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6 in Random Orbital Sndr 1200Rpm .20Hp

Item #1001412

Ingersoll Rand 6" Pneumatic Palm Sander has a 3/32" orbit for a fine sanding finish 4152 Simply push the lever down with the palm of just one hand and the orbital action of this Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Palm Sander delivers a smooth, swirl-free finish on any sanding or polishing job, even…


Eastwood 6 inch Dual Action Air Palm Sander

Item #13748

Eastwood's Dual-Action Palm Sander will make quick work of any sanding job. * 10,000 RPM Free Speed* Adjustable Speed Control* Requires 6” pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sand paper* Requires just 2.8CFM at 90PSI.* 3/32 (2.5mm) Orbit* 5/16 x 24 Spindle Size Just a push of the lever and the dual…


Eastwood Pneumatic Cleaning Gun

Item #31296

The Pneumatic cleaning gun gives you a professional-grade cleaning inside and out with the power of compressed air.* Use safely on painted surfaces* Quickly cleans brake dust from wheels* Great for detailing engine bays* Works on interior parts* Removes stains and dirt that a vacuum can’t* Doesn’t…


3 drawer pneumatic stool

3 drawer pneumatic stool
Related Phrases: Stool Creeper Tool Box

Item #20008

Adjustable-height Seat Creeper includes storage that rolls with you Pneumatic padded seat adjusts in height and lets you roll wherever you're working down low. Plus, it has 3 drawers for organized storage that goes with you. * Adjusts in height from 17-1/8" to 21-3/8"* 3 drawers (2 small, 1 large) *…


Spr Duty 3/8 in Palm Grip Air Imp Wrench

Spr Duty 3/8 in Palm Grip Air Imp Wrench
Related Phrases: 3/8 Impact

Item #1052622

Ingersoll-Rand's Super-Duty 3/8" Pneumatic Impact Wrench generates up to 150 ft./lbs. of torque, yet it fits the palm of your hand - IR211 Small in size, but this air impact wrench packs a wallop to handle bolts up to 7/16" for oil pan removal, exhaust system work, transmission and bench work. It…


Single Pass Pneumatic Door Skinner Tool

Item #12240

Doorskin installation has traditionally been a tedious task, done with a hammerand dolly. This tool provides a better way! Rolls over the door skin edgewithout ripples or other distortion. Single hand operation leaves the otherhand free to hold the work piece. Smooth plastic insert prevents…


Eastwood Air Nibbler Die Set for 30072

Eastwood Air Nibbler Die Set for 30072
Related Phrases: Punch Dies Nibbler Shear

Item #30074

This kit is deisgned to replace the punch and die in Eastwood's Pneumatic Nibber 30072. Includes all parts nessasary to rebuild the cutting head of the tool.


Compressed Air Manifold

Compressed Air Manifold
Related Phrases: Air Manifold Manifold

Item #51054

Compressed Air Manifold


Eastwood 1/2" Reversible 550 RPM Air Drill

Item #30003

Eastwood's stall-resistant design makes sure this heavy-duty air drill won't get held up when the drilling gets tough. High-torque, ball-bearing motor with hardened reduction gears provides smooth operation and long life. Heat-treated components for durability and reliability. Fully reversible with…


Straight Line Air Sander

Item #13747

Pneumatic Straight-Line Sander's dual-piston design has extra power for demanding sanding jobsEastwood-engineered Straight-Line Air Sander uses those dual pistons to generate the extra power needed to avoid stalling when the sanding gets tougher. That makes it ideal for smoothing body filler or…


Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool

Item #30216

The Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool is a powerful air tool that will effectively remove rust, paint, decals and more. The180 degree adjustable handle allows you to get into anywhere. Variable speed control for any application. This tool comes with a variety of accessories that will help you…


1/4in Die Grinder

Item #46047

Here's your compact, lightweight die grinder that's perfect for porting or detail polishing cars, boats, aircraft, models, etc. A full 6" long and equipped with a 1/4" collet, your grinder uses 4 cfm @90 psi at maximum speed 20,000 rpm and includes built-in regulator, and wrenches. Accepts popular…


Eastwood 3/8" Drive Reversible Pneumatic Ratchet

Item #13744

When you're faced with more than a few fasteners, using Eastwood's 3/8" Reversible Pneumatic Ratchet sure beats doing it by hand!* 3/8" drive* Reversible* 160 RPM* Generates 45 ft.-lbs. of torque* Uses just 4 cfm at 90 psi Using a manual wrench on dozens of fasteners not only takes time; it also…


Eastwood Twin Hammer Composite Impact Wrenches

Item #30589 Impact Wrench Kit

This kit features two twin hammer composite impact wrenches. The first is the 13741 1/2 inch impact wrench. This 1/2 inch drive impact wrench can deliver 420ft/lbs of nut busting power. The second impact wrench is the 30230. This is the little brother to the 13741, but don't be fooled by its size.…


Eastwood Air Flange Punch Tool

Item #30121

It's a Flanger, and a 3/16 Punch, all in one handy pneumatic tool...and it's Eastwood priced for the DIYer! This 2 in 1 pneumatic tool easily punches holes and flanges edges in sheet metal for creating and installing patch panels, replacement panels, or custom sheet metal work. The double action…


Eastwood Air Nibbler

Item #30072

…thru up to 18-ga. steel. * Cuts up to 18-ga. steel, tin, aluminum, plastic* 4 CFM @ 90 PSI* 3,600 cuts per minute Ruggedly built but lightweight pneumatic Nibbler from Eastwood is a "must have" tool for cutting sheet metal and other auto body repairs. You don’t always need bigger shears, so you'll…


Short Barrel Max Air Hammer

Item #1057901

Ingersoll Rand Short-Barrel Air Hammer delivers MAX comfort, power and productivity - IR122MAXIngersoll Rand's Short-Barrel Pneumatic Hammer delivers the punch you need for exhaust and front-end jobs, general bolt cutting, pin driving and body shearing work. Gets the job done fast and comfortably!…


Eastwood Die Grinder Kit with 16pc Accessory Set

Item #30659

Pneumatic mini die grinder kit with 10 grinding stones and hundreds of uses.* Mini design gets into tight spots* Pneumatic power for serious grinding jobs* Durable ball bearing motor spins at up to 22k rpm* Requires just 4.5 CFM @ 90 PSI* Includes both 1/4in and 1/8in collets* 1/4in NPT quick change…


Straight Pneumatic Flanger-Punch 5/16in (8mm)

Straight Pneumatic Flanger-Punch 5/16in (8mm)
Related Phrases: Punch Hole Punch Flanger

Item #20560

It's a 5/16" Punch, and a Flanger, in one handy pneumatic toolDouble-action head swivels to let you create flanges and holes from any angle with just a squeeze of the handle.* Punch 5/16"-dia. holes* Produce 0.040" offset flanges* Requires 4 cfm at 90 psi


Pneumatic 3in Sander & Polishing Kit

Item #12815

3" Dual Action Sander/Polisher Kit - If you've ever needed to make a small spot repair you know how convenient a tool like this can be. Ideal for sanding metal prepping bodywork for paint, even color sanding small areas. This 13,000-16,000 rpm Sander/Polisher Tool comes with 3" and 1-1/2" hook and…

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Related Categories: Stool | Creeper | Cleaner | Gun Cleaning | Pressure Washer