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    Paint Gun Hose

    Paint Gun Hose
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Eastwood Airbrush Hose

Item #12169

More room to work, with this 9' braided hose, complete with couplings. 1/8" Female NPT coupling on airbrush end 1/4" Female NPT coupling on tank end Accessories Airbrush Filter Regulator Unit Eastwood 1/4" Digital Regulator Eastwood Master Gun Cleaning Kit Tack Rags box/12 Eastwood Concours Custom…


Desiccant Snake

Item #34570

Disposable, In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer• A unique design that combines desiccantdrying with built in dirt and oil aerosol filters• Effective with both HVLP and Conventionalspray equipment• 200 PSI maximum• 150˚ F maximum


Eastwood 37ftTurbine Hose 5/8 Dia Quick Connectors

Eastwood 37ftTurbine Hose 5/8 Dia Quick Connectors
Related Phrases: Turbine Spray

Item #15648

Available as replacements for any Apollo turbine system or as an extra hose to run multiple spray guns. Apollo air hose is 5/8 inch (16mm) diameter and is available in several precut lengths. Apollo air hoses come with Quick Connect couplers and a flexible whip end to reduce operator fatigue. Size:…


Maxi-Miser 2000 Painting System

Item #52403

…2000 features* 40% paint savings * 80% transfer efficiency clean warm dry air* No oil or moisture contamination* Compatible with basecoats single stages metallic clears in both solvent and waterborne* 2 HVLP Spray guns* LCD pressure display * Hour use meter* 37Ft. hose* Runs on 110VAC 60Hz


Pro Air 40 Full Face Mask Pro

Item #34050

…into paint booths and other confined work areas for maximum protection against isocyanates,vocs, particulates and other toxins. The Hobbyair is designed around a reliable 2-stage turbine. It provides breathing air to a full or half face mask through a 40ft kink-resistant FDA approved hose. It's…


Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System

Item #14878

Paint Sprayer easily sprays household paints, ElastiWrap and Plasti Dip products for fast, even, coverage.* 1.8mm needle nozzle* 5'-long hose* 1-qt. paint cup* Viscosity Cup* Shoulder Strap Easy-to-use, easily affordable airless sprayer effectively applies a variety of coatings that spray paint guns


Undercoating Gun with 2 hoses and bottle

Item #20441

…adjustable gun nozzle * 24" long by 7/16" diameter flexible wands* Straight or 90 degree spray tips * One year manufacturer's warranty Flexible wands are perfect to rust proof the inside rocker panels, inner fenders & other closed box sections. Undercoating is easily sprayed from the attached gun


Eastwood 5 Stage 9.5PSI HVLP Turbine Paint System wth Gun

Item #15334

…refinishing.* Professional paint results with no compressor* Compact, portable & easy to use* Quiet 5 stage turbine motor, 9.5 psi @ 130 cfm* Lightweight aluminum HVLP gun* Gravity Fed, consistent atomization and transfer efficiency* 24 foot hose with 3 foot neoprene whip hose* full tech support,…


Citation with Gravity Feed Gun and Halfmask

Item #34276

…that offers safe cool breathing air to a user working in a toxic environment as in a paint booth. Included with this system is a dual pump unit powered by 110 volts, 2 - 40' airline hoses, a 4' long whip hose, quick connect and air control fittings. Also included is a comfortable 'positive pressure'…


Citation with Bottom Feed Gun & Half Mask Hood

Item #34275

…that offers safe cool breathing air to a user working in a toxic environment as in a paint booth. Included with this system is a dual pump unit powered by 110 volts, 2 - 40' airline hoses, a 4' long whip hose, quick connect and air control fittings. Also included is a comfortable 'positive pressure'…


5 Piece Mini Blow Gun Set

Item #13957

If you've got a compressor, this 5-pc. Mini Blow Gun Set will come in handyMini blow gun attaches easily to your compressor; then just add one of the 3 needle inflators or the flexible rubber tip and you’re ready to blow!* Clear away dirt and debris* Dry wet surfaces* Fill inflatables* You'll…


Maxi-Miser 1000 Painting System

Item #52402

gun, turbine air compressor, and hose. Plugs into any 110v electrical outlet and you are ready to paint. Turbine unit provides plenty of warm, dry, clean air to spray solvent or waterborne paints, with no risk of oil or moisture contamination. This true high volume low pressure system sprays paint


Earlex HVLP Turbine 5500 System

Item #13227A

…width (up to 12"), and start painting! The HVLP gun sprays lacquers, enamels, urethanes, high build primers, & more. Features a powerful 650w tapered fan turbine motor delivering 42 cfm for a even spray pattern, Teflon coated cup, 2.0mm stainless steel needle/nozzle set, 13' air hose, 5' 6" power


Fast Pipe 1 in Union F2002

Item #14980

The FastPipe Union is a 1 inch compression style fitting for the FastPipe air system. The unions don't need any glue, soldering or crimping to install so you can have the whole Fastpipe system up in half the time it'd take with traditional style unions. Connections between the two FastPipe pieces…


Fast Pipe 1 in Elbow F2003

Fast Pipe 1 in Elbow F2003
Related Phrases: Concours

Item #14981

The FastPipe 90 Degree Elbow is here to help you create the best air system "for your garage or workshop. The 1" nylon compression elbow uses the same" compression fitting technology as the FastPipe Union fittings for quick and easy connections. You won't need glue, crimp or soldering equipment.…


Fast Pipe Connector 1 In tube to 1 In Male NPT

Item #14983

The FastPipe Male Adapter works to connect your FastPipe air supply system. This 1 inch x ¾ inch aluminum compression adapter uses a compression style fitting so you can make quick and easy connections. Cut the FastPipe tubing to size, insert it into the fitting and tighten. You won't need glue,…


Fast Pipe 1 in Tee F2005

Item #14982

The FastPipe Tee is a 1 inch compression style fitting for use with your FastPipe system. You won't need to glue, solder or crimp the fitting to keep the pipe in place. Cut the FastPipe tubing to the right length, insert the end into a FastPipe tee and tighten the fitting. The nylon fitting won't…


Fast Pipe 1 in 100 foot Kit

Item #14976

Use the 100ft FastPipe Master Kit to help create a compressed air system in your workshop, garage or industrial building. Create a complete system or connect with an existing system. The lightweight aluminum FastPipe installs in less time than traditional systems with no welding, soldering or glue…


Fast Pipe 1 in 235 foot Kit

Item #14978

The 235ft FastPipe Master Kit is here to help you start your FastPipe compressed air system. FastPipe is made with lightweight aluminum and compression style fittings that can be installed in half the time of regular air systems. You get fast flowing air with the smooth inner walls, no leaks with…


Hobby Air II Half Mask

Item #34079

…Respirator System includes 40 foot hose and choice of mask for one user providing a constant flow of fresh air from a remote air location to a user in a contaminated area. The Hobbyair stock #HBO2 comes standard with: * Hobbyair Air Pump* 80 Foot Air Delivery Hose - other models available* Easy to…

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