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1 Shot Paint Medium Gray 1/2 Pint

Item #37098Z

Add the brilliance of these top quality enamel paints to your vehicles design. They can be applied by airbrush, roller, or brush. The choice paint of professionals for pinstriping and lettering because of their excellent flow and durable, long-lasting finish.


2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Primer Gray

Item #14932Z

…2K Aerospray “Urethane Primer Gray” High Temp Ceramic Engine Paints combine the durability and professional results of 2 part paints with the ease of application of a spray can* Perfect primer under all 2K Aerospray engine paint finishes* Highest temperature rating in the industry – 650° F*…


Eastwood Extra Wide Aerosol Can Rack

Item #31501

The Eastwood Extra Wide Aerosol Can Rack can be used to store any paint cleaning chemical or lubricant that is commonly used around the shop or home.* Holds 12 full size aerosol cans* Constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel* Durable powder coated finish* Measures 32” wide and is 3-1/4 inches deep Three…


Pour it Lids for quart cans 4-packs

Item #12851

Do you hate to waste paint? It's nearly impossible to pour paint from a full quart can without spilling. These reusable heavy plastic Pour-It Lids snap securely in place instead of the metal lid and allow you to pour without spilling thanks to the smaller spout with screw-on lid. Impervious to all…


Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Olds Gold Quart

Item #51628ZP Olds Gold Engine Paint

Eastwood sets the standard in high temp engine paints! * Super durable, utilizing ceramic nanotechnology * Protects engine and resists chips, chemicals and heat * Withstands temperatures up to 650 F * Provides a beautiful factory-look finish * Easy to apply – brush or spray on (for best results…


Eastwood Carbon Metallic 3:1 Single Stage Paint

Item #14880ZPA Carbon Metallic

Eastwood's Carbon Metallic Charcoal single stage paint is a premium acrylic urethane topcoat for exceptional long-lasting beauty. The charcoal metallic can also be used under other brands of candies. The metallic flakes are very coarse to really bring out the topcoat. Because of the course metallic…


HomeRight Small Paint Spray Shelter

Item #31535

…rear vent This small spray shelter easily sets up in seconds to be used for suspension parts, under hood components and more. Works with spray cans or paint guns, while limiting overspray in your project area. The tent-like structure has three sides and a bottom. A rear vent helps control airflow.


HomeRight Large Paint Spray Shelter

Item #31534

…to give you a clean environment for painting. The front mesh screen easily rolls closed to protect your freshly sprayed project from bugs, leaves and other flying debris. Use this temporary structure outside or in a shed or garage. Works with spray cans or paint guns, while limiting overspray in…


MotorGuard Run Razor Blocker Set

Item #34007 Run Razors

…down the blade position indicator in.001" increments until the imperfection is gone. Run Blocker provides three different contoured aluminum blocks that can be used with wet/dry sandpaper to finish runs that have been cut down with nib files. Can also be used for block sanding body filler or primer.

EW Branded Color Paint Chart

Item #51136

Want to see what an Eastwood paint looks like next to your car or in the sunlight? Eastwood now has a chip chart so you can see the color before you purchase the paint. This color chart has Eastwood's single stage urethane coatings including the exterior paints in gloss, metallic, and satin…


Can Gun One Spray Can Tool

Item #13455

The CAN GUN-1 is the revolutionary new, patented pistol grip spray can tool that easily snaps on to standard aerosol spray cans. Transforming them into professional-style spray guns with unprecedented control, for hours of effortless, pain-free spraying. We have furthered our commitment to product…


Eastwood Aluma Blast Paint Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10109Z

Spray-on a protective, durable, aluminum-look finish with AlumaBlast™ Paint.* Protects up to 300 degreesF* Acrylic lacquer with low 4-15% gloss* Aerosol can covers 6 sq. ft. AlumaBlast™ Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of freshly cast aluminum car parts, such as intake…


Eastwood Can Am Classic White 4:1 Basecoat Gallon Paint

Item #16180ZP

Eastwood Can Am Classic White Basecoat Paint adds the superior durability of urethane to the ease of conventional basecoats.* Apply a durable urethane finish wherever you live in the continental US, even CA* Choose a fast, medium or slow Low-VOC Activator* Makes 5 sprayable quarts* Clearcoat is…

Eastwood '68-'72 GM Polar/Can-Am Classic White 3:1 Single Stage Paint

Item #50272 Classic White

…when mixed 3:1 with a required activator This premium 2-component topcoat system is blended with top-quality raw materials and advanced composition coatings technology. Superior to acrylic, alkyd and lacquer coatings. Eastwood's single-stage urethane paints hold their gloss longer and won't yellow.


Mixing Wand for 1 Gallon and Quart Cans

Item #15549

…and elevates it to the top. The bottom of the mixer is convex so it can be placed on the bottom of the can and rotate. Easy to clean and comes with an end cap, so you store it on a peg hook or nail. Fits open top gallon and quart cans. It's 16 inches long with a 2.25 inch diameter mixing head.


Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker

Item #15205

…Rockford pneumatic paint shaker will perfectly mix paints from a 1 pint can all the way up to a full gallon. Needs just 70psi and 4.3cfm to deliver professional quality paint mixing at 1110 cycles per minute. Lightweight and compact, it can be set up and ready to shake paint in almost no time at…


Pneumatic Paint Shaker

Item #19426

…than stirring because it's faster and more thorough than stirring. This pneumatic paint shaker uses less than 2 cfm at 90-120 psi. The rubber coated clamps adjust to securely hold round pint, quart or gallon cans. Shaker can be mounted to your workbench. 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Imported.


Eastwood Silver Exhaust Paint

Item #10020Z

Aluminum-colored Exhaust Paint withstands up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.* Perfect for protecting hangers, tailpipes and mufflers* Withstands up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit* 10-oz. aerosol covers 6 sq ft. Easy-to-spray formula protects exhaust components, from the manifolds or headers, all the way back.…



Item #10024 underhood black

…finish you find in many older cars for those parts. Both formulas resist chipping, scratches and light impacts.11-oz. aerosol can covers 6 square feet; 1-quart can covers 48 square feet.Customer Review:"I'm building a 1969 Yenko Camaro. I have the subframe and arms powder coated. I used Underhood…


Eastwood Detail Gray Paint Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10036Z

Restore the original color of metal parts—and protect them against rust—with Eastwood Detail Gray® Paint.* Produce a professional, like-new OEM finish* Protects parts against rust and corrosion* Resist Temperatures up to 300 Degrees F Get a factory-correct look with Detail Gray when you spray it…

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Related Categories: Aerosol Can Rack | Pour It Lids | Pour | Can Rack | Rack