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Item #21128

The Eastwood Pneumatic Perfect Panel Prep Tool® is an exclusive patent pending design, which easily provides a perfectly beveled 45° weld-prepped edge in 20 or 18 Gauge sheet metal to achieve solid, full-penetration MIG or TIG butt welds.* Each strike forms a perfect 0.062” x 45° beveled flange*…


Air Tool Essential Starter Tool Kit

Item #70477

…Eastwood Air Tool Essentials Starter Kit!* 1/2 Inch Reversible Drill* Hammer with Chisel Set* 1/2 Inch Twin Hammer Composite Impact Wrench* 3 Inch High Speed Cut Off Tool* Reciprocating Saw* 1/4 Inch Angle Die Grinder This ideal starter kit includes all the core air tools you need to work…


Extreme Tools 70IN Pit Box Blue TXPIT7009BL

Item #30894

Extreme Tools TXPIT7009BL Tx Series 7-Drawer and 2-Compartment Pit Box with Ball Bearing Slides, 70-Inch, Black High Gloss Powder Coat Finish Blue* Heavy duty pneumatic tires/hand-controlled disc brake give you a smooth ride over almost any surface* Self-latching drawer handles lock each drawer in…


Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit

Item #20127

…Rivet Kit is designed to install AN470 series aluminum rivets in steel, aluminum.* Create Pro Custom Work* Perfect for Race Cars & Street Rods* Pneumatic Rivet Gun* Aircraft Quality Rivets* 3/16" & 1/8" Panel Holders Used to structurally join panels for under hood, door skins, interiors, etc. Kit…


Air Body Saw

Item #13745

Reciprocating Pneumatic Metal Saw easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass, compositesAt 5,000 strokes per minute, this pneumatic reciprocating saw aggressively cuts through most metals and other materials up to 1/16" thick.* Perfect for body, exhaust and…


Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool

Item #30216

The Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool is a powerful air tool that will effectively remove rust, paint, decals and more. The180 degree adjustable handle allows you to get into anywhere. Variable speed control for any application. This tool comes with a variety of accessories that will help you…


Eastwood 3/8" Drive Reversible Pneumatic Ratchet

Item #13744

When you're faced with more than a few fasteners, using Eastwood's 3/8" Reversible Pneumatic Ratchet sure beats doing it by hand!* 3/8" drive* Reversible* 160 RPM* Generates 45 ft.-lbs. of torque* Uses just 4 cfm at 90 psi Using a manual wrench on dozens of fasteners not only takes time; it also…


Air Hammer with Chisel Set

Item #13734

Eastwood Air Hammer pounds away at 4,500 blows per minute to aggressively cut through metal...4 chisels included.* Comfortable pistol-grip design* Includes 4 hex-indexed chisels* Built-in power regulator and trigger control* Uses just 2.3 cfm at 90 psi Our affordable air hammer is…


Eastwood 6" Dual-Action Air Sander

Eastwood 6"  Dual-Action Air Sander
Related Phrases: Da Sander Da Sander

Item #13746

Eastwood's 6" Pneumatic Dual-Action Sander produces swirl-free finishes while you use less "elbow grease"!* 10,000 rpm* Adjustable speed control* Takes 6" discs with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings* Requires just 2.8 cfm at 90 psi so you can use your home compressor Just push the lever…


Eastwood Complete Sanding and Accessory Kit

Eastwood Complete Sanding and Accessory Kit
Related Phrases: Sander Da Sander Da

Item #70474

…with this Eastwood kit. Set includes an Eastwood 3 Inch Air Sander that lets you reach hard to reach areas and an Eastwood 6 Inch Dual Action pneumatic sander for prep and finish work. Both of theses quality sanders produces a smooth, no pattern finish to help you do the job right faster. Kit comes…


Eastwood 1/4" Angle Air Die Grinder

Item #13737

…controls speed* Grease fitting improves angle gear life* Ball-bearing construction for long life* Needs only 3 cfm at 90 psi Grinding, edge-breaking, deburring, porting, polishing...with this pneumatic die grinder's angled head, you can easily get all this work done even in hard-to-reach spots.


Eastwood Air Nibbler

Item #30072

…* Cuts up to 18-ga. steel, tin, aluminum, plastic* 4 CFM @ 90 PSI* 3,600 cuts per minute Ruggedly built but lightweight pneumatic Nibbler from Eastwood is a "must have" tool for cutting sheet metal and other auto body repairs. You don’t always need bigger shears, so you'll use this air nibbler…


Pneumatic Body Hammer .401 Shank

Item #11138

Body Hammer fits most standard pneumatic hammers to quickly rough-out body panels Attach our body hammer to your pneumatic hammer to rough-out panels with just the pull of a trigger. Smooth panels by adding a back-up dolly.* Standard 0.401" shank* 1-1/2"-dia. convex face* Black oxide hardened steel


Pneumatic Rivet tool

Item #20144

4500 blows per minute rivet gun with 1/4 inch air inlet and 2.8cfm requirement at 90psi. Variable speed trigger accepts standard .401 shank tools


Flanger/Punch Tool Pneumatic 7/32in

Item #31015

It's a Flanger, and a 7/32" Punch, in one handy pneumatic tool* Produce 0.040" offset flanges* Punch 7/32" diameter holes* Requires 4 cfm at 90 psi Double-action head swivels to let you create flanges and holes from any angle with just a squeeze of the handle.


Single Pass Pneumatic Door Skinner Tool

Item #12240

Doorskin installation has traditionally been a tedious task, done with a hammerand dolly. This tool provides a better way! Rolls over the door skin edgewithout ripples or other distortion. Single hand operation leaves the otherhand free to hold the work piece. Smooth plastic insert prevents…



Item #1050663

Pneumatic Panel Crimper lets you patch sheet metal uniformly and quickly. Crimper forms a step around the area to be repaired, so that you can place the patch on flange of that step, flush with the original panel surface. You'll need your own pneumatic air chisel. * Full-grip handle for safety*…


Manual Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit

Manual Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit
Related Phrases: Grease Gun Air Hose

Item #31295

This Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit is a professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many yearsof reliable service.* Provides up to 6000 PSI of grease* Quick interchangeable heads* Can be used with air or manual power* Easy access to difficult to reach areas Capable of providing up to 6000 PSI of…


Wr 3/4 indr Pneumatic Impact

Item #1055584

…forward and reverse. Variable-speed trigger. Handle-vented exhaust directs air away from you; silenced exhaust reduces tool noise while in use. Ergonomic design for improved tool handling. SPECIFICATIONS: Drive: 3/4"; Max. Torque: 1050 ft./lbs.; Working Torque Range: 200-800 ft./lbs.; Average Free…


Straight Pneumatic Flanger-Punch 5/16in (8mm)

Item #20560

It's a 5/16" Punch, and a Flanger, in one handy pneumatic toolDouble-action head swivels to let you create flanges and holes from any angle with just a squeeze of the handle.* Punch 5/16"-dia. holes* Produce 0.040" offset flanges* Requires 4 cfm at 90 psi

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