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    Pinch Weld Adapter

    Pinch Weld Adapter
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QuickJack SUV and Light Truck Adapter Set

Item #31312

This twelve piece adapter set increases the service capability of the QuickJack BL 5000 and BL 7000 series by providing stackable adapters that mount inside the main rubber lifting block trays. Better accommodates higher ground clearance vehicles or those with unique jacking point locations. Fits BL…


Pinch Weld Clamps

Item #13525

Pinch Weld Clamps hold in tight spaces where larger clamps won’t fitTrying to weld in tight spots but your clamps won't fit? Get this miniature 4-pc. Pinch Weld Clamp Set instead. Holds outer panels to inner heel lips, rockers, trunk well opening, custom dash or door panel fabrication, outer door…


DeKups Adapter DPC-81

Item #12544

Devilbiss DeKups adapter fits all Full sized Starting Line, Sharpe and Finex guns.


Eastwood Electronic Torque Adapter

Item #13624

…sounds when preset torque is reached* Includes adapters for 3/8" and 1/2" drives Create a precise, electronic, torque-measuring fastening tool for about the cost of an old-fashioned "clicker" type torque wrench. Just connect this Digital Torque Adapter in between your standard ratchet and the socket…


Master Ball Joint Adapter

Item #1068043

Add-On Ball Joint Adapter Set for Model #ATD-8696 Deluxe Ball Joint Service Set — ATD8697 This add-on set expands the serviceability of your Deluxe Ball Joint Service Set (#ATD-8696; not included). Includes all the receiver tubes and removing/installing adapters needed to work on most GM, Ford and…


PPS #20 Adapter

Item #11544

Adapts the Sharpe MPF Mini-gun HVLP to the 3M™ disposable cup system (11543). 1/8 Male, 27 Thread UPSM.


PPS #11 Adapter

PPS #11 Adapter
Related Phrases: 3m 3m Pps System 3m Pps

Item #11547

Adapts the following Sharpe guns: Cobalt HVLP (USA), Platinum HVLP, SGF-98, Titanium T-1 HVLP and the Snap-On (Sharpe Cobalt) to the 3M tm disposable cup system (11543). 3/8 Male, 18 Thread NPS.


Fender Roller Adapter

Item #25271

A longer and larger flange mount to allow the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller to be used on trucks and cars with larger (5" to 6") 5 & 6 lug bolt patterns and up to a 4.25" center hub. Simply remove two bolts from the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller, switch to the Truck Adapter, replace the bolts and go.


Eastwood Electronic Torque Angle Adapter

Item #13625

…when preset torque is reached* Includes adapters for 3/8" and 1/2" drives Create a precise, electronic, torque/angle-measuring fastening tool for about the cost of an old-fashioned "clicker"-type torque wrench. Just connect this Digital Torque-Angle Adapter in between your standard ratchet and the…


Tubing Flaring Tool 3/16" Adapter

Item #49001A

Tubing Flaring Tool Adapters.


Welder and Plasma Cutter Adapter Cord

Item #12816

Replacement adapter cord for Eastwood Welders and Plasma Cutters. Fits Eastwood:* 12740 Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter* 14100 and 20566 TIG 200DC Welders* 12746 and 20565 TIG 200 AC/DC Welders* 21180 MP250i MultiProcess Welder* 20279 MIG 250 Welder 110/220V, NEMA50R Receptacle


9 Piece Adapter Set SK Tools 4010

Item #1068219

This SK Tools 9 Piece Universal Adapter Set is made in the U.S.A. and features high polish SuperKrome® finish, which provides for long life and maximum corrosion resistance. Ball detent securely holds sockets on coupler, to prevent slippage. The exclusive SureGrip® rail holds sockets tightly…


DeKups Adapter Iwata LPH400 Sharpe Finex

Item #50207

DeKups adapter fits Evolution and Large Concours guns and Sata NR95 and 92, Iwata LPH 400 and W400LV, Astro GF14, 17 and 20S. Sharpe Finex FX 200 and FX 300. Also fits Durablock 007 gun. Devilbiss #DPC-11


Fastrax Adapter Kit for Setting Wheel Toe

Item #49088

Optional Toe Adapter: Attaches to 49089. Slotted arms provide an accurate measuring point. Anodized aluminum. Instructions included.


FJC R134a Manifold Hose Adapter Assortment 9pcs

FJC R134a Manifold Hose Adapter Assortment 9pcs
Related Phrases: Ac Adapter

Item #30094

For automotive A/C repairs


Derale 1/4 In. NPT Fan Controller Sensor Adapter

Item #31071

This sensor is an add on buy to the 20246 screw in style fan controller. This sensor allows you to use the 1/4 in. NPT port in any Tri-Flow radiator.


Eastwood Spot Weld Cutter Kit

Item #11282

Premium Spotweld Cutter Kit for removing spotwelds in auto body & automotive restoration. Kit includes (3) 3/8" cutters, arbor, & extra pilot all contained in a convenient carrying case.


14 Piece Locking Splined Go Through Socket Set with 3/8" Drive Adapter

Item #31282

14 Piece Go-Through Socket Set.* Open, go-through design eliminates the need for deep sockets* One set fits virtually any application including long bolts and studs* Splined sockets will fit even rounded-off nuts and bolts* Fits standard hex, square and Torx fasteners Sockets fit Metric or SAE…


Eastwood 3/8in Double Ended Spot Weld Cutter

Item #11279

3/8" Double-Ended Spot Weld Cutter cuts around the actual spot weldDouble-ended spot weld cutter quickly removes spot welds without damaging the underlying panel. With double ends, you'll drill twice as many holes as with single-ended cutters.* Both ends have cutting teeth* When one end dulls,…


Eastwood Professional Welding Cart

Item #20354

…around shop easily on heavy duty wheels* For MIG, TIG or stick welders and plasma cutters* Stores up to 6 tubes of TIG rod* 3 hooks for hanging welding leads* Additional room for torches and consumables* Specially designed top shelf allows access to MIG side panel* Top shelf: 21 inches long x 13…

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