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Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Olds Gold Quart

Item #51628ZP Olds Gold Engine Paint

Eastwood sets the standard in high temp engine paints! * Super durable, utilizing ceramic nanotechnology * Protects engine and resists chips, chemicals and heat * Withstands temperatures up to 650 F * Provides a beautiful factory-look finish * Easy to apply – brush or spray on (for best results…


Hotcoat Powder Gold

Item #10163 Gold

…resistant up to 250 degrees F. They are suitable for any metal surface and most cure at a temperature of 400 degrees F at 20 minutes after flow out. With Eastwood powders, you can be assured of high transfer efficiency and brilliant colors. This gold powder produces an opaque metallic gold finish.


Eastwood Candeez Gold Metallic Base and Activator

Item #51685ZPA Gold Metallic Base

Eastwood Gold Metallic Base Paint Mixes 3:1 with activator for one sprayable gallon. Eastwood's gold metallic base is ideal as a base coat for the Candeez custom paints. The gold base can also be used under other brands of candies. Eastwood gold base's metallic flakes are very coarse to really bring…


Eastwood Candeez Sugar Coat It Gold and Activator

Item #51543ZPA Sugar Coat Gold

Eastwood's Candeez combines brilliant candy colors with advanced high-solids urethane 2k technology. This system is completely interchangeable and gives you full control to customize and create unique artwork. The Candeez can be applied over any of the Eastwood Urethane finishes, but for the most…


Eastwood Yeah Baby Gold Metallic Intermix Paint Kit

Item #Yeah Baby Gold Metallic

Available in dozens of colors, Eastwood’s Intermix Paint System custom mixed paint choices all feature the most modern automotive refinish technologies paired with premium raw materials in an incredibly user-friendly system that delivers beautiful results in a wide range of colors including classic…

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