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Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System

Item #14878

…and Plasti Dip products for fast, even, coverage.* 1.8mm needle nozzle* 5'-long hose* 1-qt. paint cup* Viscosity Cup* Shoulder Strap Easy-to-use, easily affordable airless sprayer effectively applies a variety of coatings that spray paint guns can't, even latex paint and Plasti Dip. Atomizes and…


Eastwood ExoArmour

Item #15350Z

Wipe on, spray or dip to protect bare metal, paint, fiberglass and more.* Easy to apply - Wipe on, spray on, or dip* Protects bare metal, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic and painted surfaces* Tested to 2000F degree for temperature resistance* Passed 4000 hour salt spray test* Unaffected by MEK and…


ElastiWrap Surface Prep Aerosol

Item #14933Z

…top coat adhesion and removal. ElastiWrap® Surface Prep also leaves a smooth wax like finish that will enhance adhesion and make topcoat removal easier. Safe for use on all types of glossy painted surfaces as well as safe for glass, plastic and rubber. One aerosol can will cover an entire car.


Plastic Razor Blades 100 pack AES 87606

Item #15408

Ideal for use on glass, painted surfaces, and laminates. Non-marring plastic edge will not damage or scratch like traditional steel blades. Ideal for trimming Elastiwrap and removing decals, adhesive, bugs, tar, and pin stripes. Fits all standard razor blade scrapers, 100 per package.


Elastiwrap® Matte Clear Quart

Item #15250ZP

You can keep ElastiWrap® on indefinitely or if you’re tired of the color, just peel it off and spray on a different color. That’s right, peel it off. It doesn’t harm the painted or bare surface underneath. In fact, it protects surfaces from UV damage, scratches and corrosion. Spray the…


Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun Cup 800ML 27oz

Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun Cup 800ML 27oz
Related Phrases: Turbine

Item #14879

Replacement 1-qt. Cup for Eastwood Turbine Paint Sprayer. Replacement 1-qt. Cup for Eastwood Turbine Paint Sprayer.

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