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    Powder Bottles
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Bottle And Lid Replacement Set 3 Pak

Item #10198B

These bottles with lids offer convenient storage for all your powders. The cups will thread directly onto the 10198, 11671A and 11676 Eastwood Powder Guns. These are the same cups and lids that all of our 8 oz size powders are packaged in. They are also great for other uses around your home and…


Rust Remover - Eastwood Fast Etch

Item #19416 Fast Etch

…specially formulated rust remover is a powerful, rust-fighting liquid created to meet the needs of auto restorers.* Ideal Prep for Painting and Powder Coating* Leaves Zinc Phosphate Coating* Promotes Adhesion and Prevents Rust It reaches even inaccessible areas, quickly dissolving iron oxide…


Powder coating Accessories Kit

Item #11536

…areas you do not want to get powder on. The safety wire is great for hanging parts on your powder coating rack or oven. This kit also comes with an in-line air filter to keep contamites out of your gun and powder. Also included is an 8 oz. bottle of high gloss black powder and extra storage bottles.


5 Lb Powder storage bottle with Lid

Item #16066

Keep up to 5lbs of your favorite powder free of moisture, dust and dirt in this rugged HDPE storage bottle complete with lid.* Made of High Density Polyethylene* 10” high x 6” diameter* Thread-on lid


2 Lb Powder storage bottle with Lid

Item #16062

Keep up to 2lbs of your favorite powder clean, dry and secure in this rugged HDPE storage bottle complete with lid.* Made of High Density Polyethylene* 7” high x 5” diameter* Thread-on lid


HotCoat Powder Translucent Mahagony

Item #14120 Translucent Mahagony

All Eastwood powders are virgin TGIC Chemistry and packaged in air tight reusable plastic containers. This polyester powder is cured at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes. One 8 oz bottle covers 10 to 20 sq. ft.


Powder Specialty Color Sample Kit

Item #10255

Can't decide on a color? Here's a 6-Pc. Sampler Set of our high-tech HotCoat™ Specialty ColorsYou get six 8-oz. bottles of our specialty colors—high-tech colors that make any vehicle really stand out!* Translucent Red* Candy Orange* Translucent Green* Translucent Blue* Translucent Violet* Chrome…


Powder Standard Color Sample Kit

Item #10252

…decide on a color? Here's a 6-Piece Sampler Set of our standard Eastwood colors.* Dark Green* Gloss Clear* Bright Yellow* Gloss White* Ford Light Blue* Bright Red You get six 8-oz. bottles of our specialty colors—standard colors that make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the factory line.


Powder Metallic 6 Color Sample Kit

Item #51358

Not sure which color to choose? Here's a 6-Pc. Sampler Set of our Metallic HotCoat™ ColorsYou get six 8-oz. bottles of our metallic colors that'll make your ride a true head-turner!* 11817 Starlight Red* 51082 OEM Wheel Sparkle Silver* 11816 Starlight Blue * 11504 Single-Stage Reflective Chrome *…


Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder Versa-Cut 40 & Cart

Item #14037 TIG 200 Plasma 40 Cart

Save BIG money when you get our TIG 200 Welder PLUS our Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter, and organize it all on the Cart included!Click on the individual links below for all the specs, but you must click the "Add To Cart" button below to get the special savings over individual prices! Eastwood-engineered…


Eastwood MIG TIG Plasma Welding Cart

Item #11616

Bottle Mount incorporates a TIG Rod Holder to store up to 6 different tubes of filler rods* The design of the top shelf allows for the side access door on the MIG’s to be opened without taking the welder off the cart* Heavy duty front castor wheels* Molded Heavy Duty Rear Wheels* Satin Black Powder


Eastwood Welding Cart with Drawers

Item #20241 Welding Cart with Drawers

…and sturdy enough to hold clamps,consumables, etc. Black powder coated finish for durability. Welding cart is ourstandard 28 inches high x 27 inches long and set up to hold any welder orplasma cutter and up to 1 80 cubic ft bottle. Large rear wheels easily roll overair hose or garage thresholds.…

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