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Hi-Temp Lab Metal 24 oz

Item #10288Z

…our High-Temperature Lab MetalEven in high-temperature applications, you can make permanent, rustproof, metal repairs with Hi-Temp Lab Metal.* No messy mixing or measuring* Creates a durable, heat-resistant, rustproof repair* Can be machined, ground, filed and sanded* Paint or powder-coat afterwards


7 in Cleaning / Stripping Disc System

Item #31114

…and Stripping Discs get down to bare metal fastUse your angle grinder with this 3-piece cleaning and stripping disc set from 3M™ to remove rust and paint residue from bare metal without generating excessive heat. * 7"-dia. discs for bigger jobs* Cleaning disc produces an 80-grit finish* Stripping


Poly-XPaint & RustRemoval Disc 4 in Cup Style

Item #13395

…your angle grinder to effortlessly strip and clean metal.* 4"(100 mm)-diameter disc* Silicone-carbide-impregnated abrasive* Open mesh resists clogging* 6500-rpm maximum Cup-style cleaning disc with recessed center-mounting hole is aggressive enough to strip paint and rust without removing excessive…


Eastwood Contour SCT® - Surface Conditioning Tool

Item #21145

…Powerful 9 Amp double insulated motor* 6 Speed position rotary knob* Includes one 4 inch wide by 4 inch diameter finishing drum Ready for any paint or rust stripping project, it features a drum guard enclosure and a rigidly mounted “D” handle for maximum safety. A high-torque, ball bearing supported…


DeKote Paint and Powder Stripper

Item #15245 DeKote Stripper

Eastwood's DeKote Paint and Powder Stripper contains no Methylene Chloride and will safely and effectively remove urethane, epoxy and powder coatings.* Removes paints and powder coating* Environmentally safe* Will not harm most fiberglass, aluminum, SMC or pot metal DeKote will not harm steel,…


Strip Disc 4.5"

Item #31086A

This disc is used with the (31073) Backing Pad.


Eastwood DOWN TO METAL® Paint & Powder Stripper

Item #16023 Down to Metal Paint Stripper

…DOWN TO METAL® Stripper is non-flammable and strips most finishes from metal surfaces quickly and cleanly.* Strips acrylic, enamel, lacquer, polyurethane/urethane, waterborne and powder coatings from metal surfaces* Non-flammable formulation* Strip finish while still wet or allow to dry for quick,…


Klean Strip Aircraft Paint Remover Aerosol

Item #15277Z

This professional grade paint stripper is fast acting and will effectively remove finishes from the metal surfaces of automobiles, trucks and cycles. It is effective on acrylics, lacquers, polyurethanes, baked enamels and epoxies. Non corrosive to common metals under normal exposure time.


Eastwood Soda Blaster USA

Item #50096

Professional-grade Soda/Abrasive Blaster converts between media in minutes to remove paint and rust safely...strips without chemicals* 10' blast hose with heavy-duty deadman valve gives you optimal control* All-steel, welded hopper has a concave top for easy filling* 50-lb. Soda media capacity* Up…


Eastwood Contour SCT® Scale Stripping Drum

Item #21177

The Eastwood Contour SCT® Scale Stripping Drum is to be used when working on uneven surfaces where rust and scale needs to be removed. This drum enables you to strip frames while not having to worry about nuts or bolts destroying the abrasive drum. Each drum is 4 inches wide and 4 inches in…


Stripping Disc 7in

Item #31075

Large disc works with your angle grinder and covers large areas quickly. Maximum speed is 6,000 rpm. Do you have a product idea? Click Here to suggest it!


Soda Blast Media - Maintenance M - 50# Bags

Item #11806

…to use for standard paint removal.* Blasts-away old enamels, urethane, epoxies and lacquer coatings* MoistureGuard 2 additive eliminates clumping, sporadic flow* 150-micron grit size* 50-lb. bag Environmentally friendly Soda Blast Media is specially formulated to strip paint without using chemicals,…


Eastwood Contour SCT® Interleaf Stripping Drum 240 Grit

Item #21175

The Eastwood Contour SCT® Interleaf Stripping Drum is to be used for paint or rust removal applications, while metal conditioning at the same time. Each drum is 4 inches wide and 4 inches in diameter.


Eastwood Contour SCT® Interleaf Stripping Drum 80 Grit

Item #21173

The Eastwood Contour SCT® Interleaf Stripping Drum is to be used for paint or rust removal applications, while metal conditioning at the same time. Each drum is 4 inches wide and 4 inches in diameter.


Eastwood Brush on Seam Sealer Quart

Item #51657ZP

After stripping a car or repairing a panel you should replace the seam sealer to protect your work from the elements. * Flexible - Will not shrink, harden or crack * Seals cracks, crevices and body seams * Paintable in 30 minutes * Waterproofs and insulates Eastwood's Brush-On Seam Sealer leaves a…


Eastwood PRE Painting Prep

Item #10041 Pre Painting Prep

…a high-quality final finish. Our specially formulated PRE Paint Prep helps you prepare a surface for painting by removing dirt, wax, polish, grease, silicone, buffing compound, even road tar, ensuring a clean surface that's ready for final painting or powder-coating. Auto paint prep gets no easier!


Pinstriping Brush Size 00 Very Fine

Item #37056

Mack Series 20 Pinstriping brushes are perfect for pinstriping and touch-up. 2" blue squirrel bristles hold enough paint to stripe the side of a car without reloading. Hand made of choice 100% blue squirrel hair. Ferrules are treated with special adhesive to keep bristles from pulling out. Round…


Replacment Stripping Wheel with Hub for 30216

Item #30549

Replacement stripping wheel with hub to be used with the 30216 Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool.


ElastiWrap Surface Prep Aerosol

Item #14933Z

ElastiWrap®Surface Prep aerosol is formulated to prepare painted surfaces prior to applying ElastiWrap® or other flexible removable coatings. Its deep penetrating cleaning properties remove embedded contaminants from the surface that can impede top coat adhesion and removal.…


Magnetic Guide Strip 17 ft Roll

Item #37021

The 17' Magnetic Strip is often used to guide the hand when striping freehand

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