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Eastwood Hi Temp Silicone Plugs Assortment Of 30

Item #10078

Assortment of 30 plugs of various sizes used to plug bolt holes and support pieces in oven during curing.


Powder coating Accessories Kit

Item #11536

…Fiberglass Masking Tape * (30) High Temp Silcone Plugs Assortment * 1 lb spool Safety Wire .041" * 8 ounces High Gloss Black Powder * (3) 8 ounce plastic bottles & lids * Disposable In Line Air Filter The high temperature tape and silicone plugs make it easy to mask areas you do not want to get…


High Temp Silicone Caps And Plugs Kit 110 Pieces

Item #58041

110 Piece Silicone Cap and Plug Kit handles high temperatures as it protects.* Reusable; cured powder just peels off* Includes 10 each of 11 different sizes Silicone caps and plugs prevent powder from building-up in critical tolerance areas like threaded holes, studs and more.


Undercoating Plugs 1/2 in Plastic Pack of 25

Item #16004

1/2" plastic plugs come in a pkg of 25. Provide an easy way to seal 1/2" access holes.


Vinyl Protector Plug 5/16in To 1- 1/2in 54 Pieces

Item #22002

…out of component interiors, plug the holes first!Abrasive blasting is the most effective way to clean a wide variety of parts, but how do you keep the blasting media out of the component you're cleaning? Use this 54-pc. set of assorted vinyl protector plugs!* Protect threads, pipe ends, shafts,…


Silicone Cap Kit .070in-.250inI.D. SC-1 125 Pcs

Item #58114

Assorted Reusable Silicone Caps - Prevent powder build-up in critical tolerance areas like threaded studs and more. Silicone caps are reusable because cured powder rolls right off. This kit includes 125 caps. Caps range in size from 0.040" ID to 0.295" ID. Reusable storage box included. Made in the…


High Temp Silicone Plugs 10/pack

Item #58033 Plugs

Silicone Plugs - This pack of 10 high temp silicone plugs fit holes from 1/2"- 11/16". Plugs are reusable.


Eastwood Air Flange Punch Tool

Item #30121

It's a Flanger, and a 3/16 Punch, all in one handy pneumatic tool...and it's Eastwood priced for the DIYer! This 2 in 1 pneumatic tool easily punches holes and flanges edges in sheet metal for creating and installing patch panels, replacement panels, or custom sheet metal work. The double action…


Silicone Pull Plug KIT .062in-.809in O.D.125 pc

Item #58113

Assorted Reusable Silicone Plugs - Prevent powder build-up in critical tolerance areas like threaded holes and more. Silicone plugs are reusable because cured powder rolls right off. This kit includes 125 plugs. Plugs range in size from 0.062" to 0.896" diameter. Reusable storage box included. Made…


No Weld Hole Repair Kit

Item #13661

The Eastwood No Weld Hole Repair Kit provides a quick, weld free solution to plugging 2 inch Dia. or less holes in steel, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic body panels while minimizing sanding damage and the amount of required surface preparation.


Eastwood Heavy Duty Welder Extension Cord 25 Ft

Item #20029

…Heavy duty 6 gauge copper cable with copper conductors* Industry standard NEMA 6-50 plug and receptacle* Abrasion and chemical resistant insulation* Use with any welder or plasma cutter with a 6-50 NEMA plug* UL Listed * Comes with Eastwood high quality guarantee The Eastwood Welding Extension…


TIG 200 ACDC Torch Metal plug

Item #20168

For use on machines WITH A METAL Plug on the machine and torch lead.


Eastwood 10 Piece Bearing and Seal Driver Set

Item #14533

10 Piece Bearing Driver Set installs bearings and seals without damage* 9 collars fit most bearing sizes* Machined aluminum drivers* Organized storage case This set is a "no-brainer" for anyone installing bearings and seals in wheel hubs, engines and suspension components. Bearing and seal set has 9…


MIG Spot Weld Kit Eastwood

Item #spot weld

Now you can "spot weld" with your MIG welder...just add this Spot Welding Kit to your tool box!Use your MIG welder together with our Spot Welding Kit to produce professional spot welds without the need for a large resistance welder.* Duplicate full-penetration OE spot welds from one side with your…


True Power 3 Pack Swivel Air Couplers

True Power 3 Pack Swivel Air Couplers
Related Phrases: Swivel

Item #31577

…disconnections if necessary.* 1/4 Inch NPT, flexible coupling swivel 360º* Fast and easy quick disconnect with swivel function Universal style plugs brass fittings to fit onto any 1/4 NPT tool. Each piece is made of corrosion resistant brass. Get the most of your air compressor with these…


Eastwood 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Remote

Item #31465

…is capable of efficiently running a wide variety of devices. * 2000W Continuous Power* 4000W Peak Power* Pure sine wave* 3 120v AC Outlet* 1 USB Plug 5v DC 2.1Amps* ETL Listed Perfect for camping, the job site, and everywhere in between.This unit must be wired into the electrical system. Not for…


Plugweld Pliers

Item #19134

Plugweld Pliers makes it easier to use your MIG welder for plugging small holes in metalPlugweld Pliers clamps and supports the weld area, compressing the panels for tight plug welding.* Copper pad eliminates problem of burn-thru* Weld won't stick to copper pad* "U"-shaped jaw put pressure all…


Spot Weld Nozzle

Item #13900

This Spot Weld Nozzle is designed to fit your Eastwood MIG welder and any other welder with a Tweco style torch. It keeps the correct electrode distance off the work piece for making spot welds. This nozzle is included in the Spot Weld Kit 13901.


Eastwood 4 Piece Fluid Line Stopper Set

Item #30122

Working with disconnected fluid lines? Eastwood’s Fluid Line Stopper Set plugs ’em up. * Prevents fluid leaks and contamination during service* Perfect for replacing brake calipers and lines* Spring-loaded, for instant on/off* Works with all automotive fluids You don't want disconnected fluid lines…


High Temp Silicone Caps 10/pack

Item #58040 Caps

Silicone Caps - One Pack of 10 High Temp Silicone Plugs 1/2" ID.

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