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    Panel Stand

    Panel Stand
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Eastwood 750Lb Work Stand

Item #43120

…foam rubber padding* Heavy gauge chain with welded links* Non-skid tips Work standing up can really save your back! But when your workbench is otherwise occupied, you can just pull out this Portable Work Stand and set your project down right on top...fenders, doors, hoods, panels and more.


1000 Lb Work Stand ATD Tools 7800

Item #1068004

Portable Work Stand holds up to 1,000 lbs.! — ATD7800 If your workbench is jam-packed, or just too far away from where you need it, pull out this 1/2-ton-capacity Portable Work Stand and place your project right on it...fenders, doors, body panels and more. Sturdy, 1.25"-dia. tubular steel frame…


Eastwood Planishing Hammer and Stand

Item #21270 and 21271

…restoration to smooth large areas of metal, welds and gentle panel crowning.* 19.63 Inch throat depth* Works on up to 18 gauge steel* Includes 1", 2", and 3" crown anvils* Adjustable hammering intensity* Convenient foot operation * Optional stand mount or bench mount The sturdy frame with a generous…


Eastwood Motorized Bead Roller and Stand

Item #20622 Motorized Bead Roller

…make solo work easy* Infinitely variable foot pedal motor control leaves hands free* 24 in throat leaves plenty of room to work around even large panels* Rated for up to 18 gauge steel and 16 gauge aluminum* Includes 1/2" Die Set* Forms precise beads, joggles and bends This Eastwood bead roller has…


Air Hammer W/Chisel 5Pc Kit - Stand

Air Hammer W/Chisel 5Pc Kit - Stand
Related Phrases: Air Chisel

Item #1052091

…- IR116K Economical pneumatic hammer from Ingersoll-Rand gives you fast cutting action, especially for standard-duty work on exhaust systems, panel cutting, and general repair work. Alloyed steel barrel and heat-treated piston for longer life. Built-in power regulator and trigger control.…


Chemical Guys Tire and Trim Gel for Plastic and Rubber 16oz TVD_108_16

Item #16223

…Absorbs quickly and finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel* Perfect for faded bumpers, fender flares, door trim, mirrors, window moldings, rocker panels, tires, louvers, and more!* Highly-refined oil-based dressing penetrates deep to restore from within* Super-high-shine dressing for bright wet look*…

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