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Pressure Blaster Pull Up Gasket

Item #22005

This durable rubber gasket provides an air-tight seal for the pull-up plunger on our Model 100 (22008) and 110 (22011) pressure blasters.


Pressure Blaster 300 Pound

Item #22004

…The included 1/8" Nozzle requires 15 cfm @ 80psi and the included 5/32" nozzle requires 25 cfm @80 psi. Fill with screened dry media only. Pressure blasters work best when the valve at the bottom of the tank is only slightly opened. Wear appropriate safety gear. Be sure to wear an appropriate…


Portable Soda Pressure Blaster

Item #11805

…blast time. Comes equipped with a 3/32" nozzle (requires 12 cfm at 80 psi), 5' by 1/2" ID abrasive hose, UL299 approved 10 lb capacity pressure tank, and instructions. Made in USA. WARNING: Must be used with appropriate respiratory and other protection. See "SAFETY" for more in…


Pressure Blaster 150 Pound

Item #22006

With a 160-lb. media hopper this abrasive blaster has a long 70-minute blasting time. * 70-minute blasting time* 160-lb. media hopper* 15 ft. 1/2"ID hose* Blast Hood with Bump Cap* Moisture Separator Includes two 1/8" (15 cfm) nozzles, One 5/32" (7 cfm) nozzle, 15 ft. 1/2"ID hose, Blast Hood with…


Eastwood Soda Blaster USA

Item #50096

…control* All-steel, welded hopper has a concave top for easy filling* 50-lb. Soda media capacity* Up to 110-lb. Abrasive media capacity* Includes pressure gauge; requires as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi* Includes 3/32" ceramic nozzle* Made in USA This USA-made, 2-in-1 soda/abrasive blaster is the…


Soda Blast Media - Maintenance M - 50# Bags

Item #11806

Maintenance "M" Soda Blast Media is the basic soda to use for standard paint removal.* Blasts-away old enamels, urethane, epoxies and lacquer coatings* MoistureGuard 2 additive eliminates clumping, sporadic flow* 150-micron grit size* 50-lb. bag Environmentally friendly Soda Blast Media is specially…


DeVilbiss HV40 Air Cap Test Kit 703625

Item #15566

The purpose of this test kit is to measure air cap atomizing air pressure atthe center air port of the air cap. Used to confirm code compliance and as a daily quality control measure.


Eastwood Pressure Blaster Model 110

Item #22011

…90 psi* 1/2"-I.D. hose, 10' long* Includes 1/8" and 3/32" nozzles* ASME-certified tank, 110-lb. media capacity Just hook this 110-lb.-capacity pressure abrasive blaster to your air compressor, put on the appropriate hood and respiratory protection, fill with blasting media and you're ready to blast…


Soda Blast Media - Maintenance M-XL 50 Lb Bag

Item #11807

Maintenance XL Soda Blast Media is our most aggressive soda for paint removal.* Blasts-away heavy coatings, base/clears, epoxy primers* MoistureGuard 2 additive eliminates clumping, sporadic flow* 150-micron grit size* 50-lb. bag Environmentally friendly Soda Blast Media is specially formulated to…


3-Pack Ceramic/Rubber Blast Nozzles

Item #51557 3-Pack Ceramic Rubber Blast Nozzle

These ceramic/rubber nozzles are designed to be extremely efficient with cfm usage and extended life.

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