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Eastwood Electroplating System Tin Zinc

Item #10049Z

…shine to your dull auto parts.* Adds a brilliant chrome-like finish to brass, copper and steel parts* Also adds a corrosion-resistant, protective plating* Easy enough to do at home Electroplating is easier than you think when you use the Eastwood Tin-Zinc Electroplating System. It brings back the…


Eastwood Golden CAD Complete Kit

Eastwood Golden CAD Complete Kit
Related Phrases: Golden Cad Cad Cadmium

Item #16160Z

…Cad plating. This kit is economical and easy to use. It’s just a three-step process that you can do in your own driveway. Lay down the golden base and then use the red and green to lightly tint the part. This achieves the perfect “new” look for brake boosters, caliper brackets, striker plates and…


Eastwood Metal Blackening System

Item #15357Z

The look of OEM applied black oxide coating at home, and even more durable.* Replicates OEM black oxide/phosphate finish* Chip and chemical resistant* Resists temperatures up to 500° F* Protects against rust and corrosion* Not affected by DOT 3 brake fluid or gasoline* No special equipment, no heat…


Eastwood Clear Zinc Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10280Z

…Zinc coating that matches OEM plating* Duplicates the bluish gray appearance of zinc phosphate plating* Low luster 11-15% finish* 300°F temperature resistance. Great for under hood use Eastwood Clear Zinc duplicates the appearance of the bluish gray OEM plating used on many automotive components…


Electroplating Anoderibbon 1X7"

Item #10049AA

Electroplating Anoderibbon 1X7"


Eastwood Electroplating Electrolyte Solution

Item #10049ZB

…System (10049Z) that brings back the original brilliant luster to properly prepared metal parts.* Replacement Electrolyte Solution, 2 quarts* Adds a brilliant chrome-like finish to brass, copper and steel parts* Also adds a corrosion-resistant, protective plating* Easy enough to do at home


Monkey On The Stick Friction Jack Body Alignment Tool

Item #31148

…ready to use* A must for long reaches* 55" long solid alloy 3/4" rod eliminates need for extension tubes* Friction jack features 5 hardened friction plates for minute adjustments* Up to 3,000 lbs. push/pull power* Multiple position handle for hard to reach areas This versatile mechanical body puller…


Eastwood Setup/Fixturing table

Item #20004

…11-gauge steel top. Complete with leg kit; or use on tabletop. Holes are 16 mm with 2-inch spacing. Includes 4 clamps, 8 magnetic rests, 4 position stops, 4 inserts stops, 4 stop bars and 4 threaded adapters for fixturing and securing flat plates, rectangular tubing, square tubing and components.


Eastwood Liquid Chrome and Black Base Coat

Item #51008ZP Liquid Chrome

Spray-on an easy, shiny, chrome finish that closely matches genuine chrome.* Spray on the Basecoat Black Urethane and Activator* Follow by spraying a light layer of Liquid Chrome* Finish with a coating of Liquid Chrome Clear to make it shine All of the selected products have the formulations you…


Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets

Item #20421

…have ever tried to weld a patch panel into a spot where you can’t access the back side, these rare earth magnets are a life saver. These nickel plated super strong magnets come 8 to a package, and each one measures just 1/2 inch (12.7mm) in diameter, but are strong enough to support several pounds.…


Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder

Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder
Related Phrases: Welder Mp250i Tig

Item #21180 MP250i Multiprocess Welder

…steel and stainless* Welds aluminum, with optional spool gun* IGBT inverter based power supply* Welds thin sheet metal or up to ½ inch steel plate* Hold either 8 or 12 inch wire spools* Square Wave Inverter* 10 feet long power cord so you can weld anywhere* Fits up to 330cuft bottle (9” diameter)*…


Almost Chrome Aerosol Paint

Item #25292Z

"Almost Chrome" is the perfect chrome-look paint to spray on small parts"Almost Chrome" puts down a finish that looks almost like chrome plating...reflective enough to faintly see yourself in it.* About 30% as reflective as a mirror* Withstands temperatures up to 300 degreesF* Contains zinc for…


Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol 12 oz

Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol 12 oz
Related Phrases: Zinc Phosphate Zinc Zink

Item #10281Z

plating with our Zinc Phosphate Aerosol* Duplicates the dark, charcoal gray appearance of zinc phosphate plating* Nearly flat 4-8% low gloss finish* 300°F temperature resistance. Great for under hood use Eastwood Zinc Phosphate is designed to duplicate the look of the dark charcoal gray OEM plating


Eastwood After Weld Panel Prep

Item #13176ZP

…bare metal prior to welding to remove contaminants and also used after welding and any grinding to assure a clean panel and to properly "etch" the metal with phosphoric acid for excellent primer and paint adhesion. Package in a 1 quart spray bottle. Do not use on chrome plating or polished aluminum.


Eastwood 6 in Aluminum Bench Vise Soft Jaws

Item #30648

Aluminum soft jaws grip parts securely without scratching or gouging.* Holds tighter than polyurethane, yet gentler than steel jaws * Grip machined & polished parts without scratching * Simple magnetic attachment over existing jaws * Universal for all vices These 6 inch vice soft jaws are made…


Ranger 20 Ton Bottle Jack Shop Press

Item #31549

…unit for maximum performance * Adjustable table height * Heavy steel construction * Includes 2 heavy-duty press plates The RP-20T features both a vertically-adjustable table and a hydraulic pump unit for improved performance, all on a rugged, heavy-steel H-frame. 2 heavy-duty arbor plates included!


Eastwood Silver Cad Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10022Z

…silver cadmium plating* Restore underhood and under-car components* Acrylic lacquer* Withstands up to 250 degrees F* Can covers about 6 sq. ft. It's not plain old silver paint...Silver Cad Aerosol faithfully replicates the special bluish-silver tint of the original cadmium plating used on many…


Magnetic Plug Welding Tool Horizontal

Item #51565

…with this butt weld fitting tool. Use to back up the weld area on thin gauge materials. The Mig or Tig fillers metals will not adhere to the copper plate and will eliminate holes. The tool has a magnetic base that can adjust the copper pad to fit securely at the weld area. Simply adhere to the back…


Eastwood Swivel Top Workbench Stool

Eastwood Swivel Top Workbench Stool
Related Phrases: Stool Chair Work Bench

Item #30540

…inches high, with a 14 inch round seat, this stool is perfect for any number of uses. Features a strong, durable steel base with classic style chrome plated tubular legs, stabilized by a single chrome hoop for a maximum weight limit of 300lbs. The seat is padded and upholstered in long lasting vinyl…


Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher Base Plate

Item #20357

This plate makes it easy to mount both the Eastwood Shrinker and Stretcher in a secure location to work. It enables you to switch between the Shrinker and Stretcher without having to mount or unmount while working. This plate saves time and money while forming sheet metal. The Eastwood Shrinker…

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