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    Profile Gauge

    Profile Gauge
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Adjustable Profile Gauges 5-10-15 inch

Item #Profile Gauges 11190

profiles bodywork contours, or forming your own panels. This profile gauge features over 16 nylon blades per inch to assure faithful reproduction of even the finest details. Magnetic backing provides convenient storage and positioning for creating a metal pattern. Interconnects with another profile


Eastwood 37 in Curve Template

Item #20498

Duplicate shapes, curves and compound contours with great accuracy using the Eastwood Curve Template.* Duplicate complex shapes exactly* Copy and repeat accurate cuts up to 3’ long* All steel construction with flexible, spring steel face* 8 locking segment design for maximum accuracy* Use with metal…


Louver Dies for Bead Roller

Item #28160

…louvers. Multiple passes allow the hardened steel louver dies to slice and progressively form the louver profile. Produces 3/4"" wide by 3/16"" tall louvers in up to 18 gauge steel and 14 gauge aluminum. End contours can be formed with The Eastwood 13146 Trim Hammer and 28030 Panel Beater Bag. This…


QuickJack 7000lb Capacity Car Lift 110V BL-7000SLX

Item #31302

Meet the latest and greatest QuickJack, the BL-7000SLX extreme-duty portable car lifting system. No more fiddling with jacks and ramps for your big vehicles. The game changes the moment your QuickJack hits the garage floor. With the QuickJack BL-7000SLX, you can go from floor to air in a mere matter…


QuickJack 5000lb Capacity Car Lift 110V BL‐5000SLX

QuickJack 5000lb Capacity Car Lift 110V BL‐5000SLX
Related Phrases: Lift Quickjack Car Lift

Item #31301

The QuickJack BL-5000SLX is a 5,000-pound capacity portable car jack systemthat can be easily transported. * 5,000-pound capacity* From stow to go in less than 60-seconds* Dual-position automatic safety lock bars engage automatically as the lift rises* Dual locking positions . mid level and full…


Wire Stripper F/Recessed Areas

Item #1001841

…stripper might not reach into places with limited access, but this wire stripper has a narrow profile to more easily work in hard-to-reach areas. * Strips 22-12 AWG single or multiple-stranded conductor wire* Automatically adjusts to wire size* Adjustable strip-length gauge* Built-in wire cutter

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