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    Panel Separator

    Panel Separator
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Panel Separating Knife

Item #31138

Panel Separating Knife Even after you've drilled out spot welds, separating panels can be tough. With Eastwood's new "Smacker-Whacker" simply insert the heavy-duty Sheffield steel blade between the panels and lightly hammer the blade back to gently wedge the panels apart (or smack it there, and give…


90 Degree Seam Buster

Item #21918

Right Angle Seam Buster. Design allows for straight on for seam penetration or side hammering With three sharpened edges to separate spot welded and bonded panels in hard to access areas. Hardened alloy steel to stay sharp and a dual density handle absorbs shock. Imported


Eastwood 4" Extended Reach Air Cut Off Tool w/forward and reverse

Item #51680

Eastwood Pneumatic Reversible Cut-Off Tool gets into tight areas.* Forward and reverse cutting direction* Works with your 4" cut-off wheel (sold separately)* 8,000 RPM* 1/4" air inlet* Requires 10 cfm of air at 90psi Unique, low-profile cutting-head cut off tool design lets you work the tool into…


Eastwood MIG Welder 175 and Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 60

Eastwood MIG Welder 175 and Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter 60
Related Phrases: Welder Mig Plasma

Item #14289 MIG 175 Plasma 60

…with ease. Heavy-duty Mosfet inverter, internal moisture separator, 20' torch and 10' ground cable with adjustable air pressure regulator assure long life, accurate cuts and ease of use. Also includes self-starting arc for use on floor panels and exhaust where rust and contaminants may be an issue.*…


Black Nylon Retainer Assortment 168pcs

Item #30450

This kit contains popular size nylon push pins that are commonly used to hold down trim in the interior and the exterior of a vehicle. 12 separate skus that total 168pcs. Comes in a 6.75 x 11 inch plastic tray.


Spotweld Cutter Pro Kit 3/8 And 1/2 in

Item #19004

…steel Pro Spotweld Cutter Set effortlessly drills-out spot weldsTwo 1-piece cutters make clean cuts through spot welds, without damaging the bottom panel, with little or no grinding required to finish the job.* 3/8" (10mm) diameter* 1/2" (13mm) diameter* Solid, 1-pc. M2 steel* Self-centering point…


Spotweld Drill 3/8in Pro M2 Steel

Item #19017

Solid steel Pro Spotweld Cutter effortlessly drills-out spot welds1-piece cutter makes clean cuts through spot welds, without damaging the bottom panel.* 3/8" (10mm) diameter* Solid, 1-pc. M2 steel* Self-centering* Over 300 cuts without sharpening


Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder

Eastwood MP200i Multi Process Welder
Related Phrases: Welder Mp200i Tig

Item #20489

…Stick or TIG weld all from a single compact, space-saving unit.* One machine does it all! No need to buy and store separate MIG, TIG or Stick welders* Weld everything from thin body panels to frames, tubing and heavy plate steel up to: MIG = 3/8”, TIG = ¼” and Stick/ARC = ¼”* Weld aluminum up to ¼”…


Chemical Guys Tire and Trim Gel for Plastic and Rubber 16oz TVD_108_16

Item #16223

…Absorbs quickly and finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel* Perfect for faded bumpers, fender flares, door trim, mirrors, window moldings, rocker panels, tires, louvers, and more!* Highly-refined oil-based dressing penetrates deep to restore from within* Super-high-shine dressing for bright wet look*…

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