage.* Gasket Scraper* Hose Pluck* Cotter Pin Puller *…


Eastwood Steering Wheel Puller Set

Item #14540

Steering Wheel Puller Kit has everything you need...one big kit, one low price!* 3 sizes of Adapter (Cap) Screws (2 of each size)* 4" Steering Wheel Bolts (2 each)* 2 Lock Plate Removal Bolts* Accessories* Storage Case One kit has it all stored and organized in one storage case, so you'll find…


Pulling Attachment

Item #1068190

…even when clearances are extremely limited. When used with an OTC Grip-O-Matic® puller, the puller jaws grip this attachment's outer edge. Can also be used with a Push-Puller, threading the puller legs into the attachment's two tapped holes. Use with OTC® pullers #1035, 1036, 1037, 1038, 927


Steering Wheel Restoration Book

Item #52017

The Steering Wheel Restoration Book, with dozens of picures, guides you through all phases of steering wheel restoration - with a few tricks thrown in besides!


Shoot Suit Welded Stud Puller

Item #31014

Shoot Suit® Stud Puller pulls-out minor dings and dents with exacting controlAfter welding a stud onto that ding or minor dent with our stud weld gun, use the Shoot Suit® Stud Puller to pull the stud (and dent) to just the right level.* Use with 2.0 to 2.6mm draw pins (studs) * Works with any of our…


True Power 6" 2 Jaw Gear Puller

True Power 6" 2 Jaw Gear Puller
Related Phrases: Gear Puller

Item #31578

Reach into tight spaces to safely slide gears, pulleys, flywheels and other press-fit parts off shaft with the versatile 6 in. 2-Jaw Gear Puller.* Two-jaw design slips into tight spaces * High-strength forged and hardened steel jaw arms * Cold rolled, acme-threaded steel drive screw * Jaw Spread:…



Item #1013844

Adjustable Seal Puller has a head that adjusts to 5 different positions. Versatile and adjustable seal puller has 2 hook sizes to easily remove most oil and grease seals. Where clearance is a problem, remove the pin to easily reposition the head. Adjustable head works on front-wheel-drive…


Super Pro Plus Stud Welder

Item #31243

…stud, Magna Wire, rivet welding, shrinking* 2 sizes of draw pins, for light- and heavy-gauge work* Includes twist-on/off slide hammer and "T" hand puller You'll use this professional system to repair most dents, "pull" creases, weld trim rivets, and shrink metal, and the robust 2,000-amp stud welder…

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