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Eastwood Mig Welders Pliers

Item #19015

MIG Welder's Pliers make your welding tasks a whole lot easier* Squared-off, spring-loaded tips remove spatter* Knurled surfaces hold tips and nozzles for installation* Built-in wire cutter* Comfortable rubberized handle Unlike typical pliers, these pliers are designed to help you through those…


Panel Flanger Set Regular And X Wide

Item #31021

Make easy flush repairs of different lengths with our 2-Pc. Panel Flanger SetBoth adjustable locking panel flangers (or flanging pliers) produce a step deep enough for flush repairs in 18-gauge or thinner metal.* Panel Flanger creates straight or curved flanges 5/8" x 5/8"* Extra-Wide Panel Flanger…


6 pc. Welding Clamp Pliers with Case

Item #12115

pliers kit comes complete with 6 different axial pull locking pliers. Each of the pliers allow for clamping of different type joints. They feature one handed push button releasing and are made of durable heat treated steel. Also included with the pliers is a blow molded case to store your pliers in.


Channellock 909 9.5 Inch Crimping Pliers

Item #70147

CHANNELLOCK Crimping Pliers (#909) crimps and cuts consistently, comfortablySlim-nose CHANNELLOCK Crimping Pliers is built in the USA of high-carbon C1080 steel for consistently superior crimping and cutting performance and durability on the job, year in and year out.* Crimps insulated and…


Hog Ring Pliers Bent Nose

Item #52019

These pliers are the basic tools needed to do upholstery work. Designed just for hog ring installation. Grooved jaws hold the ring securely. The straight pliers are spring loaded to hold rings closed. The angled pliers are spring loaded to stay open. Forged steel with safety grips.


Brakequip 3/16 & 1/4 Tube Straighteneing Pliers

Item #30757

…tubing during installation* Padded handle The greatest struggle of making custom hard lines is getting the finished product just right. These pliers make it easy to remove bends in1/4 inch and 3/16 inch brake lines, whether it’s mild steel or stainless steel. Works in tight spaces, so it’s ideal…


Eastwood 9 Inch Sawtooth Jaw Parrot Nose Locking Plier

Eastwood 9 Inch Sawtooth Jaw Parrot Nose Locking Plier
Related Phrases: Locking Pliers

Item #13488

Eastwood's Sawtooth-Jaw, Parrot-Nose Locking Pliers grips 3 sides of fasteners, to hold or turn without slipping.* Sawtooth jaws produce a strong grip* Adjust pressure by turning screw* Heavy-duty chrome-molybdenum steel* 15/64" thru 1-1/4" jaw capacity (6-32mm) * 9" long Uniquely designed…


12 Piece Snap Ring Plier Set ATD Tools 915

Item #1068054

12-Pc. Snap Ring Pliers Set includes the most popular sizes and tips — ATD915 Each versatile, heavy-duty, fixed-tip Snap Ring Pliers removes and installs either internal or external snap rings on a wide range of applications. You get 4 sizes (0.038", 0.047", 0.070" and .090"), each in 3 tip angles:…


Eastwood Panel Flanger

Item #31092

Adjustable Locking Flanger helps you repair flush panels easily.* Creates straight or curved flanges 5/8" x 5/8" wide* Strong cam-action jaws* Fits into hard-to-reach areas Eastwood's Adjustable Locking Panel Flanger produces a step deep enough for flush repairs in 18-gauge or thinner metal.


Eastwood Locking C-Clamp Pliers

Item #13570 C-Clamps

Secure your work pieces with a locking C-Clamp Set that gives you plenty of throat capacity and flexibility for even unusually shaped projects.* Heat-treated alloy steel for durability* Set includes one each : 6"m 11" and 18" locking C-clamps Lock and unlock with just one hand; adjusts for maximum…


Eastwood Fender Forming Pliers

Item #16022

The Eastwood Fender Finisher is a precision engineered tool designed for years of reliable service.* Flatten front fender lip inner flanges for tire clearance without fender damage* Straighten bent metal edges* Crimp door skin edges when installing new door skins* Includes replacement pressure pad…


Panel Holding System Compression Pliers

Item #19074A

Use this compression plier to install or remove the blind or side grip holders included in the 19074 Panel Holding System.


Eastwood Dimpling Pliers

Item #31089

Dimpling Pliers lets you hide countersunk rivets in panels.* 10" locking pliers with dimpling head* "Pilot" self-centers the dimple Dimpling Pliers puts a neat countersunk dimple in sheet metal to hide countersunk rivet heads.


CHANNELLOCK 460 16in Straight Jaw Pliers

Item #70140

16"-long CHANNELLOCK Straight-Jaw Pliers (#460) holds tight on the big jobs, with a reliable undercut tongue-and-groove design that won't slipGet a great grip with a CHANNELLOCK 16" Straight-Jaw Pliers that's built in the USA of high-carbon C1080 steel for superior performance and durability on the…


11in Locking C-Clamp

11in Locking C-Clamp
Related Phrases: Welding Clamps Clamps

Item #13500

11" Locking C-Clamp includes swivel pads for tapered workpieces...unlocks fast with the quick-release triggerSecure your workpiece with a Locking C-Clamp that gives you plenty of throat capacity and flexibility for even unusually shaped projects. Lock and unlock with just one hand.* 11" overall…


6in Straight Seaming Plier

Item #12567

Hand Held Bending Brake - Shape patch panels on site. Accurately create bends and professional looking folds in up to 20 gauge steel or 24 gauge stainless steel. Perfect for creating patch panels for door edges of rocker panels, etc. Carbon steel jaws are marked in 1/4" increments to assure straight…


Eastwood Panel Flanger Extra Wide

Item #31090

Extra-Wide, Adjustable Locking Flanger helps repair flush panels by flanging into corners or longer sections.* Creates straight flanges 2-1/2" long x 5/8" wide* Strong cam-action jaws* Fits into hard-to-reach areas Eastwood's extra-wide Panel Flanger produces a step deep enough for flush repairs in…



Item #1011561

Double-Ended Brake Spring Pliers helps you remove and install brake springs. Use the Double-Ended Brake Spring Pliers' tips to stretch a brake spring. Handle ends remove and install the spring over the anchor post. Handle is 12-3/4" long; 14-1/2" long overall.


Rockwood Valve Seal Removal and Installation Kit

Item #31487

…and Installation Kit eases the removal of difficult toreach valve seals and aids in the installation of new seals without damaging them.* Valve pliers reach down around the valve stem into confined areas of the seal to grip it for removal or installation* Knurled ends on the adapters, handles and…


3/16 in Blind Grip Panel Holders 30pk

Item #13753

…holders are used by custom car builders to hold sheet metal parts before final welding. Very easy to use. Drill a 3/16" hole through both pieces and insert fastener. Each one provides nearly 20 lbs holding power and has a grip range of up to 1/4". Pack of 30. Use with 19074A Compression Pliers.

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