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Eastwood Patina Preserver Aerosol

Item #14995Z

…Patina Preserver Aerosol protects the surface of your car and preserves that hot vintage look.* 1 can covers 12-16 square ft.* Spray coat is highly durable, UV and weather resistant* Prevents further rust This high-quality, inexpensive Patina Preserver provides a clear protective coat on the body of…


Eastwood ExoArmour

Item #15350Z

Wipe on, spray or dip to protect bare metal, paint, fiberglass and more.* Easy to apply - Wipe on, spray on, or dip* Protects bare metal, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic and painted surfaces* Tested to 2000F degree for temperature resistance* Passed 4000 hour salt spray test* Unaffected by MEK and…


Mylar Shields 23in x 13in 12/pk

Item #20450

…Simply peel-off sheets as the shields get frosted! The Shields feature double-sided tape that makes replacement a snap. Just remove the old shield, clean the window, remove tape backing and stick to the blast cabinet window. Mylar Shield Protective Covers 23" x 13", 12/Pack. Made in USA.


NortonSelfAdhsvWeathrBarrier36inx100ft 63642505920

Item #15296

…Self Adhesive Weather Barrier Clear film is perfect for missing windows or unfinished body work. It has built in UV inhibitors for interior protection as well. NOTE: Don’t leave on more than 30 days. Do not expose above 170 degrees F. Do not install on wet or damp surfaces. Packaged on a roll…


USC Plastic Masking Sheeting 12ftx 400ft

Item #14742

Protect your project from the elements or just dirt and dust in your shop with USC's Plastic Sheeting. Single roll is 12" wide x 400' long, plenty to wrap your car or even your shop equipment when doing body work. A-Fold construction for easy handling. Seamless film construction eliminates…


Eastwood Metal Protect 14 oz Aerosol

Item #12499Z

Spray-on a protective clear coating to protect metal against the elements* Nano-Barrier Technology* Protect polished metals from fading, corroding and discoloring* For aluminum, steel, copper, brass and more Metal Protect aerosol provides a protective clear coating that forms a barrier between your…


Eastwood Soda Blasting Protection Kit

Item #50097

Stay safe and protected while soda blasting with this Protection Kit.* Face Shield* Pair Of Large Rubber Gloves* Dust Particle Mask* 5 Head Socks* Not for abrasive blasting The Eastwood Soda-Blasting Protection Kit includes the essential body protection items you need when soda blasting.


ElastiWrap Aerosol Fast Back Blue

Item #15065Z

…In fact, it protects surfaces from UV damage, scratches and corrosion. Spray the high-build rubber coating on an unfinished surface to protect it until it’s ready to paint. Spray it directly on glossy clear coats, paint, unfinished metal and other surfaces for color and protection. The uses are…


Extra Large View Welding Helmet

Item #20189

One of the best helmets on the market for the price. * Durable and lightweight* Impact resistant Nylon* Multi adjustable head band* Variable #4 to #13 shade* Extra large viewing area* Grind feature Grind mode allows you to quickly reshape tungstens, grind spot welds and more, without having to the…


Deluxe Sandblasting Hood

Item #22095

Protect eyes and face from "rebounding" abrasive by wearing our Abrasive Blasting HoodWork safe and sound inside this rugged, comfortable, sandblasting hood that's ideal for many abrasive-blasting applications. * Durable fabric and synthetic-leather construction * Large 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" acrylic…


7 Piece Protect Impact Socket Set ATD Tools 4357

Item #1067934

7-Pc. 1/2"-dr. Impact Socket Set has sleeves to protect your custom wheels from scratches — ATD4357 Each of the 4 SAE and 3 metric impact sockets has a protective sleeve that prevents damage to, and marring of, your expensive custom wheels and decorative lug nuts. Crafted of high-quality chrome…


Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant Quart

Item #11983ZP

…is the ideal long-term protectant for steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless and fiberglassProtect your vehicle investment against stains, oxidation (rust), weathering, grime, salt spray and pitting with this clear, tough, flexible coating—SharkHide Metal Protectant.* Won't chip, flake, peel…


Chemical Guys JET Seal Sealant and Paint Protectant 16 oz WAC_118_16

Chemical Guys JET Seal Sealant and Paint Protectant  16 oz WAC_118_16
Related Phrases: Clay Bar Wax

Item #16225

JetSeal is a durable paint sealant that protects against the harshest elements.* Durable protection against the harshest elements* Synthetic wax formula lasts longer for better protection and shine* Helps repel harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug and bird residues, and road grime*…


Weld Monger TIG Finger

Weld Monger TIG Finger
Related Phrases: Tig Finger Tig Gloves

Item #20458

You don't have to sacrifice your fingers for a pretty weld! * Protects your finger from heat* Allows you to make long weld passes* Protects your welding gloves from becoming burned* Durable and fits on your existing welding glove* Perfect for the hobbyists or experienced welder When welding being…


NortonBlueMaskingPaper12inx750ft 3Roll 07660705479

Item #15293

Norton's Quality Blue masking paper is corona treated so paint won’t flake off and polycoated to protect against bleed through. Available in 6 inch, 12 inch and 18 inch widths. Use out of the box or on a masking machine. Contains 3 Rolls of masking paper 12 inches x 750 feet.


Norton 12inx400ft Overspray Sheeting 63642506727

Item #15295

…to the outside of Nortons Blue Sheeting layer of plastic, eliminating flake off. The cling ensures material adheres to the area that is to be protected. Norton Blue Sheeting can be cut and painted along the critical edge. Trilayer plastic is .4 mil thick. Packaged 12 inches (expandable) x 400 feet.


Devilbiss Reusable Coveralls XLarge 803598

Item #14898

Lightweight Durable Nylon Front,Breathable, Cool Cotton,Full Pullover Hood,Elastic Wrist Closures,Hook and Loop Ankle Closures,Zipper Front And Elastic Waist,Washable/Reusable


Safety Goggles

Item #43090

The Safety Goggles protect your eyes from hazards from the front or sides. The adjustable elastic strap holds the goggles comfortably in place. For additional protection we recommend the Face Shield (13123).


Berkebile PFC Under Car Coating Kit

Item #31588Z

…silicone and solvent based products.* Long Lasting Protection* Solvent-Free Protection* Long Term Lubrication* Frees Rusted Bolts and Parts* Wool Wax (Lanolin) Based* Thousands of Uses The unique formula penetrates the pores of the metal, protecting from moisture, salt, and corrosion. Excellent…


#13203 helmet lens cover inside

Item #20228

Inside lens cover fits helmets #13203. Restore clarity and viewing performance by replacing weld spatter covered or scratched lens with new protective lens. 95.5mmx 50.5mm x 1mm

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