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Eastwood Electroplating System Tin Zinc

Item #10049Z

…shine to your dull auto parts.* Adds a brilliant chrome-like finish to brass, copper and steel parts* Also adds a corrosion-resistant, protective plating* Easy enough to do at home Electroplating is easier than you think when you use the Eastwood Tin-Zinc Electroplating System. It brings back the…


Eastwood Setup/Fixturing table

Item #20004

…11-gauge steel top. Complete with leg kit; or use on tabletop. Holes are 16 mm with 2-inch spacing. Includes 4 clamps, 8 magnetic rests, 4 position stops, 4 inserts stops, 4 stop bars and 4 threaded adapters for fixturing and securing flat plates, rectangular tubing, square tubing and components.


Autosol Metal Polish

Item #13170 autosol

…cloth goes a long way. Leaves a protective film to help prevent future tarnish. Also works great on plastic items like taillight and head light lenses as well as fiberglass gel coats and some paints. Not recommended for use on gold or silver plated items. Made in Germany.Click Here For Tech Tips


Eastwood Metal Blackening System

Item #15357Z

The look of OEM applied black oxide coating at home, and even more durable.* Replicates OEM black oxide/phosphate finish* Chip and chemical resistant* Resists temperatures up to 500° F* Protects against rust and corrosion* Not affected by DOT 3 brake fluid or gasoline* No special equipment, no heat…


Rust Remover - Eastwood Rust Dissolver

Item #16037 Rust Dissolver

…de-rusted metal ready to paint, plate or powder-coat.* Acid-free* Gentle enough for engine parts* Reusable* Removes about 5 sq. ft. of rust per quart It will penetrate deep into the metal dissolving the rust in a few hours. Leaves metal ready to paint, plate or powder coat. So gentle, it’s suitable…


Electroplating Anoderibbon 1X7"

Item #10049AA

Electroplating Anoderibbon 1X7"


Eastwood Clear Zinc Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10280Z

…Zinc coating that matches OEM plating* Duplicates the bluish gray appearance of zinc phosphate plating* Low luster 11-15% finish* 300°F temperature resistance. Great for under hood use Eastwood Clear Zinc duplicates the appearance of the bluish gray OEM plating used on many automotive components…


Eastwood Golden CAD Complete Kit

Item #16160Z

…Cad plating. This kit is economical and easy to use. It’s just a three-step process that you can do in your own driveway. Lay down the golden base and then use the red and green to lightly tint the part. This achieves the perfect “new” look for brake boosters, caliper brackets, striker plates and…


Eastwood Liquid Chrome w/ Black Base Coat

Item #51008ZP Liquid Chrome

Spray-on an easy, shiny, chrome finish that closely matches genuine chromeComplete kit has the formulations you need to create a bright finish that closely resembles OEM chrome...at significant savings over individual prices.* Spray on the Basecoat Black Urethane and Activator* Follow by spraying a…


Eastwood 6 in Aluminum Bench Vise Soft Jaws

Item #30648

Aluminum soft jaws grip parts securely without scratching or gouging.* Holds tighter than polyurethane, yet gentler than steel jaws * Grip machined & polished parts without scratching * Simple magnetic attachment over existing jaws * Universal for all vices These 6 inch vice soft jaws are made…


BendPak 10,000lb Capacity 2 Post Lift XPR-10S-LP

BendPak 10,000lb Capacity 2 Post Lift XPR-10S-LP
Related Phrases: Lift Car Lift Auto Lifts

Item #31543 BendPak Lift

…cylinders * Oversized 53" tall carriage for superior strength and durability * Electric / hydraulic power system * Large, 17" x 19" A36 steel base plate * Self-lubricating dura-glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system * Single-point safety release * Safety locks in each column spaced every 3" *…


Eastwood Electroplating Electrolyte Solution

Item #10049ZB

…System (10049Z) that brings back the original brilliant luster to properly prepared metal parts.* Replacement Electrolyte Solution, 2 quarts* Adds a brilliant chrome-like finish to brass, copper and steel parts* Also adds a corrosion-resistant, protective plating* Easy enough to do at home


Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10281Z

plating with our Zinc Phosphate Aerosol* Duplicates the dark, charcoal gray appearance of zinc phosphate plating* Nearly flat 4-8% low gloss finish* 300°F temperature resistance. Great for under hood use Eastwood Zinc Phosphate is designed to duplicate the look of the dark charcoal gray OEM plating


Eastwood Silver Cad Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10022Z

…silver cadmium plating* Restore underhood and under-car components* Acrylic lacquer* Withstands up to 250 degreesF* Can covers about 6 sq. ft. It's not plain old silver paint...Silver Cad Aerosol faithfully replicates the special bluish-silver tint of the original cadmium plating used on many engine…


36 in Engine Lifting Chains

Item #14530

These chains connect to most engine hoists to easily lift engines out of cars and trucks. The zinc plated chains and plates are heavy duty and corrosion resistant. The chains are 36 inches long with a 8mm diameter chain and 4mm thick plates.The working capacity on these chains is 1,000 LBS.


Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets

Item #20421

…have ever tried to weld a patch panel into a spot where you can’t access the back side, these rare earth magnets are a life saver. These nickel plated super strong magnets come 8 to a package, and each one measures just 1/2 inch (12.7mm) in diameter, but are strong enough to support several pounds.…


Eastwood High Capacity Tubing Bender

Item #21115 High Capacity Tubing Bender

…3/4” to 2” diameter tubing* Handles aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel and chromoly with ease* Constructed of 0.60” and 0.45” solid steel plate for maximum strength* Easy to store when not in use Build roll bars, shop fixtures, go-kart frames and much more with high accuracy and professional…


Art of Buffing III- Beyond Buffing DVD

Item #21858

Learn how to protect buffed parts with the HotCoat Powder Coating System, repair pot metal parts before buffing, prepare parts for plating, use the Tin-Zinc Electroplating System, or Metal Blackening System then this is the for you. 17 minutes running time DVD.


Almost Chrome Aerosol Paint

Item #25292Z

"Almost Chrome" is the perfect chrome-look paint to spray on small parts"Almost Chrome" puts down a finish that looks almost like chrome plating...reflective enough to faintly see yourself in it.* About 30% as reflective as a mirror* Withstands temperatures up to 300 degreesF* Contains zinc for…


Ratchet 1/2 in Dr Mini Air

Ratchet 1/2 in Dr Mini Air
Related Phrases: Air Ratchet

Item #1054952

Ingersoll-Rand 1/2" Mini Air Ratchet Wrench delivers 65 ft./lbs. of maximum torque in close quarters - IR1207MAX-D4Ingersoll Rand 1/2"-drive MAX pneumatic ratchet combines best-in-class performance with important features to generate MAX power, control, and comfort. MAX Power: 65 ft./lbs. of maximum…

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